KinectHealth App hit the Store for your Health


Microsoft has published 4 Cool Apps in the Store from the @Demo Conference that just took place in San Francisco. One of this app is KinectHealth. An app that is dedicated to your health by making use of Camera and accelerometer technology in your mobile devices. A quick correction for what most of you might be thinking. This app has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Kinect. It’s a funny thing MS allowed the use of this name as it is a trademark. But that’s another story entirely. I can envision somewhere in the future when this app will be able to make use of the real Kinect for Windows device. I guess it’s a forward looking app in this case. Anyways, here is the full description from the Store:


Virtual fitness studio with dozens of workouts.  Find the right workout, track your progress with the webcam and workout with friends.  You will find warm up, beginner, advanced and cool down exercises in this unique app which uses your webcam to keep track of your workout intensity.


Webcam tracking to track calories

Track number of sessions, calories burned and more

Workout with friends

Good for all levels of fitness

You definitely need to give this app a try if you are needing encouragement to start a fitness program. It comes loaded with Workout videos and if you have buddy you guys can train together as you can read. What’s more, this app is free of charge for now.

Download the app now in the Store via the following link.

Source: Windows Store

The ESPN App Updates with more awesomeness & ADs.


That raving popular ESPN App has just updated in the Store! Now brings more Awesomeness:

Release notes

– ScoreCenter: Easier access to upcoming and past games
– Team club house scores navigation enhancements
– Addition of Semantic Zoom in all sections of the app
– Quicker app response time and navigation
– Improved user login
– Addition of ads

Unfortunately you have to deal with ADs now. Hopefully they’ll give you option to buy the App and escape the ADs clutch.

Download now from the Store.

NCAA Football 13: Game Review




Continuing my previous posts of; “NCAA Football 13: Innovation or Needed Renovation?” and “NCAA Football 2013: An Insider’s Look” I’ve decided to do a review after 5 months. NCAAF13 was one of the most anticipated releases of the year and in my opinion one of the largest changes users have seen since the gaming industry released their first High-Definition game. Some of the positives about the game include the new commentating featured by Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, live recorded in-game sounds for more realistic gaming, exact stadium layouts, and more. Continue reading

The Official Ferrari Magazine App is in the Store


Here is something for all Grease Monkeys and Sport Cars Lovers out there. Ferrari brings the Official Magazine App to the Store. If you love Sport cars in general and Ferrari in particular, you’ll need to get this app. I don’t even need to describe the app to you as Ferrari SPA gave a detailed description in the Store themselves as follows:

Ferraris, arts, culture, fashion, lifestyle: the entire world of Ferrari lovers at your fingertips.
The Ferrari Magazine is completely unique in that it combines the authentic voice of Ferrari, its models, secrets and sporting achievements past and present, with the writings of renowned international journalists on a broad range of different subjects. However, one of the main reasons for the Magazine’s huge popularity is that each issue focuses on a different theme. Signs, language, colours, style, technology and boldness, are just some of the strands used to draw together the subjects that make each and every new Ferrari Magazine unique.
Just like the end-of-year issue which continues the Ferrari Yearbook tradition. For just €10.99, you’ll enjoy 100 extra pages – that’s 280 rather than the usual 180 – which include an account of Luca di Montezemolo’s two decades as chairman told to journalists in his own words, a story of 20 years of superbly intuitive and farsighted decision-making that produced unprecedented success across the board. And, of course, as the year is ending, we also bring you an analysis of the racing season too.
The Official Ferrari Magazine’s editorial team and management are in Maranello but work on each issue with a team from prestige publisher Condé Nast in London (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Ad, GQ, Wired, etc.). Despite being a publication that does, of course, focus on Ferrari’s cars, the Magazine also embraces culture, art, fashion and trends, giving its own unique take on the whole lifestyle concept from the viewpoint of Ferrari enthusiasts.





So, there you have it. At least if we can’t afford the Ferrari cars, we can at least afford to  gawk and dream about them Smile. Download the app now for Free in the Store via the Source Link here below.

Source: Windows Store

ESPN Crickinfo – Keep in Touch with Latest Cricket Scores and News

ESPN Crickinfo 1

Before the official debut of the ESPN’s main app on Windows 8, we had another app by ESPN dedicated to the Cricket sport. I, for one, love cricket; so this app is a blessing. ESPN Crickinfo lets you stay in touch with the latest Cricket scores and news. You can even view game schedule and watch highlights from previous games. The only thing that’s missing is actual live games that you are able to watch on the ESPN3 website. I am still holding out for an ESPN3 app that also allows me to play to my HD TV using DLNA. But for now, we have this!


November 26, 2012: we’re aware of the slow-loading issues affecting some (not all) of you, and we’re actively working on it. We should have a fix in place very soon – we’ll update this page when we have more news.

The ESPN Cricinfo Windows 8 app provides comprehensive coverage of cricket from around the world from With live ball-by-ball scoring, comprehensive news, features and editorial content, it’s the most beautiful way yet to follow cricket.

