The OneDrive UWP app won’t yet be like the Windows 8.1 OneDrive metro app

OneDrive Share Contract -- Thanks to Reddit User McDenis for the Picture
OneDrive Share Contract — Thanks to Reddit User McDenis for the Picture

Rumor has it that Microsoft will release the OneDrive universal (UWP) app soon to Windows Insiders. But if you are hoping that the OneDrive UWP app will work like the OneDrive Windows 8.1 we sorely miss in our Windows tablets, I have bad news for you. In the near future, at least, the new UWP app will work like the OneDrive app on your Windows 10 Mobile phone instead of how it worked on Windows 8.1. Continue reading

OneDrive on Windows 8.1 Updated with New Features for Desktop Users!

One of the updates for Patch Tuesday on June 10, 2014 was for Microsoft OneDrive. This update brought significant UI update for desktop users. Let’s check it out. Continue reading

Get One Year of 100GB of OneDrive Storage for FREE Now with Bing!

100 GB OneDrive with Bing

Great new foks. You can get one year of 100GB of OneDrive Storage for free right now with Bing Rewards. Just head over to this link to Join Bing Rewards to get started. With bing rewards, you will earn points for completing simple quests and doing web searches. With only 100 points, you will have enough points to get 100GB of OneDrive (formarly SkyDrive) storage for free for one year. Trust me, 100 points only would take you only a few days to earn at most. Continue reading

SkyDrive doesn’t support Full Folder restore


I learnt the hard way to day that Microsoft SkyDrive (OneDrive) service doesn’t support Full Folder Restore from Recycle Bin. I was unfortunate to own a Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, and right from the bat, I have discovered Dell cut corners with the device by integrating a sub-par Touch and Pen Digitizer in the product. I would have returned the device, but I am mesmerized by the screen quality of the device on an 8″ tablet, hoping Dell will eventually fix via Driver patch. This tablet would have been utopia if not for this buggy touch/pen interface. Continue reading

App Highlight: Podscout for your Podcast addiction


Preview and Install

Are you in a shopping mode for a good Podcast App in the Windows Store? Well, look no further as we bring you another awesome app for your Podcast needs. Podscout promise to bridge your information world by bringing you the best of Internet News media, all collated for you for easy access.

Podscout is a full featured Podcast app with the following description and features:


podscout has the most significant features for an ambitious podcast audience.

Subscribe your favorite podcasts by searching in popular catalogs like iTunes and gPodder or easily adding a podcast feed URL. Dependent on your settings. podscout updates the subscriptions and downloads the latest episodes automatically. So you can play episodes online and offline.

podscout is not only a simple media player to stream video and audio podcasts. podscout further supports stepping through chapters, reading shownotes and play episodes to other devices. podscout brings a sleep timer to pause the playback after specific time span and keeps playback position even after suspending the app.

With podscout you can back up your subscription database to SkyDrive and restore them on other devices. You can easily share your subscriptions and episodes through the Windows share charm.

With background audio playback capability podscout enables you to listening podcasts while working on Windows 8.

The app supports a trial mode. While in trial mode, the app display ads. If the trial mode expires, the app will not start anymore and the user has the ability to purchase the app.


  • optimized for Windows 8.1
  • search podcasts through iTunes and gPodder
  • manage Subscriptions and easily browse through Episodes
  • adjust Settings for each Subscription
  • step through Chapters if local media or podcast feed supports it
  • read Shownotes in web view if podcast feed supports it
  • use background audio playback capability
  • play to other devices (DLNA)
  • watch videos on full screen
  • backup and restore the Subscription database with SkyDrive
  • share Subscriptions and Episodes through the Windows charms bar
  • use sleep timer to automatically pause the playback
  • add Secondary Live Tiles with badge notifications for each Subscription

And here are few more screenshots to whet your appetite:





Podscout gives you a chance to test out the app for 15 days of trial period. If that is not enough to convince you, then I don’t know what will. Let op, a long period of trial period is an attestation of the confidence of the Developers that you will love the App so much you’ll purchase it. For $5.00, we are sure the app is worth your every cent.

Download the app now via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Windows 8.1 – The Subtle Improvements

With the new announcement, the internet is buzzing with the discussion of the major features of Windows 8.1. Therefore, I will not reiterate the things you may already know. Instead, I want to focus on some subtle changes in Windows 8.1 that you may have not known. There are many subtle improvements in Windows 8.1, but on the leaked build I am using, they are not yet enabled. There are other minor changes that I am not going to discuss yet because they are incomplete and will be refined further in future builds.

Start Screen Tattoos

In Windows 8, you could choose a limited number of static tattoos. The colors the tattoos are predefined and depends on the background color you chose for your Start Screen. In Windows 8.1, you are able to customize the colors of the tattoos independent of the background color of the start screen. You do this by setting the secondary Start Screen color. In this example, I have picked a blue tattoo on a black start screen, and I, then, selected an orange tattoo on the black start screen.

Furthermore, you can also have some animated tattoos in Windows 8.1. This is the closest to the resource intensive “Dreamscene” feature of Windows Vista Ultimate. But these animations on Windows 8.1 are nearly not as resource intensive.

Windows 8.1 Orange Tattooo

Windows 8.1 Orange Tattooo

Open Metro Apps in New Window

In Windows 8, Metro Style apps can only run in a single Window. On the Start Screen, if you right-click a metro app, you only see the options to unpin/pin, uninstall, and tile size options. In Windows 8.1, however, you have a new option when you right click a tile of a Metro App. This option is called “Open in a New Window”. This essentially allows you to open multiple windows of a Metro Style app.

