Royal Revolt Review – A Windows 8 Medieval Family Feud Game!

Courtesy of Windows Store
Courtesy of Windows Store

Preview and Install

Royal Revolt! deals with a medieval family feud that lets you play as a warrior, where you need to defend your castle, and prevent your enemies from invading your entire colony. While some aspects of the game are no different with the likes of Trenches and Swords, Royal Revolt! takes it a step higher, giving users 3D perspective experience like no other. Let’s unravel more secrets about this medieval-based game for Windows 8. Continue reading

Skewed Review System in the Store


Click on this pic to see “Helpful” Yes/No figures.

A picture they say is worth more than a thousand words. I think the picture above is a good testification of that age old adage. The picture shows what is wrong with the Windows Store review system. Here is an app that obviously is resonating with end users, but because some unhappy souls got to review the app early, they got the high “helpful” figures and pops to the top for Microsoft to feature them as most helpful reviews even when the are negative and has no bearing with the app popularity in the Store. I mean 4335 people couldn’t be wrong with 5-Stars compared to 134 with 1 Star.

So, there you have it, an app can be insanely popular with end users but still be deemed not suitable by review logic of the Store. Microsoft need to fix this ASAP. It is known fact that only frustrated and unhappy users take the time to vent their venom about a product. You don’t see happy users at a support desk. Happy users are too lazy and don’t take the time to review, they are just content to give the app 5-Stars and move on. This is end-user psych 101. A good Store logic should catch this and bubble up positive reviews above negative ones for very popular apps. Period.

Note that I have no bearing with this app nor it’s dev., I don’t know them, neither have I been contacted by them. I am just using the app as an example amongst other apps that fall into this negative review trap while being very popular with users.

Please fix this MS.

Nike+ Fuelband Review

We all have those gadgets we don’t “need” but we feel that they encourage us to do better or they give us a sense of security. The Nike+ FuelBand was given to me for my birthday this year and it’s a really neat device. It shows; fuel points earned, calories burned, current time, steps made, and displays a message when you reach your goal of fuel points for the day.

The device allows you to set a goal via mobile device [Bluetooth] or computer [USB cable] which will come into effect the next calendar day. Once the day begins your Nike Fuel points will reset to 0. Here’s where some trouble may occur. Even though the Fuel Band gives you points for being active and moving around it gives you points for just waving your arm in the air. Though this is a small issue, as long as the user doesn’t intentionally wave his arm around to get more points it should still be an accurate result.

As you obtain more points the lights on the top of the band will increase from left to right showing you a scale model of your goal. [The more lights the closest you are to reaching your goal] Once you reach your goal a message will appear on the device that says “GOAL” and you can enjoy a celebration with the Nike guy [who resembles the old Cingular Wireless person in the logo]. Throughout the day or once every few days you can sync your Fuel Band with your mobile device to view your progress from the time you begin using your device. The battery has lasted me a week at times, which is really convenient. The charger that comes with it [pictured below] is a USB Cable. It has the ability to charge by being connected to a computer or a wall plugin.

Though the design of the product is innovative it’s price is a drawback. Listed at $149.95 on the Apple Store it will put a dent in your wallet. The Nike+ Fuel Band is a great gift for any active person from the age of 13 and up. If you’re trying to improve your daily activity and continuously improve it can be a great encouragement to Just Do It™.

Shown Above: Fuel Band Extension, Fuel Band Extension Device, Charging cord, Nike Fuel Band

NCAA Football 13: Game Review




Continuing my previous posts of; “NCAA Football 13: Innovation or Needed Renovation?” and “NCAA Football 2013: An Insider’s Look” I’ve decided to do a review after 5 months. NCAAF13 was one of the most anticipated releases of the year and in my opinion one of the largest changes users have seen since the gaming industry released their first High-Definition game. Some of the positives about the game include the new commentating featured by Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler, live recorded in-game sounds for more realistic gaming, exact stadium layouts, and more. Continue reading

NCAA Football 13: Innovation or Needed Renovation?

