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Our buddy site released their first Metro App into the Store a while back, I have been wanting to give a shout-out but couldn’t find the time. The App is a companion app to the main site, bringing you up-to-date stories of all things Tech in general and all things Microsoft in particular. If you’ve been following Richard’s quality high volume tweets on @WinObs, you would know he is a One-Stop-Shop for all the news you’ll ever need stay on top Technology happenings. So we welcome this App in the Windows Store. If you don’t believe us, believe these few Reviewers from the store:


Here is how @WinObs described the app in the Store with a few screenshots:


Keeping an eye on Windows, other things tech and home of the Observed Tech PODCAST.


Keep up with the latest news from and the Observed Tech PODCAST

Easily bookmark your favorite stories for future reference

Join the discussion by commenting on any stories directly from the app





Download this app right away to keep up to date with latest Technology News all over the world. Download this app now from the Store via the following source link.

Source: Windows Store

Announcing Tech Magnet in the Store


Here is another awesome app in the Store to the joy of all Tech Enthusiasts around the World. The App aggregates all technology news into one manageable app. Read Article tidbits, dive-in to detailed in-app browser article, read reviews on any imaginable tech category. This app have you covered. Again, this is not an RSS reader but an aggregator of curated tech news. Here is the description from the Store:

Interested in IT news?
Tech Magnet is an application which aims to provide user with the latest news from various IT news sources and web pages. It collects news data using RSS feeds and forms it in a structured and easy reading way.
The application collects data from bunch of popular IT news pages / sources:
Engadget, Gizmodo, Mashable, All Things Digital, Anand Tech,, Apple Insider, Ars Technica, Bits, CNET, Digital Trends, IntoMobile, Lifehacker, Technology Tell, PCWorld, TechCrunch, Computer World, Boy Genius Report, Electronista, I4U News, AAWP, Windows Phone Central and many more to come.

News reading
Various news sources
Snap View
Share Contract
Pin individual news source
Reading in offline mode


This app is another attestation of what a individual Dev. can achieve if they set their mind to it. Nicely done indeed. You can download the app now via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Windows Store App Feature: Server PosterPedia


Another App that is worth a mention in the Store is “Server PosterPedia”. This is an app pure for the Geeks and Troubleshooters amongst us. The app shows you all the internal workings of all your server software as published by Microsoft. Thanks Martin McClean for bringing this gem to the community, and making it Free. As you can see, the app has been rated by 6 people and all at solid 5 Stars. I will shortly join them and add my own 6-Stars, 5 for the app and one for Martin himself. When you are struggling with Microsoft Technology, its apps like this that makes a difference. Here are a few excerpts from the Store:


Server Posterpedia is an interactive app that uses technical posters as a reference for  understanding Microsoft technologies.

As you can see, concise and directly to the point. Don’t waste time, add this gem to your toolbox. Download in the Store via the following Source Link.

Source: Windows Store

WPDownUnder App is in the Store


There is a party going on Down Under, and its for Windows Phone users. WPDownUnder site has just released their app into the Store. Now our OZ friends with tablets can enjoy their favorite site on the go in glorious panoramic view of Windows 8 Metro UI. Here is the app description direct from the Store:

App Home screen.

An article being viewed in the app.

Share any article with apps that have the sharing option enabled.

Now you can read WPDownUnder, Australia’s top Windows Phone dedicated site, on a larger screen with the official Windows 8 app from Handiware.
Whether you are an Aussie Developer, Windows Phone owner or Retailer – WPDownUnder is an essential site with helpful resources, analysis and information on all things Windows Phone Down Under.
The app allows you to see the latest articles, comments, tweets and more on the go.

View and comment on the latest Articles
Read comments from others on the latest Articles
Search WPDownUnder using the Search Charm
Share Articles using the Share charm
Get notifications and tile updates when a new Article is published

What are you waiting for? Get this free app via this link now:

Source: Windows 8 Store

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Ping for Windows 8 is in the Store


Another great app that deserve a mention in this blog is Ping. A networking tool that most of us will find useful in our toolbox. The app afford you the opportunity to keep an eye on the performance of your Servers and Hosts. You can see their average availability in simple graphical form. Jujuba, the software vendor says they made actual TCP/IP connection to the hosts instead of the usual ICMP that is being blocked these days. I guess I’ll let Jujuba quote their own words:




Ping lets you test TCP/IP connection quality between your computer and servers both on local network and the Internet. Rather than using ICMP that is blocked by many firewalls, Jujuba Software Ping actually establishes TCP/IP connection and exchanges data with the server to measure packet loss percentage and round-trip time accurate to 0.01 milliseconds. Ping works great on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It allows you to ping several hosts at the same time and displays data in highly visual and intuitive manner.

