IKEA Catalog now in the Store

Splash Screen

Catalog Page

Catalog Browser

Today we are happy to announce the first App from IKEA in the Windows Store. It is not clear for now whether this is an official App, we are trying to get in contact with the publishers of the App to confirm. But given the fact the Splashscreen is one big logo of IKEA, we cannot imagine a third-party dev abusing the Trademark of IKEA this way. So either FBrites is fully commissioned by IKEA, or they are about to get into big fight with IKEA and Microsoft. We’ll inform you as soon as we know more about this. If you are from Fbrites over this app, please reach me either via twitter @McAkins or via site mail (denny@mcakins.com).

Following is the info as provided by FBrites in the Store:


The digital IKEA catalog 2014!

Just like the printed IKEA catalog, the 2014 digital IKEA catalog is packed with inspiration, home furnishing knowledge and ideas for free. This year, there’s a special focus on ideas for creating a better everyday life for families with children.

Besides all the ideas and products that you will find by browsing the pages in the catalog, you will be able to access even more content with your smartphone.


  • Browse the greatest Ikea Catalog Ever!
  • Save specific Catalog pages to your device.

Download now from the Store via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Place a Clock on your Start Screen with Asparion Clock

Asparion Clock (1)

Preview and Install

I am a big fan of Asparion software on the Windows Store. But this one is one I particularly like. I have been looking for a good clock tile for my Windows Start Screen, to compliment the weather and news tiles. As McAkins noted on a recent post, the Start Screen is a true dashboard with Windows 8.1. A clock is essential for any dashboards. Well, I am pleased to say that I have finally found a great tool for the job!

Asparion Clock is an app downloadable from the Windows Store that allows you to place one or more customizable clock tiles on your Windows Start Screen. You can add many clock tiles to your Start Screen, each with different time and appearance. You can have the tile display your System Tile (which you can set from the PC settings interface), or you can use a custom time. Each tiles can have a different look as well, with some being digital clocks and other being variants of analogue clocks.

Of course, Asparion Clock is useful as an app itself. You can have multiple clocks set up and view them from the app. The app is also customizable, allowing you to configure the app with any foreground and background color. You can even configure the snapped mode for the app! The app has timer and alarm features as well, if you are interested. However, I personally use it for the live tile feature because the alarms and timer are built in to Windows 8.1.

Here are some more screenshots:

Download it here: Clock (Live tile, alarm, timer)

Field & Stream Fishing – Xbox Game for Windows

Field & Stream Fishing Cover

Preview and Install



Angling for the best fishing game on Windows 8? Then set your hook in Field & Stream’s Fishing! New high-resolution graphics showcases the gorgeous fish and majestic scenery at 15 fishing locations with unique underwater environments, and addictive swipe gameplay makes catching fish more fun than ever before! Use 5 different lures with special bonuses to land 18 fish species, with an additional 10 lures and 20 fishing spots available. The sounds of native wildlife at each shoreline enhance the immersive fishing experience. Hook, fight, and catch legendary fish, unlock achievements, and beat your friends’ high scores when you sign in to Xbox!


  • New high-resolution graphics
  • Addictive swipe gameplay
  • Gorgeous new fish, including Peacock Bass, Kokanee, Tarpon, and more
  • Brand-new lakes and fishing spots
  • New legends! Catch Big McLargeHuge, The Swimminator, and Old Salt Hershal!
  • True-to-nature birdsongs and sounds of wildlife
  • Beat your friends’ high scores
  • 20 unlockable achievements

Official Best Buy App in the Store!

Well, we have a another, familiar, member from the shopping family joining the Windows Store clup. Everyone, let’s welcome Best Buy. Yes, this is the real deal.


The Best Buy app provides a fresh new way to shop for the latest and greatest technology. Browse the full Best Buy product catalog and read ratings & reviews.

Age rating: 12+
Publisher: Best Buy Co., Inc.
© 2003-2013 BBY Solutions, Inc.


