The Future of Software — Freemium and Subscriptions

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The business model for software has seen tremendous change in the last decade. Gone are the days of buying software in large boxes from retail store for a hefty price. Gone are the days when you needed to pay nearly as much to receive updates to the software you purchased. For instance, in the past, if you payed $50 for a version 1 of a software, you were expected to pay another $50 for version 2. In many instances, “upgrade” prices would slightly reduce the cost of the new version, but not by much. Today, with a few exception, that is not how it works. Only a few big name software has been able to hold on to the tradition, namely Microsoft Office and, until recently, Adobe Creative Suite. But even these software makers are moving away from the old model. We are truly moving to a new era in software business. Continue reading

All About Money Finance App hit the Store


The First Personal Finance App hits the Store! All About the Money is a Personal Finance app to keep track of your Expenses on the Go. The App is one of the first apps to showcase the power of Microsoft Metro. View your expenses in glorious panoramic views. Know where your money is coming from and where they are going. Like SilverOak said, “Its all about your money”, and in this austere times, you need something like this to keep yourself in check.

Easily categorize your expenses for later presentation in views. You can view your expenses by time too; all you gave out this week, this month and this year for example. And to cap it all up, SilverOak threw in a few Demos to get you quickly started and reduce your learning curve. The app comes in at 1.27Mb size, for a non-game Metro App, that tells you the app is packed with features! The following is the vendors descriptions from the Store:

Transaction details grouped by time-period

Income summary by time-period

Transaction details screen (Expenses)
Transaction details grouped by time-period

Manage your money:
– track expenses, income and savings
– analyze spending by category
– review trends
See where your money comes from and where it goes.
It’s all about money!

Transaction summary dashboard
Add / update / manage / search transactions
Import / Export transactions
Spending by category

We are beginning to see serious apps from developers in the Windows Store, and this might be one of the most practical of them all. I truly hope you’ll appreciate the vendor’s effort. Go download the app via the following link:

Source: Windows Store

[Note: There are more and more apps hitting the Store at the moment, it is humanly impossible to blog them all, I only mention exceptional apps in this Blog. For my daily and regular news of new Apps in the Store, follow my Twitter Stream: @McAkins]