This is another gem for your toolbox, and what’s more, it is Free as the air, so go get it via this link:

AOL’s Engadget Official App is in the Store


Hell must be freezing over ladies and gentlemen. Engadget beats everybody else to the Windows 8 Store? I was expecting to to see the likes of The Verge of Gizmodo to hit the Store earlier than Engadget since they are relatively Microsoft friendlier. And for those of you that are saying Windows 8 is going to be a failure, here you have the prove, even AOL believes in Microsoft now. Anyways I digress.

This Engadget App is a quality app bringing all the Engagdet universe together in one beautiful app. They made very good use of the Panoramic feature of Windows 8 Metro. It is really nice reading Engadget Reviews with this format. Yours truly have tested the app, and I like it what I am seeing. Hopefully they’ll continue to refine it and add more features as Windows 8 matures.

The following is the description of the App from the Store:


Engadget brings you obsessive daily coverage on gadgets & consumer electronics.
Engadget is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. Engadget’s team of expert editors and columnists cover the world of consumer electronics with unmatched passion and an obsessive attention to detail. From the latest smartphone news, to reviews and hands-on looks at laptops, HDTVs, gaming, and more, Engadget brings you all the tech news you need.

What’s included


Read Engadget Articles

View and listen to Engadget Media (Videos, Galleries, Podcasts)

Download the app from the following link directly:

Technology in Education

One of the big things being talked about in America’s South-East is technology in schools. Well, lucky as I am I attend one of the many schools that has invested majorly into brand new technology along with a new school. As my Class will be the first to go through every “class” in the school. So, a major class to take to learn about this new technology is “Broadcasting & Video Production”. As a very “technology informed” person I jumped right to the opportunity to take the class and has ended up being able to “direct” my peers in the way of running daily news shows and overseeing the overall accomplishments as what we do as a class. Well, as I stated earlier a big part of this class is the technology behind the show and the editing of our video. Sadly not all the “necessary” parts came in until about 1 week before the 2nd Qtr. started but we’ve about got most of it down. Now, onto the most important part. Within the next upcoming day I’ll be posting some stuff on here about how we use this Technology, etc. and show you a few clips from our daily news program which will now be featuring some things from Techtronica on it. Technology in the classroom contains everything from HD Panasonic Cameras, Green Screen, and a powerful Tri-Caster. Check back Tuesday and Wednesday for more! As the week goes on I will be comparing cons and pros of the new systems in our educational labs and classrooms.

[review pros=”TBA” cons=”TBA” score=100]

Verizon’s Elmination Chamber

Ever since Verizon announced the release of their iPhone 4 there have been many remarkable changes in the cell phone industry. Today, Verizon made another game changing decision. As of April 17, Verizon users will no longer have the option of a one year contract.

Customers who opted for the one-year contract were still able to purchase new equipment at a discount, albeit a lesser discount than the subsidized two-year agreements.

Another widely discussed objective about the new plan is that there will be a monthly plan for $50.00 which includes unlimited texting and minutes. Data will not be included in the package, but will be (reportedly) $30.00 per month for an unlimited plan.

Internet Access: Yours, Mine & Egypt’s

Nation in crisis! Egypt has attempted to block all Internet connections, coming both in and out of their nation. Well guess what everyone? That is still impossible, but I do give credit to Egypt for trying. I understand there has been all of this talk about how the USA could do the same but they can’t.

Egypt’s attempt to do so has failed to an extent also, seeing how you cannot shut off satellite Internet. So, what did Egypt do? Egypt’s government has what is called a “hub” it is like a gate between you and the actual Internet. Yes, they closed it but you can’t do that to everyone and like I said earlier, there is still satellite Internet.

Let me give you a little bit of information on this controversy. The Internet used to be ran off of what some refer to as “the Internet backbone.” The government had it and it pretty much managed all the Internet activity in the USA, but that was when it was first invented. Welcome to the new Internet! The Internet is now running off of individual servers. With that being said, every person in the nation would have to literally turn off their servers to get the Internet to actual shut down. So all of these images in your mind of the president of the United States sitting in his oval office flipping the Internet on/off button just see what it does, can be erased. Final thoughts are these:

  • Egypt has somewhat failed at shutting down the Internet.
  • There is still satellite Internet in Egypt.
  • You would have to turn off your Internet (literally) -or- your Internet Service Providers would have to be shut down to have the Internet to even become close to “off.”
  • There is satellite Internet in the USA too, so don’t worry.

The Perspective of technology: The Future


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The future of technology, well… its what you think on this, so I’m going to do something a little different. I’m gonna say what I think and I want you to say what is your opinion on what is the future of technology… I think twitter is the future. I think at some point they could add video and picture that would make it even cooler. People need to be connected. Twitter does that. If twitter was to die… I think there would be panic… So… this is the last of the series. What do you think about the future of technology? What will happen?