Facebook is Finally Rolling Out Timeline to Everyone! [UPDATE: Roll Out Has Commenced!]

According to the facebook’s official blog, facebook will finally start rolling out its new, hot, feature called Timeline, to everyone. Facebook said that they started enabling timeline for everyone in New Zeland yesterday, December 7, and will roll it out globally in the “near future”.

Facebook, in their blog, also mentions that “over a million people have signed up for the developer beta to access Timeline.” Now, that’s a good sign that it is going to be a good update. I, personally, love this feature, and, perhaps, you will/do too!

If you haven’t seen or heard about the new timeline, go here to see a preview. It will demo almost everything you will need to know about timeline.

[UPDATE:] Facebook has now rolled out the timeline view to everyone. If you still haven’t gotten it for one reason or another, Mashable has guide to help you out. Click here for it.

When/Why Did You Join Twitter? [Question]

While we already covered the question in the form of an online tool, it’s an interesting question to ask the users of one of the largest social networks in existence. Many people have different stories and reasons for joining Twitter. Some to catch up on news and others to create and spread news. So the question remains. When did you join Twitter? And if you can, please share with us why you chose to do so. Looking forward to your responses!

Google+ Invites, Like A Leaky Sink, Trickle Out

It’s open! It’s closed. It’s open! It’s closed. Seems like Google can’t make up its mind, huh? This happens to be the same sentiments that many anxious denizens of the Internet echo. As of last week, the floodgates burst open as invites flew left and right until the invite system for Google+ was shut down. Then shortly thereafter, determined people took advantage of an exploit found in Google+ so that they to could join in the new social network. But alas, that was closed soon after. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

There has been chatter on Twitter and various other tech sites that Google+ invites are being sent out in short bursts. So if you happen to have an invite, but haven’t been able to get in, now would be a good time to see if you can get in. There is no way of knowing when exactly Google+ opens or shuts the door, but we do know they have been doing so. Your best bet is to keep trying the Google+ door to see if it’ll open for you. Head on over to plus.google.com to find out.

Must Join Betas

Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but here on Techtronica we’ve spiced up some betas for you to join. Including Google + and Pokki.

Lets start with the newest!

Test Gmail’s new look!


To test this new look navigate to the gear 

Click Mail Settings

Click Themes on on the Setting bar

Scroll to the bottom and click on one one the Preview themes


Next Beta, Pokki

Pokki mentioned in the other post is an app store for windows.

Pokki was recently released and is in beta. There is basically no instructions to get it. All you need to do is go to Pokki and download the software. There you go! Your testing Pokki.


Finnaly the one you most familiar with is being mentioned.

No download is required. Just simply head over to plus.google.com. Sometimes the sign up service might be shut down because they only let a few in at a time.

If your in good!

Otherwise wait until it opens again.


Brett Got iOS 5 & He’s Gonna Show You How To Use It!

You can get iOS 5 for your self HERE for just 10.00!

First off Brett starts by showing the new app “Reminders

The picture below show the Techtronica Post To-Dos

Reminders, Check



Brett has completed a task! He’s just checked off an item!

Reminders, Check

The new iOS has a Notification Bar in it! Lets check it out!

Brett completed another task! Lets check it off before there is any duplicates!

Let see… Whats Next? Alright i’ll show the keyboard!

So your holding your iPad right side up or landscape mode.


“Almost got the G.. Ugh! Cant reach!!!!

Oh yeah, Split the keyboard!!”


Wait! Brett completed another task!

Lets mark it off!


Lets do….. Safari Features.

The new feature “Reader” Gathers the Body text and removes the clutter, Not that there is clutter on Techtronica!

Now without reader you most likely zoomed in, but that didnt help either. So lets screen shot that

“iOS5 is currently being developed at the writing of this pos”. UGH *scroll*


Hey! No sidebar! Hey no Header! “I’m a big reader now” He He. Get it big READER now. Reader is the pro- You know what forget it.

Any how. I want to read this later.

Now when I open it up on my iPod running iOS 5 it will be there!

Safari Features is finished… let me check it off

There is a new tab in the app store like the android market, Purchased. The new tab makes it easier to see and find your apps


Now with the new OS you can Tweet any Safari Page, Photo, or Youtube Video

Lets try a pic first

Now Lets Tweet it.

Now the finished product!

Well thats me using iOS 5 on the iPad.

Now its your turn to get it for you iDevice. www.getiosbeta.com

Without A Google+ Invite? We Can Help [UPDATE: Exploit Closed]

Due to an overwhelmed Google with people flocking in from left and right, the invite system has been shut down to Google+ …or has it? An exploit has been discovered allowing more people to be invited to the new social networking site. Follow the instructions below to see learn how.