Coming soon: push notifications for wickets and results.


Ball-by-ball live scoring of cricket matches from around the world.

Breaking news, previews and match reports keep you up-to-date with the latest in the sport.

Feature articles providing opinion, in-depth analysis, tributes, profiles and much more from ESPN Cricinfo’s global team of writers.

Download now from the Windows Store: ESPN Cricinfo. You can follow @McAkins and me, @NazmusLabs, on Twitter.

The Official NASCAR Racing App now in the Store


NASCAR is officially in the Store for the pleasure of those of you into racing. I knew they were coming as Microsoft mentioned them a while back. Now the wait is over, and the app is worth the wait too. The App brings you the best of NASCAR, news, events, videos and schedules. See who won which race real-time. Here is the description from the Store:

The Official NASCAR App for Windows 8 desktop and tablet offers all of the basic features and functionality that the NASCAR fan would want on race day including News, Video, Driver Standings and Race Schedules. Get up-to-the minute news from around NASCAR about your favorite driver and upcoming events for the 2013 NASCAR season. Download the Official NASCAR App for Windows 8 and you’re covered through the checkered flag!

The fan will have access to the most recent news and media around NASCAR and the sport of stock car racing.
Be sure to check the schedule to keep up with the 2013 Sprint Cup Series

Sprint Cup News
News Article

So this news of NASCAR app got your heart thumping, don’t wait any longer, go download now for free, via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Air Soccer Fever Updates in the Store with lots of Enhancements.


Our friends from Dangling Concepts has also released an enormous update to their Air Soccer Fever App in the Store, bringing a lot of enhancements to the App, and adding Portrait and Snapped mode play. Now you can play your buddy in Brazil while you keep an eye on your Stocks Tickers Smile. Or start a tournament in the Office for those boring hours. Here’s the release notes from the Store:

Release notes
1. Fixed a bug where app wont start when offline
2. Added 3 multiplayer servers for better performance
3. Added local multiplayer feature over WLAN or WiFi
4. Added local Tournament mode
5. Now you can change your player name for multiplayer mode
6. In addition to swipe, now support a new input method (Press/Click) for players who would like to play with Keyboard & Mouse. Just press the player number on keyboard and click anywhere with mouse to shoot. Player number display can be switched on/off from settings


Download this work of art now from the Store.

[Update: 2012-11-29] I have just been informed by @Danglingneuron, the author of the App, that he has released a Beta of the App unto the Android platform. Now you can play your friends also on Android devices. Awesome! So go tell your friends on Android and get to show them why we on the Windows platform own their base.

Source: Windows Store

The Official ESPN App is now in the Store


Finally, the long awaited ESPN App arrives in the Store! It took a long time coming since Microsoft demoed the App during the launch of Windows 8, and I have been keeping an eye on it since for its debut. As you can see it has already garnered 45 ratings at almost 5 Stars. The App comes packed as can be expected, and all you Sport Lovers around the world will appreciate the details put into this App. For a functional MX App, it comes in at almost 15Mb, then you know it comes with kitchen and sink. Here is how ESPN described the app from the Store:

The ESPN app for Windows 8, offered on desktop and tablet, provides sports fans with all the things they love about ESPN in a single place.  Get up- to- the -minute scores, news, and analysis for all your favorite teams, leagues, and players.  Access rich, in depth content from the leader in sports.     Download the ESPN app for Windows 8 for a deeper sports experience than ever before!

Access a completely personalized experience that syncs with your myESPN account
Follow breaking news, and get real time scoring alerts and updates through live tiles and deep pinning.
Get expanded game views that provide in-depth game coverage.
Listen to your favorite ESPN podcasts including Mike and Mike, PTI with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser and The BS Report with Bill Simmons.
Stay informed with comprehensive editorial content from ESPN The Magazine.
Share your favorite news and video highlights with your friends!


The App is available for download now, so please go right ahead and download it via the source below.

Source: Windows Store

NCAA Football 2013: An Insider’s Look

EA Sports held a special presentation to preview the sights and sounds of the 2013 version of NCAA Football.

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 marked a milestone in EA Sports as they revealed to the public a preview of the sights and sounds of their new version of NCAA Football. Featuring on this year’s cover will be Robert Griffin III, but there’s a catch. Not only will the Baylor QB be featured on the front page of EA Sports top seller but so will either Herschel Walker or Barry Sanders. Both of these athletes were voted to be in the top 2 of the vote and now the world most vite between the two. Continue reading

Techletics- The Tech in Your Sport

Technology has come a long way in sports. At one point we all remember the classic movies of a kid standup on top of “billboard-like” fixture with a chalkboard attached to it writing and erasing points, etc. Well ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Techletics Age. [Yes, that’s right I just made up a new word] Technology has evolved so much in sports the past 20-20 years it is almost unimaginable to anyone older than 40. [No offense :] For the past few years of my life I’ve always done scoreboard for local football and basketball games. Any part of technology related to sports I’ve taken part in maintaing at some point. I’m used to ElectroMech’s usual scoreboard but this year I got a bit of surprise. Our local high school recently has relocated to their brand new facilities. Everything from the Video Production room to the gym has brand new technology that for a technology lover [like myself] is a dream come true.  The new addition to the brand new gymnasium was a stat board. [Seen below]

As you can see this board looks pretty simple and straight to the point. Well, when you sign up for something that most people don’t know [or want] to know how to do you might end up with the short end of the stick… This board was painfully hard to work due to almost never being caught up. You have to change players by who is “active” in the game all on the board shown below.

