Welcome to the Fully Featured Web Version of the Windows Store

Ladies and gentlemen, this was unexpected. We now have a fully functioning web version of the Windows Store! We can finally browse, search, and explore apps directly from the web browser without actually needing a Windows 8 PC. I will note right now that this is not officially by Microsoft; it is a third party web app. However, it works like a charm (no pun intended).

Metro Scanner

This website is really cool; it’s called MetroStore Scanner. You can check it out here: http://metrostore.preweb.sk/

Unlike the Windows Store app on Windows 8, this site shows worldwide apps. You can search apps from any part of the world, even if it is not available in your country. Of course, you can filter by country or category. On the picture above, for example, I am filtering out everything but Games form worldwide. According to the website, the total worldwide app is 25,405!

Of course, that 25 thousand plus apps are not all available for your country. So if you want to find relevant apps for your country, make sure to filter it by selecting your country.

Credit goes to Windows 8 Core for pointing this out

Source: MetroStore Scanner

The Official NASCAR Racing App now in the Store


NASCAR is officially in the Store for the pleasure of those of you into racing. I knew they were coming as Microsoft mentioned them a while back. Now the wait is over, and the app is worth the wait too. The App brings you the best of NASCAR, news, events, videos and schedules. See who won which race real-time. Here is the description from the Store:

The Official NASCAR App for Windows 8 desktop and tablet offers all of the basic features and functionality that the NASCAR fan would want on race day including News, Video, Driver Standings and Race Schedules. Get up-to-the minute news from around NASCAR about your favorite driver and upcoming events for the 2013 NASCAR season. Download the Official NASCAR App for Windows 8 and you’re covered through the checkered flag!

The fan will have access to the most recent news and media around NASCAR and the sport of stock car racing.
Be sure to check the schedule to keep up with the 2013 Sprint Cup Series

Sprint Cup News
News Article

So this news of NASCAR app got your heart thumping, don’t wait any longer, go download now for free, via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Ancestry.com App is now in the Store!


Just a few seconds ago I broke the Amazon App news, now we have the Ancestry.com joining the Metro Party. They’ve brought their Ancestry App to the Store, and might I say, the app is beautiful and functional. Of course Ancestry.com doesn’t need any introduction, it has been the source for many to trace their parental background and identify their gene pool. I am sure I am related somewhere to Obama, those flappy ears of his and mine are just too identical its uncanny. Now I have the tool to find out on the comfort of my couch.

Here’s the full description of the App from the Store:

Explore your family tree with the Ancestry app for Windows 8. Ancestry.com is the world’s largest online collection of family history resources, home to more than 10 billion historical records, millions of family trees, and much more. Ancestry.com users can now use the Ancestry app to explore their trees, view photos, discover Ancestry hints, and keep up on the latest Ancestry.com news and resources.

Browse people in your tree
Rich photo viewing experience
Discover Ancestry hints
Jump to website


So, curious to know if you are related to Kennedy or to Napoleon? Wonder where those flappy ears or short height of yours came from? Here is the tool for you. Dive into the past with this app, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Download now from the Store via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

The Much Awaited Amazon App is now in the Store!


At last! The Amazon App is now in the Windows Store! Wow, the really took their time coming. EBay and Newegg have been rocking the Store since Jove knows when, now Amazon joins the hustle. As you can see the App already garnered 98 ratings at almost 4 Stars. I wonder who are those people who rated it, as those are not the public, the App is just out! Probably those are Microsoft internal users and testers who were testing for Microsoft and Amazon as they need to get this right the first time.


I have just installed the App, I just simply said Wow! when I first opened it. It is beautiful, it is comprehensive, to use my favorite term, it comes with kitchen and sink. Yes, it is worth the wait.

Once you login, the App lights up with your history and purchases, there are recommendations for you based on your search and buy pattern, they have columns for everything that might interest you. Can’t place screenshots here else you’ll be privy to my weird collections of Barbie pops Smile. But seriously, you’ll have to see this App for yourselves. Here is how Amazon (or is it MS, wink wink, nudge nudge) described it from the Store:

The Amazon app allows you to quickly make purchases, search, compare prices, read reviews, and share products with friends using a simple yet elegant interface. Shop just as you do on the web.
You can access any of Amazon’s sites around the world from a single app by simply selecting your desired Amazon country store or shipping destination. You have full access to your existing cart and wish lists.
Search for products using the Amazon app, and easily add them to your shopping cart to purchase. (Note: the app uses the Amazon search engine, which is a non-Microsoft commerce engine.) All purchases made on Amazon are routed through our secure servers just as they are on the web.