  • Browse the full Best Buy product catalog
  • Read ratings & reviews
  • Purchase Best Buy products for Shipment, Delivery, or Store Pickup
  • Get product details and make comparisons

Download now: Best Buy

eBay App Updates with Major Upgrades in Windows Store


The eBay App has updated in the Store with the following:

Release notes
We have been listening to excellent suggestions about usability, and have made many changes to enhance the experience as a result.  This update includes several changes improving the ease of use, as well as design of the app.  We will be adding more live tiles and seller functionality for creating listings in the near future, and continuing to add features based on the feedback we receive. Please provide feedback or bug reports via the app’s Settings -> Rate and Review.
– New features: my eBay messages, my eBay purchase history, ask seller a question, view seller’s other items, save a seller
– Pin to start and live tile features: pin my eBay lists and eBay items to your start menu, receive live tile updates to the application tile, pinned lists and pinned items
– Enhancements: better scrolling, more search features and filters, bug fixes
We are working hard to provide more features in each of our releases! Please provide feedback via the app’s Settings -> Rate and Review.

Source: Windows Store

CDW Product Browser App is in the Store


Guess who’s joined the Windows 8 party? Yes CDW. Every reputable shopping site is now in the Store. CDW joins the likes of Newegg and Amazon in the Store with their official app. Despite the fact that the app comes packed with feature, CDW LLC just gave a succinct description of the App in the Store, which is unfortunate. Your app’s description and feature list is your sales point. That is where potential users meet your App for the first time. If you’ve spent time and effort building an awesome app, you might as well expend extra time to give it a good sales pitch. We all know CDW on the Web, I have personally bought a few things from them, and I am happy with their service. I just hope this app contributes to bringing them the exposure they desire.

If you’ve seen any Shopping App, you’ve seen them all. So, this CDW App is no difference. It shows you wares in categories. You can browse by Categories, or do a search using the Search Charm. You can drill down to product details. You can preselect desired filters to narrow down your Search Scope. Well, I have gone to this length to describe the app as you don’t have much from the Store description as follows:

The CDW app is great at helping people find the products, services and solutions to maximize their technology investments.

Search the CDW App Store for technology products, services and solutions
Browse the CDW Categories

That’s it! But the Screenshot compensate for lack of information:







There you have it, hopefully they’ll develop the app further with features. This is just a browser, you can’t do in-app purchase. You’ll be dropped to the Web browser.

If you are a Developer, take a cue from this. Do not deny your App a homerun, give it a good description in the Store. If you are a CDW customer, please download the app now via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

The Much Awaited Amazon App is now in the Store!


At last! The Amazon App is now in the Windows Store! Wow, the really took their time coming. EBay and Newegg have been rocking the Store since Jove knows when, now Amazon joins the hustle. As you can see the App already garnered 98 ratings at almost 4 Stars. I wonder who are those people who rated it, as those are not the public, the App is just out! Probably those are Microsoft internal users and testers who were testing for Microsoft and Amazon as they need to get this right the first time.


I have just installed the App, I just simply said Wow! when I first opened it. It is beautiful, it is comprehensive, to use my favorite term, it comes with kitchen and sink. Yes, it is worth the wait.

Once you login, the App lights up with your history and purchases, there are recommendations for you based on your search and buy pattern, they have columns for everything that might interest you. Can’t place screenshots here else you’ll be privy to my weird collections of Barbie pops Smile. But seriously, you’ll have to see this App for yourselves. Here is how Amazon (or is it MS, wink wink, nudge nudge) described it from the Store:

The Amazon app allows you to quickly make purchases, search, compare prices, read reviews, and share products with friends using a simple yet elegant interface. Shop just as you do on the web.
You can access any of Amazon’s sites around the world from a single app by simply selecting your desired Amazon country store or shipping destination. You have full access to your existing cart and wish lists.
Search for products using the Amazon app, and easily add them to your shopping cart to purchase. (Note: the app uses the Amazon search engine, which is a non-Microsoft commerce engine.) All purchases made on Amazon are routed through our secure servers just as they are on the web.

