Everyone’s heard of Snapchat, right? Well, it’s currently in the top 25 running of Apple’s Most Popular Apps list and it’s a huge sensation in teenagers as of late. Snapchat allows you to take a picture, draw on it &/or place text on it, select an amount of time (1-10 seconds) that the receiver can view the picture and then send your picture!

Personally, I’ve seen this app used for taking funny pictures of friends, bosses and for other uses. A lot of new users to this app believe that it’s the most private you can get with picture sharing but they’re wrong. One of the huge things about this app is that the receiver can at anytime snapshot the picture you’ve sent them so I would not advise sending anyone inappropriate material. To counter this action though, Snapchat will notify you if your picture has been snapshotted so no sneaky snapshots can take place. Another perk to this app is that it doesn’t take much cell phone service to send/receive items. Within buildings with bad service, I’ve been able to send and receive snapchats with only 1 bar of 3G service.