Windows 10 Media Controls for Desktop Apps

Music Tile

In Windows 10, Microsoft seems to be extending the modern media playback controls to desktop apps. In Windows 8, if you changed your PC’s volume using a hardware volume button on you device or on the keyboard, you got an on-screen volume control display. If you had a modern (Windows Store) application playing a media file, you got an on-screen playback controls in addition to the volume control. This feature was mostly aimed at touch tablet devices running Windows. It is also similar to how Windows Phone behaves. With Windows 10, this functionality seems to be extended to desktop applications as well. Continue reading

How to Install Windows 98 — Video Tutorial

windows 98 se Large

Need to install Windows 98 on an old PC? Trying to run an old software on a Windows 98 virtual machine? This video demonstrates how to install Windows 98 as well as devices drivers for Windows 98.

I install the OS on a VMware Virtual Machine, but the steps should work on a real PC too. I installed Windows 98 recently on my 13 year old PC, and it went flawlessly.

You need to make sure, however, that you have the drivers for your hardware; otherwise, you may be stuck with a bad experience, such as lack of sound or low color depth and screen resolution. Enjoy the video. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, God Willing. Continue reading

VLC Media Player for Windows 8.1 Release Imminent

VLC Passed Windows Store Cert

The Modern (aka Metro) version of VLC Media Player has passed the Windows Store certification! VLC Media Player is a very popular media player, known for its ability to play a large number of video and audio format without needing to install additional codecs. Essentially, if you can’t play a video or audio on your PC for any reason, installing VLC media player and opening the media using it will possibly allow you to play it. Continue reading

YouTube for Schools Helps Educate Students In the Classroom

Over the years since YouTube has been around, hundreds and thousands of educational videos have been spawned across YouTube with hundreds of different subjects and in many variety of languages. As a result, YouTube has an educational version of its service, where it provides thousands of proven education videos from a variety of well regarded instructors. Introducing YouTube for Schools.

These videos revolutionized education in that students no longer needed to rely only on teachers and books as they learned. If they missed a lecture, didn’t understand the teacher, students could go home and watch these educational videos and catch up with their studies. Another benefit that raised from these videos is that students didn’t have to be shy to have the “instructor” repeat him/herself. The student could easily rewind the video as many times as they wanted. Given that these videos came from a variety of teachers, students could essentially choose the type of teachers they enjoyed and/or understood the best.

Given that some students are audio or visual learners, educational videos on YouTube was a great benefit, as they allowed students to take advantages of animations and sounds as they learned. It would not be surprising if students saw these videos as a replacement for their textbooks as a means to efficient learning.

Here’s a video that talks about the benefit of online video for learning.

However, many schools tend to block YouTube from the students for the fear of students wasting time online. I cannot blame them; there are lots of videos on YouTube that will definitely waste the students’ time and hamper good education. Given that YouTube is also a social networking site, students can just as easily loose track of time, getting bogged down to commenting and sharing. Unfortunately, blocking YouTube also means loosing access to great, rich, educational videos that can really help the student.

This is where I think such a feature is very good for students and institutions. This educational version of YouTube hides comments and related videos and only displays educational videos. This eliminates all fears the school administrators have while, at the same time, let students engage in the educational videos.

To get started with the YouTube for schools, an administrator or a teacher needs to set up a school account for YouTube by going to

Let us know what you think about this move.

Sony’s Crackle Video Service App hit the Store


Yay! Sony’s Crackle Video is now in the Store! If you’ve owned a Windows Phone you’ll have known this app from Sony Entertainments. This app brings you down the memory lane by featuring some old movies, but sometimes also not so old Movies. You can watch these movies Freely depending on your location services if it is available to your area. And of course these movies are time-limited, so if you really must watch it, make sure you watch it on time before it is taken offline.

I have been a regular user of the app on my Lumia 920, now I am glad it has hit the Store just as Microsoft has promised during the Keynote in Build this year. For those of you new to the app, here is the full description from the Store:


Watch free movies and TV series with Crackle for Windows 8. Crackle delivers full-length, uncut Hollywood movies and TV series – all free and on demand.
* FREE to download app, FREE to watch
* Unlimited, on demand viewing
* New movies and TV episodes added monthly
* Genres including: action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, and sci-fi
* Build and manage your Watchlist for viewing online or on your mobile device, connected TV or gaming console
* Available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Latin America
Crackle is one of the fastest growing digital entertainment networks, offering quality movies and TV series. Crackle is available via web, mobile, gaming consoles, connected TVs, and streaming players.
For more information, visit
* Movies and TV series updated monthly; titles subject to change. Current content list is available on the app and at


  • Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV series
  • FREE to download app, FREE to watch
  • Unlimited, on demand viewing
  • 20 new movies and TV episodes added monthly
  • Genres including: action, anime, music, comedy, crime, horror, thriller, and sci-fi

Recommended Watchlists

Search for your favorite TV shows

Watching a movie on Crackle

I think Sony is seeing the threats of services like Netflix and decided they cannot afford to be left behind, so here is Sony’s solution. The app is enjoying good reviews from the Store at the moment, standing at a rating of 3.4 which is not bad for a first-timer app. Download the app now via the Windows Store below.