About 4 months ago we released an article called: “NCAA Football 2013: An Insider’s Look”. As many of you know, this game was released on July 10, 2012 and there’s been a lot of talk about it. This game has grabbed the attention [as it always does] of football fans, players, and fanatics from all over the nation. EA Sports has improved the game in many different ways including improving their attention to team traditions, crowd chants, crowd noise, stadium layouts, throwing patterns, and many other key features in a creating a quality football gaming experience. Continue reading

WOT #001: Use Format Factory to Convert Multimedia in Any Format

Welcome to my “What’s on My Taskbar” (WOT) series. In this series, I will pick on of my favorite Windows desktop apps and tell you why I think you might find it awesome! I will have another version of this series called “What’s on My Start Screen” (WOSC). That series will be about Windows 8 Metro Style apps.

Today, I want to talk about an app I really rely on when working with multimedia (audio, video, and images). This app is a must have app if you are dealing with any kind of multimedia on your PC or mobile devices. The app, ladies and gentlemen, is called Format Factory.

Continue reading

A Good Review Might Be The Case: Mivizu iPhone Case Review

Mivizu makes some very well built iPhone and iPad cases. They don’t come necessarily at a cheap price but I can honestly say their cases are worth the $25-$75 they cost. I had a chance to acquire one of their Verizon iPhone cases through a deal Techtronica was able to spark with Mivizu. Mivizu granted us some free products in return for good reviews, and customer recommendation. I can honestly say I am very impressed. Continue reading

Best iPad Case for Under $75, the Primo iPad Case

 Like many of you out there, I’m still rocking the iPad 1. For a long time I was using the Explorer iPad case by Merkury Innovations, but after a little over a year I needed to get a new case. So our great friends over at Mivizu sent one of their Primo iPad cases along for review. The video below will host most of the details about the case which we ask you to take a look at. The video will primarily serve as an overview of the case. If you just want the highlights, check out the bullet points and review score box after the video.

iPad Case Highlights

  • The case has a rather professional look and feel about it. You shant be afraid to pull this out of your briefcase. It also has cushioning on the front and back cover exteriors.
  • There is a nice pocket on the inside of the front cover to store notes and business cards. I don’t suggest putting too much in there.
  • The case is UV radiation resistant.
  • The case has a magnetic clasp-like lock.
  • The case also features a stand to support the iPad in portrait mode.

        Some interesting things to point out

  • The speaker holes don’t exactly line up with the iPad speakers. Doesn’t seem to affect sound much.
  • An unexplainable bump appears to be on the inside of the front cover as seen here. It may just be this case. It has no affect on the screen.
  • There is stand support in landscape mode, but I find it a little lacking. You would have to somewhat carefully place the iPad into landscape mode. the kickstand is supported by the front cover flipped back.
  • The case costs $69. I assume the leather comes at a price.

The Bottom Line

[review pros=”Rather durable. Has a nice feel to it. All buttons are easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to leave your iPad in the sun (for long), it’s UV resistant. And who doesn’t like leather?” cons=”A tad bit on the pricey side” score=80]

If you are interested in this case, had down below to the source link to purchase your own case.

NOTE: Please let us know if you like this review format. We’re trying not to bore you with a wordy review ;)

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [Review]


Ah… The Legend of Zelda. I remember telling my friends all about Ocarina of Time as a child, trying to get them to play it – but in a way, I kind of appreciate it being my own. Hyrule has always offered such a unique experience; the ability to travel dense forests, conquer castles and dungeons, sail the ocean, or go to an entirely different dimension. When I walked into Walmart to pick up my copy of Skyward Sword on the opening weekend, I knew another unique experience was waiting for me on the other side of the golden case I held in my hand. I was ready to pick up my sword and dive head-first into the clouds – and that’s exactly what you’ll find yourself doing in this majesty of a game.


