My Gripe with Windows8 so far

OK guys, We all welcome Microsoft innovation on the new Windows8 platform, we all think its going to be a success and give the competition a run for their money. However, I have two points to gripe with, things that are getting me worried about what MS has shown so far about Windows8:

1. Portrait Mode:
I guess this is still too early to bitch, but I have a nasty feeling Windows8 is being designed Landscape-centric. This will be a big put-off on Tablets which is made for data consumption. I.e. browsing and reading. Like Arguino said in the Computex video, the browser is most used App; 60% of computing time is done in the browser, and browsers are made for reading like a paper, i.e. portrait mode! I hope they come clean quickly on Portrait mode. I don’t care how they handled tiles in portrait, maybe reflow them or something, but please give a great portrait experience.

2. 16:10 Docking:
I hate the fact that Windows8 SNAP will not support 16:10 screens. What is wrong with a 1200×800 resolution? It is bridge between 16:9 and 4:3 screens, and perfect for portrait computing! Anyone ever held a 16:9 screen in portrait mode? It feels out of place, it doesn’t obey Fibonacci numbers, the shape of nature. Its like you are holding a slab instead of holding a slate. And they are horrible for pen-computing. I’ll prefer 16:10 screen anytime over 16:9 because I have more portrait screen estate. Your printing paper format is in 16:10(Fibonacci compliant, very natural). So why Microsoft? What is so bad about docking apps on the EP121 slate? Give us a break here will ya? We all agree that 4:3 screen have no place for docking but, please reconsider docking for 1200×800.

What about Larger Monitors?
And while we are still at it, what happens if I have a ginormous monitor, even a 4:3 at that? I consider it a waste of screen estate if I can only dock vertically on a larger screen. Anything above 20 inch should dock both vertically and horizontally! Why can’t I have some kind of a ticker app running horizontally at the bottom of my screen and have my main window in the middle. What if I have a 30 inch screen? Please let Windows8 adapt for more docking possibilities.

[Update: 2012-06-15] For those of you reading this piece after such a long time of its original publication, I have confirmed Windows 8 supports Portrait mode, and like someone commented here below, SNAP is supported on any screen with Horizontal resolution greater than or equal to 1376. Also I have concluded that Windows 8 is primarily built for Horizontal mode. No doubt we will see 4:3 portrait Win8 tablets, but they are all primarily 16:9 designed. I have in meantime gotten used to using Windows 8 in its horizontal mode. It took getting used to, but now I enjoy the horizontal panning on the OS.

For Fibonacci natural shapes:…

Touching Windows 7: The Facts

For all of you complaining that Windows 7 is not fit for Touch, you need to be informed before coming to this conclusion. Most of you have not used Windows 7 with a Touch-enabled device, I think the misconception arise from this lack of reference. The windows you see when you are using your desktop with mouse and keyboard is not the same windows you will see when Windows 7 is installed on a Touch-enabled device. Windows 7 literarily lets the beast loose when installed on appropriate device, and since not many people have these devices, it is justifiably misunderstood.

To help you lot I have compiled here a list of items I have come across online to help in your education, of course the best education will be if you can get Touch-enabled device for yourselves. Enjoy!

1. Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows: Windows 7 Feature Focus Tablet PC and Windows Touch

2. See Touch in action at Long Zen’s site: Touch panning (a.k.a. kinetic scrolling) in Windows 7

3. Now get the full lowdown from the Windows Engineering group: Touching Windows 7
You’ll be surprised how much thought went into the design of Windows 7 for Touch.

It is incredible how ignorance can spread in human nature, and since we’ve got the Net, ignorance has exploded considerably, you don’t have to verify the news anymore, all you need do is hear it from a hear-say, and you spread it further. We are all unfortunately a bunch of talking-heads now. We are being fed with propaganda and malice, intelligent analysis of an issue is no more the bane of the day.

Given the numbers of haters there on the Net, spreading FUD about anything Microsoft have never been so easy. The gospel of hatred and misinformation is being perpetrated from the Temple of Apple and Linux Churches, and the disciples are busy as ever spreading the rumors without ever checking the fact.

Windows 7 is Touch-aware, if you want to verify it, get a Touch-enabled device or shut up if you don’t have the fact. You don’t love it because you don’t see it, you don’t see it, because you don’t have it, you don’t have it because you don’t know it. Now you know, go have it, then you’ll love it.