Source: Windows Store

Hyper for YouTube – An App to rock your YouTube world!


(Looking to get in contact with the Dev of this app. If you are and you’re reading this, contact me via Twitter: @McAkins. I will verify you in the Store, so pranksters don’t need to bother.)

Here is yet another awesome YouTube Player App in the Store. Just dropped two days ago. The thing with YouTube players is that once you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen them all. Still, there are some subtle differences. It is the extra-mile that a Dev covers that makes the diff between a ‘good’ app and an ‘awesome’ app. So you can place this app in the category of Awesome thus.

This app covers everything you can think of about YouTube: Accounts, Uploads, Comments, Reviews, Subscriptions, Playlists and last and most important, background playing of videos. Yes, most of us, play our favorite bands via YouTube these days, and while playing you want to get other things done on your device probably. As we know, Windows 8 allows background playback of Music only, some devs have cleverly figured out how to keep the video playing in the background while you switch away from the app. This is one of those apps.

You can chose the format to always play, HD or Standard resolutions. Just via a checkbox, you can tell this app to always playback in FullHD or SD. You can Search via Search Charm and select multiple items from returned list and add them to PlayList. So you can bring up your favorite band and press CTL+A to select all the videos and play them all, just let it run in the background. As I type this, I am running all videos from Christy Nockels at the background!

Here is the excerpts from the Store from the Dev (who coincidentally called himself CensoredUser. Need we ask why? :-)

Hyper is the most advanced way to view YouTube videos on your Windows 8 device.
It allows watching videos in SD, 720p and Full HD 1080p, as well as the ability to download in all those qualities.
You can sign in to see your latest Subscribed videos as well as comment and rate videos.


  • Save default Quality Settings – the correct quality for your connection every time!
  • Create local video Playlists!
  • Simply Type to Search from the Home Screen!
  • Play videos in the Background!
  • Control videos & playlists with media buttons!
  • Toast Notifications for Completed Downloads.
  • Multiple Downloads at once!
  • Snapped View compatible.
  • Watch your Playlists!
  • Browse your uploads!
  • Customize your home screen to exactly how you want.
  • Artist Metadata for tagged Music videos.









Like they say, the taste of the pudding…, you need to get the app for yourself and give it a spin, don’t just take my word for it. You can thank the Dev later by giving your Review in the Store for packaging such awesome features in such a tiny app at just 266Kb size. Let us all encourage good devs by leaving good review behind, and what’s more, when such an awesome app goes for Free in the Store, the best you can do is meet the Dev mid-way by leaving good reviews.

So go ahead, download this Free App and start playing and downloading your fav. videos on YouTube. Download via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Daily Workouts App now in the Store for Health & Abs.


Sometimes as a Windows Store Tracker, you get the feeling that the best Apps have already been taken, that all apps being submitted lately are just wanna-bees. Hobbyists dipping their toes into Windows Store waters. But then along comes an awesome app to surprise you. That is the case for this app published just two days ago. Daily Workouts is exactly what it said it is, an app to assist you in achieving your personal health goals and looking gorgeous while doing it.

The App comes loaded with lots and lots of Training videos built-in for offline use, therefore the app is usable even when you don’t have an internet connection. Of course the downside is that you have to install a giga-sized app at 157Mb. So if you are ready to sacrifice HDD space for the convenience of always available, go ahead and get this app before it goes gold. It is free at the moment, and Devs do that for their apps to get traction in the Store. Once it gets popular, then they want to cash-in, which is logical.

Daily Workout Apps. LLC described this Personal Trainer as follows:

Your own personal trainer wherever you are!
Daily Workouts provides great 5 to 10 minute daily workout routines for men and women that step you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.
These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target all major muscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and tone your body.
The routine’s simple interface, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily follow along and understand each exercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!
➤ TheStreet named Daily Workouts one of the best fitness apps!!!


  • Ab, arm, butt, cardio and leg workouts

  • Pilates, stretch, ball and kettlebell workouts
  • 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts
  • Video showing how to do each exercise
  • 170+ free exercises
  • Custom routines
  • Random routines
  • clip_image002




    Feeling like toning up for a nice six-pack? Preparing for Summer Beach Ball sessions, get this app now and get into shape. Download via the source link here below.

    Source: Windows Store

    OpenShot – A Free, Professional Grade, Video Editing Software is Coming to Windows!

