It’s inception all over again, and this time, it invaded the Windows Store. We now have an app for Windows Store that might as well act as a second Windows Store. Yes, you heard it right. Meet the “Great Windows Apps” app. This app will filter out the junk from the Windows Store and present you with the apps that truly stand out and are worth your time, and bandwidth.

If you, like us, regularly check the Windows Store for what’s new and exciting, you might notice it’s hard to do with the massive amount of junk we have coming in. So, try this little app to help you discover great app. The sad truth is that this is what we had expected out of Microsoft in the first place. Windows Store should be sufficient to find great apps, but it is not. This app will do that job.


Great Windows Apps is a directory that is focused on quality and empowers you to discover great apps.

Windows 8 is beautiful. Microsoft have created an operating system designed for the future and it really looks great, particularly when you use it on modern, touch-driven hardware. This great OS needs great apps!

This alternative store implements strict quality rules to feature only the finest apps. Reviews and ratings from around the world are combined and apps that are poorly rated, or don’t meet basic eligibility criteria, are not included in our listings.

Great Windows Apps also aims to improve visibility for apps in a number of other ways.

Much mystery surrounds the way that Microsoft pick apps for their spotlight slots, and even which ones are featured as “new releases” and “top rated” apps, when the apps that are listed in those sections do not actually appear to be related to their release date, nor their rating.

This app generates true new releases and true top rated listings, to allow users to discover the apps they want, rather than being spoon-fed a handful of selected apps by the Windows Store.

We also spotlight the top developers and always allow you to see “more apps by this developer”, when you discover an application that you like.


  • Super fast browse and search
  • Completely free with no ads
  • True “Top Rated” and “New Releases” sections
  • View more apps by a developer
  • Discover as yet unseen apps
  • See reviews from around the world

Source: Windows Store