View popular products and recommendations
Quickly search for products
Read product descriptions and reviews
Add any product to your Shopping Cart and/or Wish List
Purchase products
Access any of Amazon’s sites around the world


I can tell you for fact right now that these screenshots didn’t do justice to the App. You need to download it and login to see the App light-up with your Amazon universe. So what are you waiting for, it doesn’t cost you a dime. So go right ahead and download via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

P.S. You didn’t think for once that the Barbie pop collection joke was true did you? Smile

Discourse News Reader is Back in the Store! – Now for the Money


Guys, good news! Kindred Intellect is back in the Store with Discourse, your awesome News Reader App of yore, and this time for the money. Those of you that started this Windows 8 journey with us right from DP will remember Discourse. It was the de facto News Reader till a few months before RTM. Kindred Intellect just mysteriously pulled the App from the Store without any form of warning nor reason. Yours truly have attempted to contact them severally to get a low-down on what transpired, no response. Did they have a blow-out with Microsoft? Were they using a component to which Microsoft objected? You know, you can only speculate when the news source refuses to talk to you. Like they say, Nature abhors vacuum, you just can’t evict yourself from the market and expect the whole world to wait, or collapse in your absence. Discourse space was promptly filled by News Bento App in the Store. Now Discourse has a competition in its hands. News Bento is free as air, and Discourse is $3,00 bucks with no option to try. They are really going for the money this time around. I wonder how they’ll fair now in the Store.

I have just done a feature comparison with their last version before they dropped out of limelight, I don’t see any difference, they are probably sporting their last version with a bit of polish I guess. Here is the latest description of the new old app in the Store:

Read all your news articles in full detail regardless of source

Create your own news sections using any feeds you like

Take in the full detail of every article with great readability

* Discourse allows you to keep up with your favorite news sources in a clear, picture-rich, easy to read newspaper-like format.
* Read the full content of the majority articles right from within Discourse, even for custom feeds, and pages you Share into Discourse using the Share charm!
* Optimized for great execution on Surface & Windows RT machines
* Pin a live tile to your start screen for any section, including custom sections.
* Create your own ‘Sections’ of news, combining one or more of the large number of included feeds, a topic of interest, or by searching for/adding fully custom feeds of your own.
* Share your section definitions with others using the Share Charm
* ‘Topic Sections’ use keywords to maintain a set of up-to-date news articles about a particular topic. (Powered by Bing, Google and Yahoo)
* Import whole sections and individual feed subscriptions directly from Google Reader
* Import and Export your feeds (as OPML files) and section definitions (as SECTION files). You can also export and import from SkyDrive, just use the picker and choose SkyDrive.
* Once your sections are created, simply running Discourse will sync your news and you can then go offline if you wish.
* Search for articles across your sections using the “Search Charm”.
* You can also save pages to Discourse’s “Saved Stories” section so you can read them later, offline, at your leisure.
Privacy policy: http://www.kindredintellect.com/privacy.html

Offline, full content, news reader, using a clear presentation for great readability
Combine your own custom feeds with the large number included

Well, there you have it. The riddle resolved itself. Discourse is back in the Store. The question is would you plunk your cash down for the Reader now, especially seeing a free competition would give it a run for its money. If Discourse fails to gain traction in the Store, it will not be because the App is not worthy, but because the vendor made a gamble that backfired. When you are king, you just don’t abdicate, not without a reason. You just give people a chance to crown another king. Period. I’ll keep an eye on this development. I see news down the line.

If you are ready to buy Discourse, please download via the Source link below. I am curious if any of you that know Discourse in its hay days have anything to say in response to this. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Source: Windows Store

MX Apps Security and Devs’ Income Jeopardy


Since today is turning out to be a Plea day to Microsoft, I might as well add the following points that Devs have raised to me, and the points I could really understand looking from Devs perspective.