    OpenShot Logo

    We have exciting news for all of our readers! Whether you are a professional video editor or just want to make an elegant home movie as simply as possible, and you are on Windows, you will finally have a free tool to do just that. OpenShot video editor is coming to Windows!

    For those of you who do not know what OpenShot is, it is a popular video editing program for Linux. The biggest appeal of this program is that it makes complex editing scenarios easy. The user interface is familiar, with drag-and-drop and point-and-click interface. You can do some pretty neat things using OpenShot, such as adding fancy titles, mixing music and sound effects to your videos, and, one of my favorites, layer videos on top of each other.

    But the big caveat is that in order to use OpenShot you need to run Linux. That is about to change, as OpenShot has successfully completed a Kickstarter project to port the software to Windows and on the Mac. The campaign will help offset the costs of building the technical framework that makes allows the software to be cross platform. In fact, even if you are a Linux user, you will benefit from this, as the updates made to the software will be applicable to the Linux version as well. That is, because of a unified cross-platform framework, the developers will easily be able to add features to the application on all the supported platforms.

    The OpenShot timeline, showing the ability to layer videos
    The OpenShot timeline, showing the ability to layer videos

    The Kickstarter campaign not only succeeded, but it raised more money than originally set. Therefore, the developer has added what they are calling “stretch goals”, which are additional features that will be implemented (God willing) to OpenShot.

    There is still time left to back this project. At the time of this writing, there is less than 10 hours to go, so if you want to be a part of this wonderful project, this is your chance. The rewards for doing so are also…well rewarding. :P But seriously, folks, let us finish this with a bang!

    OpenShot Kickstarter Campaign

    OpenShot Website

    Twitter for Windows 8 and RT App Demo

    Published on Mar 13, 2013

    A quick demo of the version 1.0 of the official twitter app for Windows! Enjoy. Download the app from here:…
    Music by DNA Groove, titled Doomsday Cake, licensed under creative commons. Visit DNA Groove’s website:

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    MediaMonkey Greets Windows 8 and RT Users!

    Folks at IntoWindows have spotted a new, awesome, addition to the Windows Store. The popular, advanced, desktop media manager suite makes its appearance as a metro app on the Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT. MediaMonkey allows you to manage a large collection of multimedia in an efficient manner. Now with a metro version of the app, you can use it more easily on touch devices, like tablets and on PCs running Windows RT.


    MediaMonkey is an advanced media player that lets you navigate and manage large music collections on Windows 8 devices. Designed for serious collectors, it supports a variety of file formats, and lets you access your library content via Windows networking, over UPnP/DLNA, and/or via synchronization with MediaMonkey desktops.

    Wi-Fi Sync is available as an in-app purchase, allowing you to sync with MediaMonkey desktops wirelessly.


    • Manage Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Videos.
    • Navigate by Artist, Album, Genre, Playlist.
    • Play mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, wma etc. with volume leveling and equalizer.
    • Edit tags and playlists.
    • Access content via UPnP/DLNA.
    • Support for MediaMonkey Sync keeps tracks, metadata, play history, & bookmarks in sync with your desktop.

    Download from Windows Store: MediaMonkey Continue reading

    SINES8X for Windows 8 Video Demo


    We blogged earlier today about SNES8X emulator for Windows 8. This is an emulator of the super Nintendo from back in the day. Well, now, I found a neat little video that demos SNES8X pretty well as well as giving you a quick tutorial on how to load game ROMs on to the emulator. We hope you find this useful. If you have questions, please let us know.

    How To Run SNES8X Microsoft Surface App and Play Games

    Published on 27 Dec 2012

    In this video I show you guys how to play super Nintendo games on your Microsoft surface, brought to you by Tedahwooga

    Source: YouTube

    Multimedia8 – the Best Media Player for Windows 8 to Date

    Happy new year, everyone! I want to start off the year with a very useful Windows 8 app. VideoLAN has recently been successful in their Kickstarter campaign to bring VLC to Windows 8. VLC for Windows 8 is still a few months away, and, so, I want to present you with an excellent alternative media player, called Multimedia8. It is an all in one multimedia app that lets you play audio and video.

    What I like about Multimedia8 is that it fills some gaps the new Music and Video apps in Windows 8 failed to fill. The new Xbox Music and Video apps has many features missing from the Windows Media Player desktop app, like opening media from a web URL. Multimedia8 does this job very well, and a few others. It supports a variety of formats and it’s significantly faster and snappier than the Xbox Music and Video apps. As always, you can follow @Mcakins and me, @NazmusLabs, to stay updated!


    Unleash the power of Windows 8 with Multimedia 8, a free media application that allows you to access network media, load subtitles, convert media files, play 3D video, capture from external devices and much more!

