Boy, I knew this was coming, still it was disappointment when it comes. The wait is over, Apple has come to town on the rootcause of the Celebrities nude breach, yes, it wasn’t Apple’s fault as usual. How could we have guessed different. Apple confirmed there was a breach, but it was because users were not using strong password, leading to folks being able to guess their passwords.

That a perpetual repetition of login attempt was used till the right password was found was not mentioned. And I meant perpetual repetition of dictionary words. Thousands, sometimes millions of guesses being passed to Apple system till the right one is passed and access is granted. Pray do tell, iCloud users, do you guess your logins a thousand times before you give up? No, no sane person would guess their own login that long. So why does Apple’s system allow it.

This is the 21st century, no self-respecting system allows more than 5 guesses before locking up access to the system. So why does script-kiddies succeed in guessing thousands and thousands of attempts at login. No, it is not Apples fault touting a security platform of the 80’s, it is the users fault for not using strong password.

But guess what? Apple will get another pass again. It is almost Keynote time at Apple’s, none of your favorite tech blogger will dare to question Apple for the fear of not being invited to the Church. I don’t blame Apple, I blame the teeming masses that continue to give Apple a pass in all its laxities.

Just like SSL bug, another ridicule is allowed to pass as water under the bridge. I just pity those poor users who doesn’t know better.

My final question to Apple: If your infra was not involved in this breach, why the need to ask your users of Find My Phone service to re-authenticate themselves yesterday? I thought all was good with the platform?

You can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people, all the time. One day, they’ll see through your smoke screen. Yes, it wasn’t Apple’s fault, it’s the users’ fault for trusting them with their lives.