Another addition to the school is a brand new sound system. No offense to the old Habersham Central High School but it was getting a nice age on the sound system and building overall… The sound system can be ran from almost anywhere in the gym. I usually run music and if I have to say so myself it is one of the best sounding gymnasiums I have ever heard blare music. Great facility along with great staff. Without this technology we’d still be keeping stats on paper and clock, score and major variables in this game would be vary hard to know from a spectator’s point of view.

To see more on technology in sports including the filming software used please click here for our Hudl App & Software Review.

Hudl [App & Software Review]


One of the many things I love covering here at Techtronica is sports. For a long time know I’ve been wanting to do a review not only on Hudl itself but I’ve been waiting for Hudl to release their App to the public on the Apple App Store. The time opened up for me to do this on November 15th, 2011. I’ve given the app some time to fix the starting flaws and now I’m starting the review:

Hudl has involved not only football, but basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and many other sports. So what exactly does Hudl do? Hudl stores a team’s film online for only coaches and players to view with an account login. Coaches have the ability to give other coaches accounts, give players accounts and give parents access to their athlete’s account if wanted. Hudl just doesn’t store your film either. Coaches have the ability to break down film into plays by down, yards gained, type of play, result of play, play name, and defensive formations. Players also have some major benefits by using the software as well. Once coaches register their players into their roster they can enter in tons of valuable information about the player including Height, Weight, Awards, Other Activties, Academic Info, Weight Room stats and much more. Not only does Hudl allow for the players to be recognized by their coaches, it allows for major colleges and recruiters to see their stats and all the information that I already listed above. Coaches can choose whether or not to share highlights with the public or only allow coaches and registered recruiters to do so. Another huge thing for football teams is not only just one angle of film but multiple. Hudl allows you to upload film instantly, Replay off camcorder, Import from DVD and about any other way you can think of.

One of the things I absolutley love about Hudl is the way the stats are set up. Once you enter in stats like Down, Distance, Yard Line, yards to go, yards gained, who carried the ball, who threw the ball, who caught the ball, [general stuff like that] it will also appear on “reports”. Reports are coach-created documents that show general stats that look just as professional as somethign you’d see on ESPN. Once these reports are finalized they can be shared with the players if the coaches choose to do so. Once this is done players can go straight to the report and click on a ceratin stat and it will show all the plays related to that stat. Don’t understand that? Will here’s an example:

*Say Kevin Ellison has 2,123 rushing yards on the season, 235 of 403 passes completed, 3 INT’s and 28 TD’s. If you were to go to the report page and click on that 28 under TD’s you would be lead to every play Ellison has scored on. Sweet right?

As Hudl likes to say, “You’re in good company” and guess what? They’re not lying. Teams like Boise State, Oregon, Michigan, Nebreska and NFL tems like the New York Jets. They’ve been talked about by about everyone, this is including; The New York Times, ESPN, and The Washington Post.

As a videographer and film manager for our local high school I can personally say Hudl has not only saved us time but saved as the pain of video editing. [Another one of Hudl’s catch phrases; “Video Editing Sucks”. I say Amen to that now. One thing that really stuck out to me about Hudl was the support team’s quick response time. It was my first year doing videography for the football team and we had some simple problem. I called Hudl’s support line number and was answered within about 20 seconds of making the call. When the guy answered me my first reaction was like, “Holy cow! I’m talking to a real person!”. That’s just another reason Hudl is on top of the food chain. Hudl is among the top ranks of the most inovative software in this current century. Prices are low for the software and can range anywhere from a price range for a youth football team to an NFL team budget. If they keep it up they’ll have everyone else out of business.

Below is the actual App Review that I decided to do on Hudl’s new iOS App. Keep in mind that not only do they have an App on the Apple App Store but also on the Android Market also. Like I said. They’re taking over. I’d like to end on this note: Video editing sucks. Buy Hudl and you’ll not only be supported by the best but you’re always going to feel like the best.

[review pros=”Free on the App Store, Low price of actual software,Ability to download playlists directly to your device, Immediate access through logging in using your email & password, Mutliple Angles Allowed, Ability to sort by categories, Devices- iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android ” cons=”Cannot Play or Create Highlights, Cannot edit player profiles, No support information within App ” score=90]