View popular products and recommendations
Quickly search for products
Read product descriptions and reviews
Add any product to your Shopping Cart and/or Wish List
Purchase products
Access any of Amazon’s sites around the world


I can tell you for fact right now that these screenshots didn’t do justice to the App. You need to download it and login to see the App light-up with your Amazon universe. So what are you waiting for, it doesn’t cost you a dime. So go right ahead and download via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

P.S. You didn’t think for once that the Barbie pop collection joke was true did you? Smile

Jetpack Joyride – Xbox Game for Windows

Jetpack Joyride Cover

Preview and Install



Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and take to the skies as Barry Steakfries, the lovable hero on a one-way trip to adventure! Join Barry as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. Rain bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers downwards as you fly towards higher and higher scores!Along the way you’ll collect coins, vehicles, powerups and more, all of which can be upgraded and customized in the Stash. Want to dress up like a ninja? Paint your Profit Bird gold? Grab your robot pal Flash to come along for the ride? The choice is yours!Stay alive, get funky and lose yourself in Jetpack Joyride. There’s so much to see and do, all the time in the world and more than enough jetpacks! As always, Barry Steakfries will provide!


  • Huge arsenal of jetpacks and vehicles to unlock
  • Equip gadgets for special abilities in The Stash
  • Dynamic missions, objectives and rewards
  • Compete with friends and aim for the highest scores
  • Unlock achievements and share your skills online

Official Dell Shop App has arrived in the Store


Well, well, hello there Dell. Welcome to the Windows 8 bandwagon. Hopefully you’re here to stay and stop that courtship with Linux Smile. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dell with me into Windows Store. We already have HP Wares App, now we also have Dell in the Store. Like the title says, this is a window into Dell’s Webshop, buy Dell’s hardware and software, and wetware. Get latest Dell’s info and specifications on products and of course Order directly out of the application. Here Dell Inc’s description of the app:

Tap into the app to find everything at Dell. With Dell Shop, you can find the perfect new Dell PC or get more from your current PC with custom-recommended electronics and accessories from top manufacturers. Using your System ID, Dell Shop can identify your Dell PC and make compatible suggestions. And even if your PC isn’t a Dell, you can still use Dell Shop to buy those must-have items. You’ll find easy access to the most popular accessories, from monitors, printers, projectors, mice and bags, to wireless routers and external storage. And if you’re looking to outfit a home theater, home office, dorm room or a creative studio, you’ll find complete solutions right here.
Creative Studio:
Whether you want to capture life’s milestones in photos and videos to share with friends and family, or you want to show an audience the world as you see it, the ideal studio will let you create like a pro.  You’ll find everything you need to capture, edit, organize, store and share your photos with Dell Shop.
Home Theater:
We’ve recommended equipment for a media room that lets you find and watch your favorite movies and shows, stream music and photos from your computer and get everyone moving with the latest games. Best of all, you’ll do it with cinematic-quality surround sound and picture, no wires and just one remote control.
Dorm Room:
A dorm room is many things: home away from home, library, lounge. You need to be able to print a 20-page term paper, then grab a game controller and whoop your roommate. Gather friends for movie night on a TV that doubles as your monitor by day. No matter what you study, with Dell’s recommendations and support, you’ll double major in work/life balance
Home Office:
Flexibility is the key to a superb home office. Whether the budget is for your business or your household. Whether the printouts are for customers or teachers. No matter if you have a small staff or a big family. Dell’s experts have selected the products that will best ensure you can handle whatever comes through the door.
Download Dell Shop today and start getting the most from your Dell PC.

Shop: Find and compare top accessories, including monitors, printers, projectors, mice, bags, wireless routers and external storage.
Search: Locate a product based on specific search criteria such as keywords, model number or item number.
Get personalized recommendations: Share your Dell Service Tag ID to narrow search results to only items that are compatible with your Dell PC.
Note: Some features may not be available in all countries.


Well, that a long and detailed description. This is actually a very good App, you can see the effort that went into it from the screenshot already. If you are a Dell customer or you want to order something from Dell, this is the app to use. I just love shopping within a Metro App, very natural. Download the app via the Source.