    Read Features

    • Play media from your libraries and Media Servers
    • SRT and WebVTT subtitles
    • 3D video
    • Multilanguage media
    • Create, manage and shuffle playlists
    • Convert and trim media to MP4 and WMV
    • PlayTo your DLNA TV
    • PlayTo from other devices, such as Windows Phone, to Multimedia 8
    • Search your libraries and Media Servers
    • Video Stabilization
    • Capture audio and video

    Download now: Multimedia 8

    Turner Broadcasting debuts TBS for Windows App in the Store


    What do you know, Turner Broadcasting Inc. is in the Store already with TBS for Windows! I missed this obviously, but we are never too late. The App is the culmination of everything Turner has for you in terms of entertainment. All videos clips for their shows are your to take. Comedies, Cartoons you name it. All your favorite shows served on a platter of gold. Get behind the scene actions, pin and share to your heart desire. Here is the description of the App from the Store:

    Watch. Laugh. Share. Get exclusive clips from the funniest TBS comedies served up on all of your Windows 8 devices. Share the laughter with your friends or save your favorites to watch later.
    Watch show clips, behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive trailers for Conan, Family Guy, Cougar Town and many more with just a touch. Thousands of hilarious clips are at your fingertips and free to watch without annoying logins or registration.
    Pin and share your favorite videos and get up-to-date schedule information on all TBS programming. Just don’t expect to watch full episodes in this application, because it doesn’t have them. (Hey, somebody has to manage user expectations.)

    Hundreds of videos from your favorite TBS shows
    Intuitive saving and sharing of clips
    Exclusive Windows 8 “snap view” allows for seamless multitasking
    No full episodes–but with thousands of clips, you may not miss them!
    Beautifully scales on any Windows 8 device–laptop, desktop or tablet
    Show clips, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive trailers
    See more with hubs: view top sections without navigating away


    If you subscribe to these shows, you need to get this app now. Download via the Source.

    Source: Windows Store

    PrimeTube – The Most Elegant YouTube Player to Date In the Store


    Here is another elegant YouTube player in the Store, and this time, I think we’ve got ourselves a winner in PrimeTube. This App supports all YouTube features, that I am worried they get in trouble with Google with this client. I mean, if you have this client, why bother to go to YouTube site anymore and consume Adds. Yeah I know, you still consume Ads via embedded Ads in videos.

    Anyway, think of anything on YouTube, you’ve got it right here. You Subscriptions, Popular Videos, Channels, PlayLists, SD/HD Video Play, Snapped Mode Player, Enhanced Video Player built-in and finally an awesome Fullscreen Player. Ok, maybe I exaggerated on that Channel Stuff, need to check myself. If you are looking for a good Tube player without compromise, you need not look further. Here is how APP LYF described their app in the Store:

    PrimeTube is the most elegant way to access YouTube from your Windows 8 tablet, desktop, and laptop. This is brought to you by the developers of the acclaimed Windows Phone PrimeTube app.
    Uniquely designed with faster navigation and loading as the primary focus, the app provides you an immersive experience to search, watch and manage YouTube videos. Some of the major features that PrimeTube provides in this version are listed below. More updates and features will follow soon.
    We welcome any feedback/suggestion that you have regarding the app. Please email us at
    Happy YouTubing !!

    Search and watch YouTube videos. Manage subscriptions, favorites, playlists and watch later videos
    In-App enhanced video player – LQ, HQ and HD video support
    Added Keyboard features – Type anywhere in the app to search for videos and playlists
    Live Tile + Support for secondary tile pinning
    Play To enabled – Share videos not only with your social network but also with your favorites devices using  the Play To Devices
    Push Notification for latest subscription videos
    Data usage limit monitoring
    Landscape, portrait and snapped mode support



    I hear you ask yourself, how much does all this awesomeness cost, well, nothing; for now! Who knows, they’ll change that in the future. But for now, you can go right ahead and download it from the Store via the following Source Link.

    Source: Windows Store

    Vimeo App Arrive in the Store for OEMs!


    And so “we can has Vimeo too” in the Store! Vimeo has arrived in the Windows Store big for Microsoft Partners. Vimeo LLC released about 5 App in the Store all dedicated to various Hardware OEMs, strangely there none independent in the Store, It may be me, I am I missing something?


    Here is how they described the App in the Store:

    The Vimeo app for Windows 8 brings the incredible online video content from Vimeo to Microsoft’s fast and fluid Metro user experience. Upload and watch your videos on Vimeo, browse our expertly curated featured channels, watch user videos, share video links to other apps, and even project content to any connected external devices via our PlayTo integration.

    Upload your videos to Vimeo
    Browse Vimeo featured channels
    Search for your favorite videos


    You can download the apps now in the Store via the Source Link. Note that link is for Samsung only, for other OEMs, please do a search in the Store for “Vimeo”, it will bring up the list.

    Source: Windows Store