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Download Windows 8.1 ISO Using your Windows 8.0 Key

October 19, 2013 by


Folks, we have some GREAT news for you! A Microsoft community member have figured out a loophole that lets you download Windows 8.1 using your Windows 8.0 product key! The community member’s name is Tom. Here’s his tip. Easy Steps to get Windows 8.1 ISO Step 1: Go page and click on the “Install Windows 8” […]

[OBSOLETE] We Have Found a Solution to the Refresh and Reset Problem in Windows 8.1!

October 19, 2013 by


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Warning! This solution doesn’t fully work and is now obsolete!!! We have a newer, easier, and more reliable solution that does work and have been tested multiple times with success! Please see the new article on how to download a Windows 8.1 ISO using you Windows […]

Visual Studio 2013 Will Be Released on October 31 for Dreamspark Users

October 19, 2013 by

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Microsoft Dreamspark is a program by Microsoft that allows students and teachers to have free access to professional Microsoft Software. These software include Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Server, Microsoft Robotics Studio, and much more! Dreamspark users have free access to Visual Studio Professional Editions. This is true for Visual Studio 2013 as well. While the […]

Warning! If You Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Through Windows Store, You May Loose The Ability to Refresh and Reset

October 18, 2013 by


I am reporting to you with a very important precaution for anyone who has Windows 8 retail and is planning to upgrade to Window 8.1 for free through the Windows Store. This is serious because you may loose the ability to refresh or reset Windows once you do the upgrade, and there is no easy […]

Report: REALLY Good News is Coming for Future Windows Phone Updates

October 13, 2013 by


This may sound like a dream but comments from Paul Thurott suggests that the days of waiting months for Windows Phone updates to be rolled out is over. Now, Mr. Thurott is not saying exactly what it is, probably due to NDA, but he hinted at some very interesting thing. There are three hints from […]

Windows 8.1 GA Sneak Peek — Windows 8.1 Apps on the Windows 8 Store

October 9, 2013 by


At the general availability of Windows 8.1 on October 18, new apps will flush into the store. Many of these apps are exclusive to Windows 8.1 and are not compatible with Windows 8.0. But how will Windows 8 users see these exclusive Windows 8.1 apps? As it turns out, Windows 8 users can, indeed, see […]

Windows 8.1 RTM Adds A New Desktop Friendly Feature Since the Preview

September 29, 2013 by


Windows 8.1 Preview came with a handful of new features that made it easier for desktop users to use the OS, including boot to desktop, combustibility of the start screen to appeal for the desktop usage scenario, and better multitasking. Windows 8.1 RTM adds to the list. Thanks to our friends at Into Windows for […]

Windows 8.1 May Have Featured App Showcase on the Start Screen

September 28, 2013 by


We all are anxiously waiting for the general availability of Windows 8.1 on October the 18th. We are hoping that we will also see some influx of new apps designed for Windows 8.1 and apps that Microsoft has promised us in the 2013 BUILD conference, namely Facebook and Flipboard. Another thing we might find in […]

Let’s Run Internet Explorer 4 on Windows 8

September 22, 2013 by


Let’s have some fun guys! We are going to run ancient software in Windows 8. This time, however, it’s not any old software but a component of Windows that is almost two decades old! We are going to run Internet Explorer version 4.0 on Windows 8.0. Yes, I am serious! Let’s get to it.

Experiment: Running Windows 98 on Windows 7 & 8

September 17, 2013 by


Is running windows 98 on windows 7 or 8 possible in 2013? Well first, Windows 98 was released in 1998. That’s a whooping 15 years! We are going to try running this 15 year old bad boy and see just how compatible these operating systems are. We will browse the web and try installing modern software […]

Windows 8 Glitch Causes Windows 95 UI to Appear

September 16, 2013 by


For some strange reason, I encountered a Windows 8 glitch that did something unusual. Windows 8 fell back to the Classic, Windows 95 style, theme for window boarders, and user interfaces, such as buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, and more. The Windows 95 UI theme, also known as Windows Classic Theme was finally removed in […]

How To Reinstall Microsoft Office Without the Disc

September 16, 2013 by


Were you in a situation in which you lost or misplaced your Microsoft Office Disc and now are unable to reinstall Office on your computer? Ever wonder how you would ever be able to reinstall Microsoft Office It often happens that we may need to reinstall Microsoft office when we buy a new PC or when you […]

Let’s Begin!

September 16, 2013 by

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Rare and Exotic Windows RT Screenshots

September 9, 2013 by

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There are only few Windows RT devices around the world, given the sales of Windows RT based devices. However, I want to share some rare screenshots of this already rare operating system. By rare screenshots, I mean the type of screenshots you will not see when you look up Windows RT images on the web. […]