  1. Create a circle called invite.
  2. Add people who have Gmail accounts to it.
  3. Create a post and address it to only the invite circle.
  4. Those people should now get an email asking them to sign up for Google+

So there you have it. The next question that remains is how long will it be before Google discovers this? Only time will tell. So hurry!

An update to this story, click here

SOURCE: The Next Web

George Hotz – The Sony Hacker: Where he landed

Try the hacker world. George Hotz, 21, isn’t only the young man responsible for unlocking the iPhone in 2007, but he’s also been named as Sony’s public enemy #1 when he blogged instructions for how to install third party software on the PlayStation 3.

The resulting lawsuit against Hotz is, in fact, what made hacker group Anonymous go after Sony in the first place, which eventually ended up costing them $24 billion in damages though the two parties reportedly settled out of court.

In 2008, PC World named him one of their “Top 10 Overachievers Under 21” for being the first person to crack Apple’s iPhone.

Now, he’s landed a job as a software engineer at Facebook where he’s been working since May to help them develop its long-anticipated iPad app.

A previous Forbes report stated that Hotz once wanted to be a neuroscientist to “hack” the brain, and he’s also been courted by other considerably powerful tech companies, even working at Google


Google+ Revealed!

Earlier this evening, I was able to get my hands on a rare invite to Google+ thanks to an individual in an Android Police comment thread on Facebook. So I took fast to Chrome to check out this new Google marvel and this is what I was greeted with:

Google+ landing page after logging in

Google+ has a very polished landing page with links leading you to invite friends to the experience among other functions. Personally, I love the simplicity Google designed the site with. It’s not hard to find anything at all. But of course + has just been rolled out, so who knows what can happen. After all this is Google we’re talking about here, right?

The Photos section on Google+

The photo area is another work of simplicity. All you do is throw up your photos. You have the options to tag them, title them, and comment on them as well. According to the sidebar on the left-hand side, you can distinguish where photos come from with categories.

The ever so popular Circles page

Here is where things get interesting. Since the taking of the screenshot above, I have added more friends to my Circles. You can add friends to different categories according to your relationship with them. This is better than Facebook where you’re basically forced to group all your friends together.

This is the profile page

Hopefully when you get into Google+, your profile page won’t stay like this. I’ll get to customizing this later. This page is what will distinguish you from all the other + users.Here people can learn a little about you by looking at your bio, check to see what you last +1’d and what you recently Buzz’d. Of course you’ll be able to see what the particular posted on their account in the way of statuses.

Well that was just a small taste of what Google+ looks like. We’d like to hear about your experience on the site if you were able to get in. As a little seasoning, Google+ has been labeled as the Facebook killer. Do you agree with that? As always, leave your comments below!

So What’s Google+ Anyway?


So what is Google+ anyway? Many people have been pondering this question since it has been announced/released (a VERY small release.) Well, we’re here to help give you an idea on what it is. We’ve scoured the Internet and came upon a YouTube video by none other than Lamar Wilson, better know as Wilsontech1. With satire and merriment, he gives us a glimpse at his understanding.


April Fools on the Internet


This April fools day I have decided to cover what several sites are going to do this April 1st.

Let’s begin with YouTube:

To start off , the biggest change that caused twitter to explode early Friday morning was the new logo. The logo was YouTube’s logo had it been in 1911.


The second biggest change, that wasn’t talked about a lot, was what they did with the videos. They added a button that was light brown and when you pushed it it muted the sound, turned the video black and white, and played silent film style music. So while you were watching the video you had a sort of feeling that you were transported back to the 1900’s.


As more websites begin to get on to the boat for April fools day I will edit this post to add those sites. If by chance more sites do not do anything for April fools then this post will be the final version. I guess we will wait and see and I hope that you will wait with me. With that I hope that you guys have a great April (fools) 1st and hope that you are successful in your joke endeavors.

(If you find a joke that I might miss then please post it in the comments or email me. Thanks.)

Happy Birthday To Twitter! …Belated Anyway

Huzzah! Happy birthday to Twitter (which ended about 10 minutes ago at the time this post was written, 12:10AM EST)! I know, I’m a little late on the jubilation, but what does it matter? Twitter is now 5 years old!

Yes the social media micro-blogging giant has, in fact, chalked another year up of its existence. Right now Twitter is hanging on to 190+ million users with more coming in daily. That’s a far cry from where it was back in the olden days.  There was one question on many people’s minds today. What was the first tweet?

