JPL Brings “NASA Be A Martian” App to the Store


Hey, what have we here? A Martian Software on Windows 8! Another quality App has come to grace the Store. NASA JPL is here with “NASA Be A Matian” App to teach you what it takes to be on Mars. An educational package for young and old young-at-heart alike to experience Mars as one of the Robots we currently have roaming Mars at the moment. Learn how these robots operates, the condition that affects them and the challenges they face daily to supply us with those gorgeous Pics and data we receive from Mars daily. Jet Propulsion Laboratory describes the App as follows:

Be A Martian: Come explore Mars with us!
Space exploration is no longer limited to the intrepid few, but is open to us all as members of a spacefaring society. Be part of exploration and discovery in these times, and personally contribute to the expansion of human knowledge for all of us now, and as a legacy for those who follow.
Join a community of worldwide explorers! NASA/JPL’s Be A Martian App offers exciting ways to take part in discovery and learn about NASA’s Mars missions. You can also view Mars images and videos, and read the mission news. Learn more about Be A Martian at: and visit NASA’s Mars Exploration Program website:

See the latest mission images of our spacecraft and those returned from the Red Planet.
Get the latest updates on Curiosity’s Journey
Learn about Mars and all the active missions.
Ask us a question about Mars.
Get up-to-the-minute news.
Check out behind-the-scenes videos featuring people on the missions.


Come take this trip with us, learn all you can about Mars and join & contribute to the Community of Space farers. Maybe you’ll be the one to first identify Life in the strings of pictures available for scrutiny. Download this app and take a trip with us. Download via the Source Link.

Source: Windows Store

Congratulations, yours truly goes to Mars

Well I am one of the lucky ones whose names will be sent to Mars as permanent emblem to humanity on NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover. If you can’t be there physically, be there virtually. Something of yours truly will live forever on Mars!

McAkins on Mars

And of course, the Certification of Authenticity!

McAkins on Mars - certificate_left

That is a genuine Certificate number, right there for you.

[Update: 2012-08-05]
NASA did the impossible today! They landed the most complex, the most heavy probe on Mars. Today, we have a touchdown of MSL, or Curiosity if you will on Mars, in what has been called a textbook EDL. With such a gigantic odd, a million things that could go wrong and 500,000 lines of code, the impossible became possible today. This is the stuffs movies are made of really. Like the EDL team said, “humanity has raised the bar today of Space Exploration” we can only be better off for it.
For me, I am just thoroughly humbled by the fact that my name will be emblazoned for life on Mars. With a Chip carrying my name on MSL sitting there for ever. When I think about it, when our grandchildren reach Mars one day, they’ll setup an emblem with our names on it as permanent testimony to humanity’s curiosity and exploration drive.

Go Team NASA. Go Curiosity! May your sojourn on Mars bring us more answers to our insatiable Quests.