The graphics are initially the most jarring, different thing about the game. For years Nintendo has played around with different art styles, looking for what ‘fit’ – and they really hit the mark with this one. Distant trees and building look like a painting underneath a beautiful impressionist filter, and the nearby flora and characters look akin to something out of Wind Waker or Okami. The graphics are fun and refreshing, but most importantly, play well into the cinematic experience Nintendo is trying to get across. Whether you’re carousing Skyloft or tackling the next massive temple, you can’t help but stop to enjoy the incredible art Skyward Sword gives you.

However good the graphics are, they appear pale in the light of swordplay. Nintendo’s use of the WiiMotionPlus in this game is so precise and comfortable, you’ll never want to return to a regular controller. Every battle is a challenge, forcing you to effectively use the remote to attack in very specific ways – and you’ll be required to do so for the entirety of the game. The puzzles are unique, yet nostalgic; you’ll find yourself facing some classic techniques that really utilize the arsenal of items Link collects this time around. Nothing is overdone; every challenge is refreshing and new.



Skyward Sword’s biggest triumph (in my opinion) is how it presents itself as a story. Being the first game in the known timeline, Skyward Sword’s real challenge was to explain how everything in the other games had come to be – but it did so much more than that. Zelda is shown in a different light as Link’s childhood friend, completely devoid of her royalty. You, as a person, begin to truly care about her well-being. Even without voice acting, the game is much more like a cinematic experience than any of the others.


The only thing that really got to me was the music; in comparison to Nintendo’s fantastic music in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword’s music seemed like a bit of a let down (which is odd, because it’s the first game with actual orchestrated music). In the light of the game itself though, I don’t think the music effects the overall experience enough to take it down too much. Definitely a 9.8/10.

[review pros=”Incredible story, amazing controls and gameplay; refreshing graphics and overall brilliant experience.” cons=”Music is okay, but doesn’t live up to the Nintendo standard.” score=98]


Hudl [App & Software Review]


One of the many things I love covering here at Techtronica is sports. For a long time know I’ve been wanting to do a review not only on Hudl itself but I’ve been waiting for Hudl to release their App to the public on the Apple App Store. The time opened up for me to do this on November 15th, 2011. I’ve given the app some time to fix the starting flaws and now I’m starting the review:

Hudl has involved not only football, but basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and many other sports. So what exactly does Hudl do? Hudl stores a team’s film online for only coaches and players to view with an account login. Coaches have the ability to give other coaches accounts, give players accounts and give parents access to their athlete’s account if wanted. Hudl just doesn’t store your film either. Coaches have the ability to break down film into plays by down, yards gained, type of play, result of play, play name, and defensive formations. Players also have some major benefits by using the software as well. Once coaches register their players into their roster they can enter in tons of valuable information about the player including Height, Weight, Awards, Other Activties, Academic Info, Weight Room stats and much more. Not only does Hudl allow for the players to be recognized by their coaches, it allows for major colleges and recruiters to see their stats and all the information that I already listed above. Coaches can choose whether or not to share highlights with the public or only allow coaches and registered recruiters to do so. Another huge thing for football teams is not only just one angle of film but multiple. Hudl allows you to upload film instantly, Replay off camcorder, Import from DVD and about any other way you can think of.

One of the things I absolutley love about Hudl is the way the stats are set up. Once you enter in stats like Down, Distance, Yard Line, yards to go, yards gained, who carried the ball, who threw the ball, who caught the ball, [general stuff like that] it will also appear on “reports”. Reports are coach-created documents that show general stats that look just as professional as somethign you’d see on ESPN. Once these reports are finalized they can be shared with the players if the coaches choose to do so. Once this is done players can go straight to the report and click on a ceratin stat and it will show all the plays related to that stat. Don’t understand that? Will here’s an example:

*Say Kevin Ellison has 2,123 rushing yards on the season, 235 of 403 passes completed, 3 INT’s and 28 TD’s. If you were to go to the report page and click on that 28 under TD’s you would be lead to every play Ellison has scored on. Sweet right?

As Hudl likes to say, “You’re in good company” and guess what? They’re not lying. Teams like Boise State, Oregon, Michigan, Nebreska and NFL tems like the New York Jets. They’ve been talked about by about everyone, this is including; The New York Times, ESPN, and The Washington Post.

