Tech Crunch by AOL

TechCrunch by AOL
We have the official tech crunch app by AOL. I personally enjoy reading websites either via RSS reader or through the web browser. However, it’s always good to have an option. If you are interested, check it out!


The TechCrunch app is the best way to get the hottest technology news on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Browse the latest headlines with a flick of your finger then tap to dive into an unparalleled source of stories about startups and Silicon Valley, gadgets and go-getters.


    • Free access to all content from the TechCrunch website
    • See what’s currently hot in tech with the Trending list
    • TechTweets shows the latest tech news and gossip hitting social media
    • Comprehensive integration with CrunchBase Custom designed interface

Download it: TechCrunch – The Inside Story On Innovation

CNET Joins the Windows Party

Screenshot (2192)

We now have a cnet app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. If you like their content, I recommend you check it out. It lays out articles quite nicely. I did wish, however, that it had the ability to properly zoom in text. My eyes require large fonts! The app also lays out reviews well, with charts, picture gallery, and video neatly laid out. Check it out!


If you are a tech-lover, and you have a Windows 8 computer or tablet, you need CNET’s free app. We keep you living in the future with award-winning tech news, reviews, and trend coverage. Find opinions and help from your favorite, trusted CNET editors all in a fast, beautiful, and easy-to-use package. Download it now from the Windows Store. It’s free!


All the latest and most entertaining consumer technology news, reviews, photo galleries, and videos directly to you in real time
On-demand and live video
Photo galleries
In-depth product reviews


Download it: cnet