MX Apps (Metro Apps if you live in the past) have great promise for Microsoft and End-Users alike. They are highly portable, highly manageable and secured; if we could believe Microsoft on their promise for WinRT environment of Windows 8. Apps can be built with next to nothing experience, even script-kiddies are now top-notch coders on Windows 8. Its all fine and dandy till bread and butter comes into question. If you are a hobby developer, you wouldn’t mind what MS does with your code the moment you submit it to the Store, all you care about is to see your App published, hopefully featured in the Windows Store.

But when your app is your bread, and preferably your butter too, you do seriously mind what MS does with your code in the Store and on Users devices. MX Apps are scripted Apps, they are managed Apps, you either code in Javascript or in .NET both of which are translated Apps. This means there’s a file of yours somewhere with readable code for everyone who has the will and the intent. Here you are slaving away at a particular difficult routine in your app. You need to implement that killer feature that will differentiate your app as professional Dev, ergo, this is the source of your income! It took you two days to do the plumbing and debugging of this difficult routine, now it is part of your code for your app, submitted to the Store, and globally readable.

Of course you’ll feel cheated. Anyone who find your app awesome and wants to know how you carried out that impossible feat can now dive into your code and read how you did it, gone is your professional advantage. This will be an awesome scene in about 50 years when we don’t work for money anymore, the era of Star Trek has broken upon us where everyone works just for the pleasure of it. There is no hunger anymore, need has been banished by the Federation. This will probably remain in the realm of my dreams and many of you.

But for now, you need to pay your bills, but how could you if people could easily pilfer your code and earn money with it while you go hungry. So this brings me to my point. Microsoft, we know you protect MX Apps with Encryption from hackers and the likes, and that you can’t just copy and run apps on other machines, but what’s with people readable code. Why aren’t you protecting Devs labour? Why not encrypt Devs’ codes and files before publication so that only the system can unencrypt it at runtime? Why does my files have be readable to all? If you think I am joking read this from a concerned dev:

Hi McAkins,

I just want to explain, the security problem in Windows 8 store app, that can lead to another security problem:

First of all, when we install windows 8 store app, it will reside on %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps folder, although the folder is hidden

by default, but through ‘folder options’ we can show the folder, and we access it after we take ‘ownership’  of the folder (we don’t need special tool to take ownership of the folder, only through windows explorer we can take ownership), after that, the problem begin;

1. All the application that we installed, user can take all the assets we use in our app. (Images, Sound, Video, and other assets). because we can access all the windows 8 store app application folder, for JS app we can see the code clearly if we not minified that code first before published to the store.(like skype app, I attach the source code I take from my laptop,).

2. Let say we develop windows 8 store app using JS, and use Windows Azure mobile service to push the notification to the user, or even worse if we have storage or other cloude services, the ‘client secret’ to access our Windows Azure service, can be seen by the people or malware, and then they can abuse our cloud servce / windows azure services.

3. Another problem if we develop using C#, we can decompile it also using .NET reflector or other related app. (but this is the nature of .net app either Desktop App or Windows 8 Store app).


<Concerned Dev>

And here is the Skype Source Code he was talking about:

skype source code

How about that?! Even MS own Software is not protected! But then they can afford to loose a dollar or two to a script kiddie.

So there you have it, if you write in JS, you’re screwed as professional Dev. You are basically plumbing for other people. Period. This is not acceptable and should be mitigated Microsoft. The only way to guarantee App privacy right now is to hide your code in C++  dlls with JS as frontend, or to a lesser degree to code in .NET, at least it takes a bit of effort to get to the decompiled code. So here we are MS with another plea. Please either obfuscate publish codes or encrypt all JS and .NET files. That’s the only way Devs can resign from their day job and take up coding full time if they are guaranteed income source in the future. Do it now! Yes you can!

Thanks all for your attention.

– McAkins

Seriously Compromised with SurfacePro – A Public Plea to Microsoft


This week, Microsoft announced the pricing of the SurfacePro to the whole wide world, and reception of the news has been mixed to put it mildly. Its not even the price that broke the deal for me, I don’t mind the price since its work/play device. What broke it for me is the Battery Life of the device. I must confess I am seriously compromised right now in my decision for this device. What were you thinking Microsoft, 4Hrs battery life these days is just not acceptable on a Tablet device. I know it’s a Core i5 device, don’t get me wrong, I can see the need for power for some people, but seriously?