Well the UK’s The Guardian was able to derive an answer about who wrote it. According to their post, Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey was the one to send the first tweet. To find out what it was, I headed over to Dorsey’s account (@jack) to see. The tweet simply said,

just setting up my twttr

And there you have it folks. History was made.

Today, Twitter sits high and looks low with billions of tweets coming and going everyday. And for the forseable future, Twitter doesn’t have much in competition…for now.

Anyway, happy birthday Twitter! may your tweets forever be abundant and your Fail Whale far and distant from our screens.

Chris Pirillo: A Retweet In Every Pot

If there was ever a time to be active on Twitter, it was last night. Internet celebrity and entrepreneur, Chris Pirillo, went on a retweet rampage. In case you don’t know who Chris is, he is a former TechTV host and is the founder of Lockergnome blogging network. If you follow Chris on Twitter, then you know it is next to impossible to get a mention (let alone a retweet) from him. But that changed last night.

Twitter became a madhouse around late last night with Chris shooting retweets to those who mentioned him. As soon as I saw all the commotion, I decided to jump on the band wagon to see if I could earn my 15 minutes of fame. So I spent at least a half hour, if not more, pounding out my best material (including Chris’ @chrispirillo Twitter handle of course) to see if I could earn the right to have the lockergnome retweet me.

Every time I blasted a tweet his way, I waited anxiously staring at my timeline whizzing by to see if that tweet would be the one to cross Pirillo’s path. One after another after another, nothing. I even tuned into his live stream to see what he was doing not answering my tweets. He was staring at his screen, laughing his butt off at all of the tweets directed at him. He laughed so hard he actually fell out of his chair.

By this time many people were questioning his sanity, wondering if his Twitter account was hacked, and even went to the extreme thinking he was using some sort of auto retweet app. But this tweet from him after the chaos cleared that notion up:

Getting slightly frustrated because of this, I started ranting about I was not getting any retweet love from Chris. All those tweets that he sees and he doesn’t even catch one of mine? Fellow Twitter followers that had yet to get a retweet soon joined in with me and we sang one sad song…then it happened.

I had finally struck oil! Not really of course, but you get what I mean. I had finally received my first retweet from Chris. for a moment I even thought I heard angels rejoicing, but I quickly realized that it was my noisy laptop fan. I could finally chalk this one up with tweets from @katarmstrong, @kellyhclay, and a tweet I later received from @scobleizer (a follow soon came from him as well.) Still waiting on a few others though.

Speaking of Robert Scoble. Because of Chris’ rampage, he ended up donating $200 to the Red Cross to help with efforts in the New Zealand earthquake aftermath. Way to go!

It goes without saying that it was a good way to end my night. If you missed out, then you missed what may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Though you never can predict what Chris Pirillo will do next. Keep you eyes open!


As a bonus, here are some of my non-winning retweets (as well as some of the images from above)  for you viewing pleasure ;)



Nike Kicks With Some Internet Flare

Ever wanted to have any type of clothing with you favorite Inter net service on it? Well it’s here and it’s for your feet. Brass Monki has been known to specially design and customize shoes, but this time around they’re looking to hit those web heads with a fashion sense. He created Twitter, Firefox, and Google designs to grace the skins of Nike Dunks everywhere.

These Nikes have yet to appear in the Brass Monki web store, but don’t fret. They’ll be available soon.

Source: The Next Web

Twitter Provides Tweets via. Phone for Egyptians

We have just received word via. Twitter that Google has reported that Twitter has launched a service for their users in Egypt to send Twitter messages and “tweets” by dialing a phone number. Another way to rebel against the blockage of Internet in Egypt. This was announced about 30 minutes ago.

Google also released this statement from their blog earlier this afternoon:

“Like many people we’ve been glued to the news unfolding in Egypt and thinking of what we could do to help people on the ground. Over the weekend we came up with the idea of a speak-to-tweet service—the ability for anyone to tweet using just a voice connection.

We worked with a small team of engineers from Twitter, Google and SayNow, a company we acquired last week, to make this idea a reality. It’s already live and anyone can tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855) and the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt. No Internet connection is required. People can listen to the messages by dialing the same phone numbers or going to twitter.com/speak2tweet.

We hope that this will go some way to helping people in Egypt stay connected at this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with everyone there.”

Twitter Slap Fight (Arrington,Scoble,Winer)

Ok everyone, to your corners!

I was laying in bed until few minutes ago I decided to check Twitter on my phone just to come across a very interesting argument. Dave Winer somehow got fueled up on an article from Tech Crunch claiming that Facebook and Twitter are killing RSS feeds.

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