Source: Windows Store

Yay! Oprah Winfrey Network Debuts on Windows 8


You can say what you like about Windows 8 not being good for the Business World, but the Business World dealing with ordinary people like you are me are noticing and jumping already on the Windows 8 Metro bandwagon. Another attestation is this, right here in front of you. Who can move the masses like Oprah? If Oprah give thumbs up, the rest of America follows. I consider this a thumbs up from Operah Winfrey Network for Windows 8. Yes you may not (yet) be able to crunch giga-numbers in Worksheets in Metro, but you can surf the net like there is no tomorrow, and you can Shop till you drop like they say. There is no platform that is made for Internet Shopping like the Metro platform. Ok I digress, sorry, I just hate the haters in this case. Back to the story :-).

As for this App, I have one word: Gorgeous! The app is beautiful to look at. It brings out the features on Oprah’s network to live in glorious panoramic view. Here is what Oprah’s network say about the app:


Your on-the-go guide to becoming your best self: spirit, style, health, food, home and relationships. Get hand-picked advice from the most trusted experts. Plus, keep up with the latest from Oprah, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Fresh inspiration updated each and every day
Exclusive videos, sneak peeks and highlights from OWN and The Oprah Winfrey Show
Articles, recipes and photos

So, there you go. If you love Oprah and follow her shows, here is the App for you. All Oprah’s advice and recommendations are at your fingertips like they say. All I see right now is Oprah going “you’ll get one, and you, and you and you” with tons of Microsoft Surface. Now if Microsoft will just release “Our Precious”! Smile

Give the app a spin. Download it from the following source link hereafter.

Source: Windows Store

Craigslist Apps are in the Store



The first Craigslist Apps are in the Store. Two Apps as you can see, one is free and one is paid at $1.99. By jove, I don’t know what the difference is, I guess you have to use them to know, I don’t troll Craigslist Smile. The vendor warned that they are in no way affiliated to Craigslist, they just built the apps for your convenience. If you use Craigslist a lot, this might be something for you. Download the apps via the following links:

Free: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/6fe5ab55-a430-4a5b-9187-74fb40706f20
Paid: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/84f7b667-2f54-49e4-9d52-25f2002716f0

Official eBay App Arrives for Windows 8!


Yay! The Wait Is Over! Now we can start shopping on eBay from our Windows 8 devices! The eBay app is beautifully implemented in Metro. All the usual eBay features are now available as tiles, and there in infinite panning of Daily Deals and Searches. You can share your purchases and watch lists with family and friends so people know your wish lists. You can keep an eye on your biddings in the Snapped View while you work on that important Worksheet. The following is eBay Inc.’s description of the App from the Store:

The eBay app lets you search, increase existing bids & watch items from the world's largest marketplace!

Once you've signed in you get an overview of all your watching, buying & selling activities.

Search and filter through products on the world's largest marketplace.

The eBay app lets you search

The eBay app for Windows 8™ lets you to tap into the world’s largest marketplace anywhere you are. It is a free app built with eBay users in mind that will help you get more out of your buying and selling activity.
Never miss a deal with the eBay app for Windows 8™ with instant alerts when outbid or auctions are ending. You can customize even more alerts so you stay on top of your shopping.
The eBay app lets you search, increase existing bids & watch items from the world’s largest marketplace! This app integrates eBay Search, My eBay at-a-glance, Daily Deals and more to help you manage all your shopping activity.

Receive notifications about important eBay updates to your buying and selling activities.
Find great eBay deals by pinning the eBay Deals Tile to your Window 8™ Start Screen.
Share your eBay purchases and favourite items with friends and family through the Windows 8™ Share Charm.
Keep an eye on your eBay activity while doing other tasks using the Windows 8™ Snap View.

Now that eBay releases this App for Windows 8 Release Preview, we are assuming the Amazon App will also not take that far to drop (Amazon App is already in the store. Sorry), Let the competition begin!
You can download the app now in the Store via the following link: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/8f1ff8dc-5a36-4b51-9832-85208db8a483