Windows 8.1 Multiple Windows

Desktop Tile Improvements

In Windows 8, tiles of Desktop apps are uninteresting, as they only show the icon of the app with a background tile being a similar color as that of the Start Screen. In Windows 8.1, Desktop app tiles have background colors defined by the primary color of the app icon. For example, Microsoft Word will have a blue tile background, Excel with a green tile color, and Visual Studio with a purple tile color.

Modern File Manager

Windows 8.1 will come with a modern File Manager, labeled as “Skydrive”. I don’t agree with the naming of the app because this “Skydrive” app can do a lot more. Unlike other metro style apps, this app has full system access. If you look at the permission of the app, it shows that the app is trusted and has full access to the OS. For example, the file manager can open .exe files, which no other metro style app can do. If you have downloaded third party file manager apps, you will know that they cannot open .exe and other system files. The “Skydrive” app can open any files and access almost any location of the hard drive.

Windows 8.1 File Manager

Citrix ShareFile App–Another Productivity App from Citrix in the Store


Citrix is really rocking the Windows Store these days. Yesterday I mentioned their GoToMeeting App, now just today, they’ve released another Productivity App to the Store: ShareFile. Well, as the name suggests, Citrix ShareFile is a file sharing and Sync App to allow pervasive syncing/sharing of your files either for business or private use. The only catch is that you have Citrix Account to use the App. So, those of you heavily invested in Citrix Universe will definitely want to get this. Here is Citrix’s credits from the Store:

ShareFile by Citrix is a secure file sharing, file transfer, sync and storage solution enabling you to access and manage your content from anywhere on any device. With ShareFile, you can give the people you work with and your clients full or partial access to the files they need, so you can work collaboratively and securely. The ShareFile Windows 8 app gives you the freedom to conduct business wherever you may be.

Browse your account
Download and view documents
Request and send files via email
Transfer big files
Add users to folders on your ShareFile account
Once you download a file, you can also view it when you are offline
For Enterprise accounts, users will be able to access their data using their corporate credentials, and IT administrators will be able to control and audit access






So, there you go. What does this remind you of? Yes, Microsoft SkyDrive. Citirix is positioning this as SkyDrive competitor for private users. It basically does the same as SkyDrive only you need to live in Citrix planet. So, if this is your thing, please go right ahead and download via the source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Cumulo – Your multi-Cloud Drive Integrator App is in the Store


Another practical application has just hit the Store for you Cloud-dwellers amongst us. Cumulo is an app designed to make your life simple if you’ve got assets spread all over the Internet in disparate Cloud-Services. The App bridges the gap between SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox, by integrating these three services into one Interface that you can treat as one file source. You can manage and search across these services as if they are coming from the same source. The app also provides Download Manager function built-in with progress status if you have to download a large file. Following is full description of the App from the Store:

Cumulo allows integrating different cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive, in a single and unified view. All your cloud storage in one place!!!

Integrates DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive into a unified view
Uses the search charm to search acrross all your cloud storages
Provides a download manager to download files from all registered storages
Uses descriptive icons to identify the cloud storage service for files or folders
A folder that appears in more than one cloud storage service is unified into just one folder
Allows to share files using the sharing charm
Open a file using the browser


Yet another tool of your Digital Living Experience. Go ahead and download the app via the Source link, it is free as air; for now.

Source: Windows Store

Microsoft Starts Built-In App Updates as promised


The first of the Built-In Apps update is out as you can see. Microsoft promised on their Build Windows 8 blog yesterday that they’ll be rolling out updates to the built-in apps, as promised, the updates are now rolling into the Store. First on my side here is the SkyDrive App as you can see and not the Bing App as mentioned by Microsoft on the blog. Microsoft gave the following Release note with the update:

Release notes:
Added File and Folder management support, Details View, Permission Management and SkyDrive as a Share Target

You are greeted with this landing page after installing the update:


SkyDrive wants to make it clear all barriers have been removed in accessing your files. Wherever you are in the world. Pressing on the “Watch a video about SkyDrive” launches the tutorials about SkyDrive to newbies to show what SkyDrive is all about. Letop, this video is running in the SkyDrive itself, it doesn’t drop you to the video player. Pressing the Back button takes you back to the intro Screen.

The Apps is indeed snappy and looked polished, don’t know if they’ve had this before but now you can open the chevron and see your recent and shared documents as follows:


Have you noticed anything new in SkyDrive? Let the world know here below in the comments. Letop, you may not see this update as I have forced-downloaded it. I mentioned how you can force-load an update on my buddy Site.

Are you seeing other built-in Apps updates, let me know in the comments below too.

Microsoft SkyDrive Desktop App hits the Store

Remember Microsoft LiveMesh? If you do, then you already know Microsoft SkyDrive Desktop App, because it is the incarnation of Microsoft LiveMesh without the Screen share feature. Microsoft just dropped the App link on us in the Windows Store for easy reach and visibility. Note that this app is complementary to the Metro Skydrive App. With this app, you can drag-and-drop files in Windows Explorer on the desktop to SkyDrive, and your folders are synced between all computers on which you install this app with your Microsoft Account.

Come to think of it, this app is exactly the same feature as the original FolderShare App MS bought eons ago, but ditched for the Mesh version. Those of you old enough will remember MS acquired FolderShare with which you can sync any folder and browse your synced PC folders from the web. This SkyDrive Desktop application also allows you to reach your Synced PC folders anywhere from the web.

So if you haven’t done so already, go download and install this app from the Productivity Category of the store. If you can’t find it, do a search for it. Sorry, can’t share the link, MS doesn’t allow sharing desktop apps links.