This is My Most Memerable Experience Using a Windows Phone

I have been using Windows Phone daily for about three years now. I had my ups and downs, but I have a confession to make. This is, by far, the most memorable experience I had in the past three years using a Windows Phone. You guys ready? Let me know if you can relate.

Opens App. Black Screen. Resuming… Resuming… Resuming… Loading… Loading… Black Screen. Resuming… Resuming… Loading… Start Screen appears.

And that’s it! Thanks, Microsoft, for the most pleasant experience in using a Windows Phone.

P.S. This was a piece of satire, for those who are sensitive about Windows Phone. But there is some truth to what I have written.


Windows Phone File Manager “Files” now in the Store


Microsoft jumps the gun and released the Windows Phone file manager simply called “Files” today in the Windows phone store instead of waiting till June as we’ve heard earlier. Everyone knows MS is working on the file manager, there have been a few tweets even a few weeks past from top program managers informing the world, and the general consensus was this will break in June. Well here we are 30th of May a day earlier, the file manager was just tweeted by the head himself, our beloved Joe Belfiore says as follows: Continue reading

Warning: Serious UX Ambiguity in the Twitter App


Be warned, there is a serious UX discrepancy in the Twitter that’ll delete your DM tweets if you’re not careful.

See, when you dock the Official Twitter app, and you go to Direct Message, if you accidentally click/touch any of the messages, the Twitter App selects it and brings up the App bar. Now this is where the crux of the matter arise. If you’ve been using Windows Phone a lot that button "B" means "Dismiss" or "Cancel". Most especially because you’re looking at button "A" and thinking ok, that is to delete the tweet. No not at all! If you press button B twitter app deletes your tweet and there is no way to bring it back. No warning, no nothing.

It is when you maximize the twitter app, you see what those buttons do:


Of course you should have known this, but if you spend your days with Twitter docked like I do, and you don’t delete tweets and threads on daily basis, you’ll forget what those button do. Muscle memory in Windows Phone has also conditioned you to press that Button B to dismiss, cause in WP, that trash-bin icon is to really delete.

The question to Twitter Inc. then is, how many people spends their day deleting Tweet Threads? Why not use the trash-bin icon for deleting tweets and stop this ambiguity? This is frustrating cause I just deleted some important tweets with Joost. Problem with this all is that if you accidentally select a tweet and the app brings up this App bar, it covers the tweet entry box, and all you want to do is get rid of the app bar, so like in Windows Phone you just press the button B to dismiss without thinking. :S

Please fix this Twitter. This is bad UX design decision. I just hope MS will enforce the use of the ellipsis (…) in Windows 8.1 Apps so you can at least click it like in Windows Phone and know what a button does. This is really bad as it is right now. We need consistency in both Windows and Windows Phone design guideline. Like, right now!

Official Unofficial Windows Phone Store App is here


Now, here is a Gem from the Windows Store, a nicely designed app, dedicated to your Windows Phone app discoverability. You might not think this is a big deal, but it is, since you can only surf Windows Phone Store via the Web Browser. Microsoft attempted to highlight Windows Phone Apps is their Sync App, but that is a limited feature, the moment you want more, you’re dropped into the Browser. The Markteplace on Windows Phone itself doesn’t lend itself to discoverability on such a small screen, and as you know, nothing says “Click Me” better like a App-logos on the glorious panorama of a Metro App. So, here it is. Beautifully crafted by CiunKos. This App gives you ability to browse by Category and zero in on Best Rated Apps. You can also easily find New and Up-and-Coming hero apps. You are greeted by starting the App with the Spotlight page shown above, in which the best apps in the Store are showcased.

Here is quoting the Dev himself from the Store:

Download apps and games for your Windows Phone right from your tablet or PC! Windows Store like interface now connects you to your phone. Download the best Windows Phone apps with this beautifuly designed app.

Download apps and games right from your tablet or PC.
Use Search to quickly find apps!
Browse app categories to find apps you will love.
Browse reviews to check if app is good for you.
Browse screenshots to see if app looks cool!