As a videographer and film manager for our local high school I can personally say Hudl has not only saved us time but saved as the pain of video editing. [Another one of Hudl’s catch phrases; “Video Editing Sucks”. I say Amen to that now. One thing that really stuck out to me about Hudl was the support team’s quick response time. It was my first year doing videography for the football team and we had some simple problem. I called Hudl’s support line number and was answered within about 20 seconds of making the call. When the guy answered me my first reaction was like, “Holy cow! I’m talking to a real person!”. That’s just another reason Hudl is on top of the food chain. Hudl is among the top ranks of the most inovative software in this current century. Prices are low for the software and can range anywhere from a price range for a youth football team to an NFL team budget. If they keep it up they’ll have everyone else out of business.

Below is the actual App Review that I decided to do on Hudl’s new iOS App. Keep in mind that not only do they have an App on the Apple App Store but also on the Android Market also. Like I said. They’re taking over. I’d like to end on this note: Video editing sucks. Buy Hudl and you’ll not only be supported by the best but you’re always going to feel like the best.

[review pros=”Free on the App Store, Low price of actual software,Ability to download playlists directly to your device, Immediate access through logging in using your email & password, Mutliple Angles Allowed, Ability to sort by categories, Devices- iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android ” cons=”Cannot Play or Create Highlights, Cannot edit player profiles, No support information within App ” score=90]

iPhone 3GS Review from the beaches of Destin, FL

Earlier Wednesday, I had the chance to complete my iPhone 3GS Review from Destin, FL. This would be the first time Techtronica had any event recorded beach-side. Play the video to see the full review.

iPhone 3GS Review Coming…

Hey, Everyone! Be on the lookout for my iPhone 3GS Review coming out either Tuesday or Wednesday. Since it’s Spring Break, this Review will be a video from the beaches of Destin, FL! So be sure to be checking back within the next two days to see the iPhone 3GS Review from the beach!

HP Slate Review Request to x313xkillax

Hi x313xkillax,
Please find my request as below for the HP Slate:
0. Please show the Windows Experience Index.
1. Please run the Passmark benchmark ( to show us overall device performance. Post the result online. Plz, plz.
2. Please install IE9 which uses the GPU acceleration and test Pinch/Zoom and overall responsiveness.
3. Please show the power connector pins, can you charge the tablet without the dock?
4. Check the documentation to tell if the pen is active or passive digitizer?
5. How hot does it get? Passmark should tell you the temperature of all units inside the device.
6. Take the screen cover off when doing the Touch demos please.
7. Use the tablet extensively after full charge, let us know how long it takes for the battery to die.
8. If you have time, please download HDTune (, and show us the Min and Max transfer rate of the SSD unit.
9. What is the sound quality coming from the speakers? Can you hear it clearly in busy environment (Cafe’s etc.)
10. Mic quality, record some sound with Win7 Sound Recorder, how is the quality?
11. Install Office 2010, test standard office programs, how do they respond.
12. Test OneNote extensively, how smooth is the pen. While using the pen, open Task Manager performance tab to show how much CPU usage.
13. Finally, what is the Length, breadth and depth of the device, what is the weight. Maybe you can get this info from the manual. Check the CD, maybe there is a pdf of the documentation, please post it.
Jeez, I could go on and on. If you’re really not into Tablets please find a Windows Tablet addict to test for you. This is not a device for hobbyst, some of us at have been waiting for an upgrade to our TC1100 for years, now you have it in your hand and you don’t know what to do with it. You have it more than 4 days now, and you could only post 2 videos? This is the most anticipated device from Windows Tablet fans, please don’t just sit on it. Feed us with a lot of videos. Thanks already, on behalf of all Windows Tablet fans in the world.
This is ridiculous giving this most anticipated device to someone that hardly know what to do with it. Is it difficult to contact your fans sites like to introduce such a device? This guy have it for almost a week now, there is no review, just 2 videos! Is this the best you can do? Please get an expert to test and review the unit, I will gladly volunteer on behalf of all Windows Tablet users.
A disappointed HP Tablet fan.