“Don’t Piss Off A Radio DJ”: Lil Wayne’s Cell Phone Number Made Public

If you’re in the upstate South Carolina area or in extreme Northeast Georgia [and surrounding areas] you might’ve heard a celebrity’s phone number read over the air. Lil Wayne, [Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.] supposedly had a scheduled an interview with Hot 98.1’s “Shorty”


Tweets directed at @RadioShorty were double sided as always, some calling for him to be fired and others commemorating him for his stand against Wayne’s cancelation. According to his Twitter page, Shorty is back on the radio today though he had a meeting concerning the number being given out earlier in the day. Though it’s being broadcasted as a real event, since it was April 1st we cannot currently determine whether or not this is April Fools or a real occurrence.

5-0 Radio Police Scanner App in the Store for old and new Radio Amateurs


Well, here is a blast from the past! Internet has spoilt us all, and some of us have forgotten what we used to do back then when there was no Internet. Believe me, some of us have lived in that timeframe where there was no Internet. You asked what did we do to communicate and keep ourselves entertained? We were Radio Amateurs, we send and receive radio signals to long distances to communicate and make new friends, the longer distance you bridged the better; and we listened to Police and Fire Department communications. We knew what was going on before the average Joe knows it. Those were good old times when you had to hunt for information :-). Now, we are overwhelmed with information via Internet, and it has totally wiped out this fantastic human invention from a golden era.

That is why I jumped for joy when I saw this app. Radio amateurs have obviously moved on from basic analog only rigs to digital receivers that are able to stream their signals to the internet. So now, the net is full of these amateurs streaming their receptions. You don’t have to have an expensive rig anymore to listen in to Police communication. I just love this app. I am listening to 10-24 right now in New York Binghamton/Tioga. This is awesome.

The app not only stream scanners, you can also listen to regular radio stations all around the world. Get the app while you can, its free of charge. Here is an excerpt from the Store:

5-0 Radio is a free, all-in-one digital radio and police scanner service that lets you listen to police, firefighter, ambulance, airport, railroad, music, comedy, talk, news, and sports radio stations.
Listen to your stations in the background while you use other apps
Share stations with your friends and family who can listen to them on their own devices
Search stations by music artists, location, name, genre, and songs playing
Save your favorite stations onto presets

Listen to your favorite radio stations including NYC’s Z100, Howard Stern, ESPN, Opie and Anthony, Alex Jones Infowars, idobi radio, 181.FM, and many more.
Tap into the largest collection of real-time police scanners streaming live from all around the world.
Chat with other listeners to talk about what you’re listening to
Get details about the song that you are listening to, such as lyrics
Decode local police codes while using the police scanner

Download now via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Audials Radio App in the Store to compete with TuneIn


OK, I know some of you guys come to this site for news about the TuneIn App, most especially because of its initial problems in the Store. I know the App works for some of you, but some of you are still hitting the wall as far as TuneIn is concerned. Therefore I am happy to announce a consolation App for you in Audials Radio. This App is promising to fill the space TuneIn left by bringing you more than 40,000 Radio listing from all around the World. Like TuneIn, you can browse by country and language, you can listen by Artists or Genre. I am sure many of you will appreciate the app. I am having a hard time deciding which one is best, TuneIn or Audials. This app has some features that are not present in TuneIn; for example, you can see Album cover of the currently playing track. Here is the full description from the Store:

Listen to all radio stations of the world
More than 40,000 radio stations available. Browse radio stations by Country, Genres, Suggestions, or zap to stations which start to play back top hits right now. Live-search for radio stations by name, genre, or search for artists to get stations which play the artist frequently. See what music plays on each station before tuning in. Personalize the app by defining favorite stations, or pinning favorite genres or artists to the home view. Listen to radio in snap-in view. Always see cover pictures of currently playing track.

Radio-Data-Base with 40.000 Webradios
Radio Selection with Genre, Country, Language and Artists





Try this app out and let me know what you think, is it better than TuneIn in your opinion? Download via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store

Tune-In App updates in Windows 8 Store

[Update: 2012-12-12 – You might want to check this App out if you are having the issues with TuneIn!