Look, I already have a Core i5 tablet that came with Windows 7, that was announced for 4Hrs battery life when I got it, but actually was pulling 2.5Hrs max in reality. Installed it with Windows 8 DP and my battery life jumped to 3hrs, now with Windows 8 RTM I am getting average of 3.5Hrs on this awesome device. So here I am waiting patiently for SurfacePro in January, and MS announced 4Hrs battery, sorry, but that is disappointing. I was expecting something that will match SurfaceRT battery life if not surpass it. Core i5 with 4Hrs battery life is almost what I have right now with my current Win7/Win8 tablet, I don’t see what’s the improvement, that extra 30 minutes doesn’t cut it for me; not for $1000 price point.

When MS announced 3-months-later for SurfacePro, I was actually hoping that they did that to get the latest and greatest CPU from Intel to capture the same battery life as SurfaceRT, as all kinks with CloverTrail would then have been ironed out etc etc. Ok, they said 3rd generation core i5 CPU, whatever that means, I don’t see its effect if it slurps the battery empty in 4hrs.

So, this is my plea to Microsoft: Please, please, make a third option for SurfacePro with CloverTrail Atom CPU! If HP and Dell could promise 9Hrs on their CloverTrail devices right now, it is a shame for Microsoft to come in the year of the Lord 2013 with a meager 4Hrs battery life device. You know, I have this Core i5 device right now, I am not doing any monster work on it, I am not doing video editing, not installing it with Photoshop or AutoCAD software even if I could. All those are on my Desktop where the power is when I need it. I have chosen this device to be my companion device, I need it to be always available when I need it, not to be looking for the next plugin socket each time. I use it lightly, that is the intention the whole time, the need to be able to run standard desktop apps and be highly mobile. That is the promise of CloverTrail, that is why we wait, so why should we end up with something in January that I can have now; that I have now?!

So, either you come with an announcement before the mid of December Microsoft, else I’ll be forced to shop at HP and Dell for my next CloverTrail device with a Pen. Thanks for listening as always Microsoft.

[Update: Corrected OakTrail to CloverTrail in the post. Sorry people, getting old here Smile. Thanks Voleheart buddy!]

Your buddy,

Denny McAkins

Naturespace – Let Yourself Relax a Bit

Store 4

There always comes a time when we deserve to just sit back, take off our shoes, and forget everything for a while. Relaxation is essential, and we have a Windows 8 app just for that! This app plays various soothing music and sounds that will help you relax your mind. It is even useful to play in the background while you work. Yes, the sounds continue to play even when you switch away from the app.

I will let you know that there is a bug in the app that causes the volume to be reduced automatically occasionally. However, you can go back to the app and change the volume back to the level you like. But, still, it is an annoyance. The number of relaxing tracks are limited for now, but the developer promised more tracks will land with a future update. There will be an in-app store that will allow users to accuire more tracks. However, that feature isn’t implemented yet.

I’ll leave you with the official app description from the Windows Store. Enjoy!


Welcome to the world of Naturespace Holographic Audio, creators of the finest 3-D recordings of nature’s most beautiful moments, delivered on Windows 8! The sonic accuracy of our recordings are so convincingly real that they create an immediate positive impact on your state of mind. The 3-D experience under headphones quickly engages the mind and triggers a lasting physiological sense of safety, peace, and tranquility.

Naturespace Holographic Audio is the world leader in 3-D sound recordings for headphones and immersive, highly detailed listening over speakers. From the calmest of evenings to the most intense thunderstorms, our spatially accurate recordings will transport you like no other. We are proud to offer you a complimentary Windows 8 preview into a world of sound like you have never heard before.
Naturespace is unique. It’s not just about nature’s sound, it’s about nature’s space. All 3 dimensions (including height) are accurately reproduced, providing the listener with a true “being there” experience under headphones. The impact that spatially accurate outdoor sound has on the brain is astounding; it is immensely relaxing and entertaining. Whether you take a 5 minute vacation to a gentle evening by a lake, or an extended stay underneath a powerful thunderstorm, Naturespace provides the brain with the sense of openness and vastness that is so important to a balanced state of well-being. Naturespace is a spectacular catalyst for creative visualization and imaginative exploration. Just put on your headphones, and close your eyes. You’ll see.

We hope you enjoy the free consumer preview of our app. In the next few months Naturespace will continue to grow on Windows 8. Please watch for updates including our vast catalog which will become available for purchase inside the app very soon.


