Are You Getting The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch?

samsung galaxy gear smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch was announced barely two days ago, but scores of people are already staking their claim. That’s kinda funny considering the mixed response the announcement received. Apparently people still think the world isn’t ready for a smartwatch yet. Time to give that a rest.

Even though the watch isn’t currently available for purchase just yet (September 25th worldwide), that isn’t quite stopping anyone from giving their opinion on the Android companion device.

What do you think?

We want to hear your opinion. What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch? Does it look cool? Look too big? Too many features? Let us know in the poll below!

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Wants Your Time

samsung galaxy gear smartwatch

Earlier today, Samsung announced what is considered the first major smart watch; the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Samsung, being in a long running competition with Apple, seems to have finally beat Apple to the punch. But what benefit could this smartwatch have on an ever growing technological world?

Perhaps this taps into the dreams and fantasies of our youth of wanting to be like James Bond or some other super spy who could do almost anything with a simple watch. Though lacking the qualities that would make this smartwatch super spy worthy, there are features to the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that do catch the eye and bring us closer to those childhood dreams.

To begin, Samsung is calling their new smart watch the Samsung Gear. Seems a little cliché but that’s okay, it’s a watch right? Samsung announced that the Samsung watch will have plenty of capabilities such as being able to take photos, answer calls (when connected via Bluetooth to a Samsung device), and run certain applications that would make this almost enticing to get. There are many other interesting things to do such as being able to SnapChat, which of course in our world of video/picture messaging, is very important.

I do find though that despite the cool features and near super spy appeal, there are concerns on how well this device will function. Regular watches are often worn as accessories and usually have a level of protection offered by being mechanical or semi-mechanical time pieces, bringing in the idea of a non-water-proof watch might be a little off setting for those who like cool tech but love to take on the elements.

Other concerns would be the battery life. As stated in Business Weekly among other news sites, having to charge this watch every day would require you to take along extra chargers and docking stations just to use this while on the go.

Other than those concerns though, Samsung doesn’t fail to deliver a decent product. Making it to the front of a market before Apple is a good accomplishment by any company standards, but the real test of how well this watch preforms and whether Apple will release their own smart watch, well that will take time.

To give an honest estimation of the success of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, I would say it will sell because it is the latest gadget and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to seem like a super spy answering calls on their watch? I do plan to acquire this watch in the near future (perhaps on debut) to give you an in-depth report of the actual functionality and usefulness of the Gear. Until then, below are listed the basic stats that Samsung released today for the gear.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch:

Processor clock speed: 800mhz

Memory: 4gb

Screen Size: 1.63 (type: Super AMOLED with gyroscopes and accelerometer)

Batter life: roughly a days worth of regular use

Other features: S Voice, camera (called Memographer)

Bad Apples- She’s at it again

As we all know, Apple has been generating a lot of news lately. And not merely just for it’s new devices or even the next greatest watch, the iWatch. The area in which Apple in generating news is where it has been for the past 4 or 5 years. Apple is very well known for stirring up a fuss when competitors threaten in any way their product. The first knee jerk response? Sue Samsung.

Though there have been other companies at the center of Apple controversy, Samsung has been the most popular victim in Apple’s suing rampage. Samsung alone has probably faced 10 different patent lawsuits against them from Apple. Anywhere from their UI (User Interface), to the design of their phones and tablets. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love Apple products and I do love Samsung products as well. I’m an equal opportunity technology user.

It seems though, that judges are getting rather tired of these continual lawsuits and patent fights and apparently so in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Just recently the USPTO invalidated another Apple patent for a “Bounce-back” feature. According to SlashGear who posted an article about this earlier stated that this isn’t the first time that the USPTO has done this. Patent #7,469,381 was invalidated by the USPTO back in October of last year, and since Apple’s appeal to the invalidation, they have invalidated it once again. SlashGear also reported that Apple used this patent against 21 Samsung devices that infringed on the patent but also that 19 Samsung smartphones in particular directly used it.

Apple, like always is appealing this invalidation stating “381 patent reexamination is far from conclusion.” This invalidation has helped Samsung financially in the matter that these invalidations have reduced the total fine that they have to pay Apple which started our as a stagering 1.1bil.


#AppleProbz & The iPhone #7

The moment all Apple lovers have been waiting for may be right around the corner. According to the iPhone “experts” we should be expecting the 7th iPhone this Summer since we haven’t seen a new devices since October when the iPad Mini was released. Though Apple is continuously working with its counterparts in Asia on a lower-end [less expensive] iPhone. The device is rumored to be about 4 inches long, have wireless charging [rumors say a patent has been filled concerning wireless charging] and have different colored skins.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

-Steve Jobs

Many experts are beginning to question the performance of Apple due to their slowness compared to other major electronic companies like Samsung. Samsung is also rumored to be on the verge of releasing their Galaxy S 4 this Summer at a much faster rate than Apple. The Tim Cook lead company is expected to to upgrade the camera and processor for the 7th iPhone but for now those are just rumors. Apple’s stock has also seen a drop due to its extensive time between new product releases. Compared to September 2012, Apple has lost $272.31 in stock value as of April 2013. Apple has usually held their new events to release new devices in March but this year is the first in Techtronica’s being that we have not seen a release. So maybe we’ll be waiting till June for an iPhone 6, iPhone 5 S, The New iPhone or more specifically the 7th Generation iPhone.

