Pokki Failed – Start Screen Rulez


With all the noise online and on Twitterverse about Pokki you would have thought it’s a one sword to rule them all App. But as always with these kinds of tools, reality is always different than fantasy. Pokki is aspiring to fill the gaping gap left by the absence of StartMenu in Windows 8. It was with much pump and fanfair they announced themselves online, predicting the early death of Windows 8 if users don’t have StartMenu back. So they offered Pokki, polished and shiny. Aah see Microsoft tremble in their shoes. Pokki is going to derail the Windows 8 bandwagon!

Common people, are you telling me the guys at Pokki knows the inside of Windows than Microsoft itself? Yes, I have seen this all before, all these external tools that promise heaven and earth, the “Shell Replacements” from DeviantArt people, what do they all have in common? They created bloated environments that eventually bog down the system and create bad UX for users. And who gets blamed, yes, it is Microsoft. When are people going to wise up?

That screenshot above was taken from NeoWin’s interview with a Pokki  spoke-person, from the comments section. That is the reaction of a user to Pokki after giving it a spin. Microsoft has warned that they are removing the infrastructure that made StartMenu possible in Win8 as it will be an extra undesired baggage. If Pokki can rebuild that infrastructure and duplicate the performance Microsoft’s StartMenu good luck to them. If I were you I would just set my teeth and learn to use the Start Screen, after 2 Weeks you’ll get used to it, after a month you’ll be smiling and after 3 months you CAN’T go back to the StartMenu. Believe me, we’ve all been there. I have been using StartScreen since MS went public with Win8, each time I have to work on Win7 now, it’s a pain. Period.

Source: NeoWin Interview with Pokki

Pokki – The Mac App Store for Windows


As of early this morning, 6/28/2011, a new program was released for open beta. This program is called Pokki and it is some what of an app store for Windows.

Like the Mac App Store, where users can download apps and programs directly to their macs, Pokki is a small program that does something similar. Basically you go to Pokki.com and initiate a download of an app and along with that app the whole program is downloaded. After that any other apps you download can be done directly from your Windows Desktop.

Looks like the quick launch bar.


How can Pokki benefit me?

Pokki might not benefit you being on a desktop as of right now, seeing as how there are just a few apps on it. You could simply just use your browser to get the same effect. However at this moment Pokki could very well be used if you just want a quick look at your email, ebay bids, twitter, or RSS Feeds.


RSS Feed Reader

Overall First Impression:

My overall first impression of Pokki would have to be that it is a neat idea and defiantly deserves its time in the sun. However if Pokki doesn’t get some serious programmers to make apps for it, then it might fade away into internet history. The good thing about this program is that it is real easy to acquire it and start programming for it. Seeing as how it uses simple programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript makes it really easy to start coding for it.

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