  • First 3-D      audio app designed specifically for Windows 8
  • The most      efficient way to relax, meditate, escape or sleep
  • Seven free      audio tracks
  • Vast in-app      catalog of over 80 unique tracks available soon

Beautiful and elegant user-interface

Here are some more screenshots!

Download from Windows Store: Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep

Announcing Tech Magnet in the Store


Here is another awesome app in the Store to the joy of all Tech Enthusiasts around the World. The App aggregates all technology news into one manageable app. Read Article tidbits, dive-in to detailed in-app browser article, read reviews on any imaginable tech category. This app have you covered. Again, this is not an RSS reader but an aggregator of curated tech news. Here is the description from the Store:

Interested in IT news?
Tech Magnet is an application which aims to provide user with the latest news from various IT news sources and web pages. It collects news data using RSS feeds and forms it in a structured and easy reading way.
The application collects data from bunch of popular IT news pages / sources:
Engadget, Gizmodo, Mashable, All Things Digital, Anand Tech, Android-app.com, Apple Insider, Ars Technica, Bits, CNET, Digital Trends, IntoMobile, Lifehacker, Technology Tell, PCWorld, TechCrunch, Computer World, Boy Genius Report, Electronista, I4U News, AAWP, Windows Phone Central and many more to come.

News reading
Various news sources
Snap View
Share Contract
Pin individual news source
Reading in offline mode


This app is another attestation of what a individual Dev. can achieve if they set their mind to it. Nicely done indeed. You can download the app now via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

InfoWARE Fincance App updates in the Store


Here is another awesome Update from Solutaris LLC to their InfoWARE Finance app in the Store. The App is a must have tool if you are an Entrepreneur on the continent of Africa, you’re an investor and you’re interested in continent’s Nubian economy in general and the Nigerian economy in particular. The is a trove in the hands of the knowledgeable and it will assist you to make quick financial decisions in your transactions with the continent. I have a vested interest in the continent and I am glad to see these enterprising people taking the bull by horn to change the negative image we have in the West about the continent. Get this InfoWARE App, its free and you wont regret it. Here is the full description from the Store:

InfoWARE Finance – Nigeria provides access to business and financial news on Capital markets and specifically about Nigeria and its capital market. It includes stock prices, daily top gainers and losers, top movers (volume), bond prices, Nigeria Naira currency rates as well as other world currencies. It also includes various analytics such as weekly, monthly and yearly charts with drill in capabilities, moving averages etc.
This app does not ask for, collect, store or transmit any personal information.

Nigeria, African and emerging markets information
Investment tool


Please feel free to download the app now from the Store via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Turner Broadcasting debuts TBS for Windows App in the Store


What do you know, Turner Broadcasting Inc. is in the Store already with TBS for Windows! I missed this obviously, but we are never too late. The App is the culmination of everything Turner has for you in terms of entertainment. All videos clips for their shows are your to take. Comedies, Cartoons you name it. All your favorite shows served on a platter of gold. Get behind the scene actions, pin and share to your heart desire. Here is the description of the App from the Store:

Watch. Laugh. Share. Get exclusive clips from the funniest TBS comedies served up on all of your Windows 8 devices. Share the laughter with your friends or save your favorites to watch later.
Watch show clips, behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive trailers for Conan, Family Guy, Cougar Town and many more with just a touch. Thousands of hilarious clips are at your fingertips and free to watch without annoying logins or registration.
Pin and share your favorite videos and get up-to-date schedule information on all TBS programming. Just don’t expect to watch full episodes in this application, because it doesn’t have them. (Hey, somebody has to manage user expectations.)

Hundreds of videos from your favorite TBS shows
Intuitive saving and sharing of clips
Exclusive Windows 8 “snap view” allows for seamless multitasking
No full episodes–but with thousands of clips, you may not miss them!
Beautifully scales on any Windows 8 device–laptop, desktop or tablet
Show clips, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive trailers
See more with hubs: view top sections without navigating away


If you subscribe to these shows, you need to get this app now. Download via the Source.

Source: Windows Store

Gravity Guy – Xbox Game for Windows

Gravity Guy Cover

Preview and Install



In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy, was held captive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided to escape, being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity at will.He became known as the Gravity Guy.