[Update: 2012-09-22] Good News!

Tune-In is back in the Store, and it is this time around stable the whole time! Keeping fingers crossed here! The app has grown in size and TuneIn claimed they’ve fixed app crashes:

Release notes
Improved podcast playback performance, enhanced content organization and display in browse categories, and resolved several application crash conditions.


So, go get it, and come back to let me know how it is performing for you.


The embattled Internet Radio application Tune-In has released a second update in the store since yesterday. One emergency update was released yesterday evening, and one this afternoon. Unfortunately I have to inform you that both updates did not resolve the current issue with the App. The App installs normally on first use, but after initial use, possibly the second day, it only shows blank black screen.

You can attempt to resolve by uninstalling and re-installing as much as you want, it wouldn’t solve the problem. Many users of Tune-In, including yours truly, has complained on the review page of this issue. Even I personally reported it to Microsoft as a failed app. Its either removed from store till the vendor can fix it, or they release an update to patch. Obvious attempt to patch is not working right now. I fear the App may have to be removed. The updates are now rolling out, so check a few times if you don’t see it. Let me know if it fixed the problem for you.

[UPDATE 2012-07-15]
Thanks to Gutty information in the comments here below, I have confirmed that the Tune-In App has been pulled from the Store as of today. Hopefully this as a result of users complaints and Microsoft involvement to get this troubled app fixed before the RTM. I will keep monitoring the Store and inform you of any updates in the future.

[Update: 2012-09-10] Its post RTM and Tune-In is still missing in the Store. I have reached out to Tune-In and solicit a response, but they are keeping mum on what exactly is the issues they are having the App. Given the number of people coming to this site on Status, I can tell you the app is really a big deal and Tune-In should step up and come clean on exactly what the problem is. I have recently been entertaining another thought on this all. I think Tune-In and Microsoft have fixed the problem, but decided to hold unto the app till GA end of October. Either way, I think its bad habit of Tune-In to keep its users in limbo state like this.

[Update: 2012-09-20] At least Tune-In still works in Windows Phone 8, according to this picture of HTC 8X from Microsoft’s Facebook page:

The Radio Has Competition?

The 8tracks Slogan.

The history of anything is important, even technology, and innovations are always overthrown. The radio has seen it’s fair share of competition, and now it has even more. A new app for Android, iOS, PC and Mac called 8tracks is trying to get up there, and proclaims itself as “the best internet radio.” You may ask why it’s so much different than any other radio stations, or the radio itself? Well think like this, why do we listen to the radio?

The 8tacks icon.

The radio gives us great music, but we can get that on sites like Youtube or Vevo, why should we switch to 8tracks when their are so many great music sites. Well see in sites like youtube you have to search the specific song, not really anything new, but in 8tracks you search genre and there are plenty of user-made mixes, for example you may stumble upon a Dubstep mix, and it will play a dubstep song one after another, and you just might find a new song to add to your personal list of favorites. That’s what the radio did for us, but it was contaminated with numerous ads in between songs, and unnecessary pauses. In 8tracks there is none of that, you make an account and go, it’s as simple as that. Another thing is that you can save a mix onto your phone, or iPod and you won’t need internet connection later on to go through that mix on the streets or alone at some party with nothing better to do.

The community is already huge, and is growing at a very rapid pace, why not join it. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention is that it’s all free, making a mix is free, listening is free, and downloading is free! The developers of 8tracks can keep this because I am pretty sure they have made a deal with big music companies, to make money 8tracks won’t let you skip more than 3 songs per hour. It’s a small drawback but it adds a more “radio effect” to the app, and allows to keep everything running.

This app is rising to the top, and soon maybe another must-have app on your computer, or device, like Angry Birds.  Oh and the very best thing, it’s all free. Go check it out, it’s a unique idea, and is worth the few seconds to sign up and listen to some of your favorite genres of music.

The opinions in this article are solely those of Mughda Khondker.