AppSwitch–That Awesome App for Platform Switchers just got better.


Wow! An awesome update just dropped in the Store for AppSwitch. For those of you that doesn’t know, AppSwith is the app to make you switching to Microsoft platform from competing platforms as painless as possible. the App suggests easy replacements for your dearly beloved Apps on iOS and Android platforms. Have you already switched, and you’ve found some awesome replacement in the Store, you can also suggest in this current version to app developers.

This update includes GUI improvements to make features easily accessible. Visual cues everywhere to aid discoverability. In-app Store, better Snapped View support, better Search Charm support etc etc. The improvements are just too much to mention here. What’s more, the app is still free despite these awesomeness but you need to bear with non-intrusive Ads of course.

Use the main menu to browse matches and featured apps.

Browse latest, popular and top rated.

Found a great replacement? Why not share it?

Help to make this app greater by suggesting  your discovery to the Devs.

Download now in the store via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store

AppSwitch Updates in the Store with more Features!


AppSwitch updates with more awesome features and bug fixes:

Release notes
– Added support for BlackBerry devices
– Receive toast notifications and live tile updates when new matches become available
– Icon, logo and app UI refresh
– Search bug fixed!


App Description:
With AppSwitch for Windows 8, it’s easy to find replacement apps for those you have on your Apple iOS, Google Android or BlackBerry device. Just search for your old app and be presented with a list of alternative apps available for Windows 8. With built in notifications and live tiles, if you don’t find quite what you’re looking for, you can be alerted when a new match becomes available without even opening the app.
If you have any feedback, good or bad, then please email us:
Find us on Twitter:

Coming from other platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry)? This is the app to get. Download in the store via the source link here below.

Source: Windows Store

AppSwitch is here for Switchers to Windows 8


[Update 2012-10-11: The Developers of this App (AppSwitch) wants your help to make this app better by proposing App Matches on their site: So if you are a user of other platforms and you’ve come across a similar or better replacement in the Store, you now have the opportunity to let the world know. Also if you are an App Developer and you’ve created something to blow the similar apps on other platforms away, you now have the opportunity to submit your app name to AppSwitch site. You will need to provide the 300×300 Logo of your app for proper display in AppSwitch. So come on people, lets make the Windows platform a welcoming platform by helping our Switchers with good apps recommendations.]

Are you a fervent user of iOS or Android devices and is being captivated by our Precious Microsoft Surface? Here is something to get you started and kill your nostalgia dead on their tracks. AppSwitch is to help you identify equivalents of your favorite programs on those other platforms in Windows 8. Looking for a replacement for TweetDeck? We’ve got FlipToast or TweeTRO. Looking for replacement for Splashtop on iOS, we’ve got Splashtop too for Win8, and so on, and so forth. Here’s according to AppSwitch in the Store:

Have you recently moved to a Windows 8 device but can’t find your favorite apps? Use AppSwitch to find Windows 8 replacements for all of your favorite apps on Google Android or Apple iOS.
Browse  latest, popular and top rated matches or search for your favorite app and see if it’s available. Don’t worry if it’s not as you might find an even better app!
App discovery just got easy.
Visit the AppSwitch website for more info!

Find Windows 8 apps that similar to apps on iOS and Android
Browse latest, popular and top rated matches


So, now you know. Your switchover doesn’t have to be a pain. You’ve got a friend with AppSwitch, and we from the Community of Windows 8 Super Users have your back definitely!

Curious? Download the app right via the Source link here below.

Source: Windows Store