Being chased by Gravity troops, Gravity Guy can’t stop, he has to keep running and it’s your job to guide him through an impossible world of mazes, flipping gravity when needed.

This fast paced and frustratingly addictive adventure features 30 challenging levels, and 3 different worlds, and guarantees you many long hours of fun!

– Amazing graphics
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Local multiplayer mode up to 4 players
– 3 game modes Story, Practice and Endless
– Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: http://www.miniclip.com/terms-and-conditions

PRIVACY POLICY: http://www.miniclip.com/privacy


  • Amazing graphics
  • Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Local multiplayer mode up to 4 players
  • 3 game modes Story, Practice and Endless
  • Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

Air Soccer Fever Updates in the Store with lots of Enhancements.


Our friends from Dangling Concepts has also released an enormous update to their Air Soccer Fever App in the Store, bringing a lot of enhancements to the App, and adding Portrait and Snapped mode play. Now you can play your buddy in Brazil while you keep an eye on your Stocks Tickers Smile. Or start a tournament in the Office for those boring hours. Here’s the release notes from the Store:

Release notes
1. Fixed a bug where app wont start when offline
2. Added 3 multiplayer servers for better performance
3. Added local multiplayer feature over WLAN or WiFi
4. Added local Tournament mode
5. Now you can change your player name for multiplayer mode
6. In addition to swipe, now support a new input method (Press/Click) for players who would like to play with Keyboard & Mouse. Just press the player number on keyboard and click anywhere with mouse to shoot. Player number display can be switched on/off from settings


Download this work of art now from the Store.

[Update: 2012-11-29] I have just been informed by @Danglingneuron, the author of the App, that he has released a Beta of the App unto the Android platform. Now you can play your friends also on Android devices. Awesome! So go tell your friends on Android and get to show them why we on the Windows platform own their base.

Source: Windows Store

Freda–That Awesome eBook Reader Updates in the Store


Turnipsoft has done it again, they’ve made Freda even more user friendly by releasing a barrage of Updates to the App, bringing it to version 3.2. This version now has almost everything the users were complaining about in the Reviews: Bookmarks, Annotations, Delete books from bookshelf etc etc etc. Just see this Release Notes and screenshots:

Release notes
Update 3.2  fixes various bugs, and adds
– The ability to add bookmarks and annotations, and to delete books from the bookshelf
– Selecting multiple books to download simultaneously from SkyDrive or local folders
– Creation, deletion, editing and re-ordering of book sources
– Additional display options (such as choice between smooth and sharp text rendering and the option to turn off the patterned background)
– A live tile display showing details of current book (and you can pin additional books to your start screen)
– Various user experience improvements
Freda is still being actively developed; we’re working now on features like:
– Dictionary and Translation lookup
– Search for text in the book
– Search and filter your bookshelf
– Customising and managing book sources
If you have any problems with the app, or you have any suggestions for new features, please contact us at freda@turnipsoft.co.uk .


You can go download the update now in the Store.

Source: Windows Store

SAP GRC Policy Survey Business App in the Store


SAP has started releasing its Business Apps into the Windows Store. Microsoft mentioned partnership with SAP during the launch of Windows 8 as an example of its Business Enterprise push for the new Windows Platform. The series released by SAP are more of information sources apps to aid your workforce. This current one is one of them. SAP GRC Policy Survey is to poll Policy compliance in the Enterprise. It presents a  coherent GUI for evaluation of your business policy compliance forms and data. Here is concise description from SAP AG in the Store:

With the SAP GRC Policy Survey mobile app for Windows, you can manage enterprise compliance assignments anywhere and anytime. This app connects to the SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions and allows employees to receive, complete, and submit GRC policy surveys, quizzes, and acknowledgements right from their Windows tablet device.
Note: To use SAP GRC Policy Survey with your business data, you must be a user of SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance, with mobile services enabled by your IT department. You can try the app first using sample data.

Receive, complete, and submit GRC policy surveys, quizzes, and acknowledgements
View general information about policies
Read policy documents (distributed as attachments)
Maintain a local archive of completed tasks


Of course this is an Enterprise App, which means you’ll have to have access to SAP Infra Servers to really use this app, but they’ve provided a test data environment to test it if your are just curious to take app for a spin. You can download the app now from the Store via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store