Samsung Printer Experience App is in the Store for Sammy’s OEM Printers.


Here is Sammy joining HP in the Store with a dedicated app for their Printer Products. I must confess I am surprised at the quality of the app. For those people complaining that Metro Apps (or MX Apps as I am recently calling them) could not be made to do anything serious, you need to have a look in the Store for Apps like this. I just twitted a few minutes ago the first OCR App in the Store for example. So we are seeing more and more serious apps as Devs are getting the hang of MX APP Development. The App is really full featured, and they are claiming it is for all Samsung Printers, no matter which model you have. So, you may be a lucky customer if you have one of Sammy’s printers. Here is the full description from the Store:

Samsung Printer Experience is an application that lets users manage and control Samsung printers and MFPs. With this free application’s simple user interface, users can easily scan and print with Samsung multifunctional printers. Samsung Printer Experience brings further flexibility and convenience to users by supporting several advanced settings and status notifications, as well as ordering supplies and viewing troubleshooting guides.

Monitor the status of your printers and show printer information
Features allow for troubleshooting, supplies ordering and configuring your printers
Advanced settings allow users to configure machine settings, network settings, address book (for MFP only) and maintenance.
Scan directly from your MFP and save images as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or PDF with useful features like rotating, flipping, or cropping, etc.
New features allow for single or multiple image selection automatically
Pin to start for quick scanning and browsing images stored on your PC.


If you are one to the lucky ones with Sammy’s printer, go ahead and download this app via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Other Samsung OEM Apps drops in the Store

Apps are dropping fast and furious today in Windows 8 Store, I mentioned earlier today about the first two Samsung OEM Apps debuting in the Store, now Samsung has released two extra apps bringing their OEM apps to 4 in total. Shown above is the Third app: Samsung Music Hub. This is something like the Nokia music hub that we saw in Windows Phone, in which an OEM go their own way to provide a total different Music experience to their users apart from the built-in Music app. Sammy is boasting access to at least 17 million tracks of Songs with this hub. My only question is will only the users of Samsung’s devices have access to these tracks or is this open to everyone that download this App? If you download it, please give a comment below to let us know your experience.

Fourth in Samsung’s arsenal is the Photo App: Family Story. This is again Samsung going its own way to provide a complementary experience to the existing Photo App from Microsoft. The app is a graphic representation of your Family Photo Memories as Albums, or Stories so as Samsung will like to call them. The app attempts to show your picture timeline and all the emotions that goes with it. I am sure a lot of you are going to enjoy using the app. Again, if you choose to use these OEM apps, please comment to let us know if it only works with the OEM device or with any device running Windows 8. Thanks already.

You can download the apps by clicking on the pictures.
[Sorry, links are fixed now.]

[Update 2012-07-12]
Some users are reporting that they are having issues accessing these apps. I just did a check in the Store, indeed, I can confirm all Samsung apps have been removed from the Store. I guess I broke the news too early for both Samsung and MS. Letup, if you click on the picture, you’ll still see the Apps via Web, but when you click on “View in Store”, you’ll get the message that the apps are no more available in the Store. I will keep monitoring and inform when this apps are back. Keep checking these threads.

Samsungs OEM Apps in Windows 8 Store

A few weeks back we saw ASUS debut the first OEM app in the Store in preparation for its Windows 8 devices. Samsung has just joined the club by releasing two App today into the Store, first the Samsung “PhotoEdit” app then the Social group chat app ChatON

It is a good thing to see OEMs waking up to Windows 8. Hopefully we will see more OEM apps before RTM. You can click on the pictures to download the apps.

[Update 2012-07-12]
Some users are reporting that they are having issues accessing these apps. I just did a check in the Store, indeed, I can confirm all Samsung apps have been removed from the Store. I guess I broke the news too early for both Samsung and MS. Letup, if you click on the picture, you’ll still see the Apps via Web, but when you click on “View in Store”, you’ll get the message that the apps are no more available in the Store. I will keep monitoring and inform when this apps are back. Keep checking these threads.


Missed Watching The Samsung Galaxy S III? You Can Now Watch It Online

Samsung Galaxy III event

If you were like me, you too weren’t able to fly out to London and completely missed the well anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III press event. Heck, I even missed the live stream. Well fortunately for us slackers, Samsung has got us covered. The recorded press event is now available to view for those who missed out or just want to relive the moment all over again. We’ll see if the Galaxy S III can beat out the HTC One X.

Image from Talk Android

Samsung Display Spin-Off Officially Launches, Enters the Game as ‘The World’s Largest Display Manufacturer’

Samsung Electronics have spoken out confirming that they have officially split their display manufacturing unit and that their new effort, Samsung Display, will commence trading under the new alias tomorrow, April 3rd.  The newly found company forms serveral months after the announcment of the spin-off to the press by Samsung in the February of this year. The decision to part ways comes after poor financial forecasts and overviews spanning months specifically in their display production sector.
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Samsung Wags Finger At webOS


The rumors can now be put to rest about Samsung purchasing webOS. The Korea-based company will not be pursuing HP’s failed adopted child. How do we know this? Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee Sung let it be known at the IFA that the company has not intentions in purchasing the mobile operating system. Not only that, but Sung also mentioned that he disapproves of the latest fad that has swept the tech manufacturing industry when it comes to “acquiring an operating system.” It seems like every tech giant needs one nowadays.

Now will Samsung hold fast to their word? Only time will tell.