Ali3ns–An App to keep those UFO stories in focus


You love UFO’s, we love UFO’s, everybody love UFO’s. Now its time to get our UFO fix on our Windows 8 devices. For UFO’s like they say, we’ve got an app for that. Aliens App is a good recommendation if you’re entertained by a good UFO and Conspiracy Theory stories. You should take what you read with a grain of Salt though. Not every sparkle in the sand is diamond as the saying goes. You can catch the latest news and sightings via this App. Here is the full description from the Store:

Get the latest news, videos, and pictures on UFO’s! Daily updates on what’s happening around the world. News that regular TV stations don’t want you to see!

News, Photos, Videos, information, links, and much more.






Well, if UFO stories is your thing, now is the time to get this free app. Download via the link below.

Source: Windows Store

Ex US Air Force Officers come clean on UFOs surveys of Nuke sites

Yes you heard it right. We now have confirmation that we are constantly under surveillance by higher beings who are concerned with our tinkering with nuclear matters. They shut down severally Nukes in US and Moscow bases.
See for yourselves the briefing:

Given this information, is it not time for governments all over the world to come clean on status. If we are at threat, they have to inform us. And they don’t have to worry about us losing our Faith. If you loose your faith because of Alien beings, then you are not worthy of that faith.