While Apple is today busy burying it’s head deeper into the sands, Microsoft chose to detail it’s track records with Online Safety initiatives of its Trustworthy Computing Policy efforts. What a marked difference between the two Internet giants. One is too busy denying they’re vulnerable, the other is accepting the fact that any system is vulnerable, you just do your best to protect your users.

Go see Microsoft’s efforts through the years on their Trustworthy Computing page. The fact that they chose today to come out with this news in contrast to Apple could be purely a coincidence, or genius plan of Microsoft to contrast itself since it gets neglected and ridiculed for its amazing efforts on security. Just download the Safety Milestone report alone (PDF), you’ll be amazed how far back this company has been dealing with security issues. The file is a treasure trove of information and a worthy perusal.

Now if only those in the distortion field would just wake up and read it. But then, it will remain a dream, for now.