We Windows Phone users welcome this beautiful addition to the Store. Nicely done indeed. We wonder if MS should not buy this app off right away, or just hire the guy. Download the App right away via the Source link below, its free as the air; for now.

Source: Windows Store

Via: Mary-Jo Foley and @CarmenCrincoli

Windows Phone App–The Zune Software Replacement is in the Store


Microsoft threw its Windows Phone Users a bone today, they released the Windows Phone App to the Store with which you can manage your latest Windows Phones. Note the word “Latest” in there because it is significant. It means this app will not support anything less than Windows Phone 8 devices. Bummer really, especially to Nokia 800/900 users. Microsoft this is unacceptable, if you keep screwing your user base, it will not be good for the platform adoption in the long run as it will erode confidence of future usability of MS platform devices. So, throw WP7 users a bone too will you?!

Anyway, we knew this App was coming as the Zune brand was being deprecated all over the place. For example you can still install Zune software on your Windows 8 devices to manage your phones, but it only works on the Desktop, which means WindowsRT users are out of luck. So, this is a timely release indeed, especially because Windows Phone 8 is going live today.

Here is how MS describes the App in the Store:

Your computer and your Windows Phone 8 work together seamlessly with the Windows Phone app so you always have your photos, videos, and music, and more where you want them.

Get your music, photos, and videos from your computer to your phone (and vice versa).
Quickly share things from your phone with Windows 8 apps (like Photos, or Search). You don’t even have to open the Windows Phone app to move things around.
Automatically save photos and videos you take with your phone to your PC.
See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room on your phone.
Get to to download apps, learn more about your phone, or find it if it’s lost.


Anyone seen in this description that Windows Phone 7.5 will not be supported? I don’t! So, can we take Microsoft now to court for abandoning us WP7 users? Smile Anyways, you are lucky Microsoft as I intend to get the Lumia 920 shortly, so I wont wake my lawyer from his slumber. But still, I think it’s a shame that a lot of old WinPhone users are sidelined this way. First, it was no WP8 upgrade, and now this.

If you one of the lucky few who already have a WP8 device, please go ahead and download this app via the Source link, or if you are a WP7 user and you want to complain to Microsoft, also download it and add your frustration to the long list on the App Review page.

Thanks Nazmus for a great tip.

Source: Windows Store
Tip Credit: @NazmusLabs

WP Marketplace Deals App is in the Store


My apologies I should have informed you about this tool earlier. It has been in the Store now for a number of days. If you are a user of Windows Phone this App is right in your alley. WP Market Deals is exactly what is says, shows you apps dynamics in Windows Phone Marketplace, Apps that have gone Free, or lowered in Price. Keeps you up to date with high-profile apps for which price have temporarily reduced by Vendor so the app can gain popularity. The following is the description of the App by LuviSoft in the Store:

Get the most downloaded apps in the Marketplace at a discount price

Download apps FOR FREE while offers last

Adjust settings to your likings

Find out about the best deals on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and get your favorite apps at a discounted price.

Automatically shows new deals when they are available
Filter apps by popular (most downloaded), top rated, apps gone free, Xbox Live (Deal of the Week),
Share deals

Download this tool for your Windows Phone via this link:

WPDownUnder App is in the Store


There is a party going on Down Under, and its for Windows Phone users. WPDownUnder site has just released their app into the Store. Now our OZ friends with tablets can enjoy their favorite site on the go in glorious panoramic view of Windows 8 Metro UI. Here is the app description direct from the Store:

App Home screen.

An article being viewed in the app.

Share any article with apps that have the sharing option enabled.

Now you can read WPDownUnder, Australia’s top Windows Phone dedicated site, on a larger screen with the official Windows 8 app from Handiware.
Whether you are an Aussie Developer, Windows Phone owner or Retailer – WPDownUnder is an essential site with helpful resources, analysis and information on all things Windows Phone Down Under.
The app allows you to see the latest articles, comments, tweets and more on the go.

View and comment on the latest Articles
Read comments from others on the latest Articles
Search WPDownUnder using the Search Charm
Share Articles using the Share charm
Get notifications and tile updates when a new Article is published

What are you waiting for? Get this free app via this link now:

Source: Windows 8 Store

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