The Top YouTube Videos of 2011!

2011 was a great year, but like all great things, it is coming to and end. YouTube compiled the best videos of 2011 and is showcasing it at It ranges from viral videos that became a tattoo of today’s pop-culture, to world events that moved many, to individual stories that shook the world. Let me highlight a few:

Viral Videos

The Nyan Cat

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” (Most viewed video on YouTube!)

Ultimate Dog Tease

Adorably Cute Videos

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Movement that Shook Got People Noticing

It Gets Better

World Events

Raw Video: Tsunami Slams Northeast Japan

Explore for Yourself!

You don’t need us to highlight all of the videos! YouTube has made a showroom out of all of the great videos of 2011, including the top 10! Check them out yourself at!

Here Are The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2011

This year was  indeed a huge year for YouTube. The gigantically popular media site has seen 1 trillion views in 2011 alone. That’s an incredible milestone that not many people (if any others at all) can reserve bragging rights for.

Personally, I’ve seen some of the videos that made the list and laughed my butt off as a result. Above we have the official YouTube Rewind 2011 video so you can see for yourself which of your favorite videos made the Top 10. Strap yourselves in and take a little stroll down memory lane. Maybe you’ll be surprised at which video made the #1 seat…maybe…

Want to see some of the top YouTube videos in their entirety? View this article here

Get the Cosmic Panda Look On YouTube

YouTube has launch a friendly new interface. All the clutter has vanished, the flashy buttons thrown out the window and instead their new (opt-out-of-able!) interface is clean and pared-down.

You can try head over to Youtube and try it now, but do let us know via the comments below what you think of it. I for one won’t be running back to the old design any time soon.

New Apple Ad: “We Believe”

That is right folks Apple has a new ad for iPad 2 that they posted on their YouTube earlier yesterday.  As always the ad is compelling, dramatic, and makes the iPad 2 feel more like a personal device. I for one am a big fan of Apple’s advertising and think that is the next best thing they do next to making the products themselves. So without further adieu I give you the newest iPad 2 ad from Apple.

He Would Have Been 70: John Lennon

For me I’ve never been a Beatles fan. I don’t listen to their music, but I’ve got to admire how they have changed the music world. There is one particular Beatle that is being celebrated today. If he were alive today, John Lennon would have been 70 years old. On this day in 1940, John was born in Liverpool , England. He only lived a short 40 years when he was murdered in New York City on December 8, 1980 after the release of his come back album, Double Fantasy.

Nearly 30 years later, as people remember him today, Google decided to do something special. We all know from time to time, they have special logos up celebrating holidays are anniversaries of various thing. This time they’ve done something they haven’t before. Todays Google logo is a animated video that can also be found on YouTube. I was able to track the video down. So without further ado, here it is. Happy Birthday John Lennon.

My favorite YouTube’ers and why

I like YouTube, and its been around for a while. Part of the reason i like it so much is because of the community. Now of course YouTube would be nothing without it’s users. and I’m here today to tell you about my favorite YouTube’ers.

1st YouTube’er: Adiblasi. Adiblasi, A.K.A Alfred. one of the coolest tech guys in the world. A few reasons i like him:


  1. Because of his involvement. i have subscribed to Alfred’s twitter account, and if he posts something interesting i’ll normally respond to it with a comment. He also responds too, which makes one feel better inside because you know they are actually listening to you.
  2. His videos His videos are normally humorous yet enjoyable and i like them very much.
  3. His “Phrases” Another reason i like Alfred is his “Phrases” “Knock it off” so on and so forth
  4. Just an interesting guy. All in all, Alfred’s just an interesting guy, with his “Geekiness”, his personality, his “Phrases”, His Videos, and His involvment. Here’s to you Alfred!


2nd YouTube’er: Lockergnome. Lockergnome, A.K.A Chris Pirillo:


  1. His Geekiness I love how geeky chris is and i can relate to him frequently.
  2. His videos His videos are normally informative, yet Humorous, much like Alfred.
  3. His Family Not only does Chris Post videos and blog posts, his wife Ponzi does too. and who doesn’t love his puppies Wicket and Pixie.



3rd YouTube’er: LIVELAVALIVE LIVELAVALIVE, A.K.A Mitchell Davis:


  1. His videos His Videos Are HILARIOUS. I like the way he shoots them, with the constant stopping and starting.
  2. The way he dresses He always has those different colored shirts. and some kind of cool glasses or other thing.
  3. His photography He’s really creative in his photography, which looks great.


4th Youtube’er: cinemafreaks Cinemafreaks, A.K.A Dylans Couch, A.K.A Dylan


  1. His videos OFCOURSE His videos are so funny, and dramatic. the story’s he creates are very creative also.
  2. The couch Who doesn’t love that old couch?!?

Thanks for reading about my top 4 Favorite YouTube’ers