Bing Update Brings A New Look

Hello again! Today was a very big day, with the iPhone announcements! If you haven’t had a chance to see what’s been announced, take a look at this article.

With the big updates on the Apple side, Microsoft rolled out a small, cosmetic, update to it’s bing search engine. This new bing update brings a dynamic, cosmic, bing homepage. While Google is still my search engine of choice, I must admit, I did spend a minute looking at the bing homepage today. It looks beautiful. It may be worth while to spend 30 seconds to take a look at the bing update.

However, the new homepage doesn’t really increase the efficiency of search (unless looking at beautiful things makes your brain better at finding content…I don’t know). So, I guess this post was just a post about spending a minute watching the stars. :P But hey, it is beautiful to look at.

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Bing goes Boom with HTML5, and heads are rolling at Google

Well, we know it takes time for Microsoft to wake up, but boy when they wake up, they go Boooom! They are doing it with IE9 and Bing, and the competition are already feeling the heat, heads are already rolling at Googolplex.

IE9 is leveraging the full power of the PC, and now Bing is also. Set to be released next week, the new Bing is showing something we’ve never seen in a search machine before, the full power of HTML5, and boy it is beautiful! And they know this at Google, because news is just out the head of UI and Experience at Google has just been demoted to a lesser function. Indeed Google is feeling the competition from Bing, Facebook and the likes.

Did I say the new Bing with IE9 is beautiful and functional? Don’t take my word for it, just see it for yourselves below, the full power of Accelerated Graphics:


Bing goes Boom with HTML5

Read about the sacked Head of UI and Experience here