Fishdom 3: Special Edition – Xbox Game for Windows

Fishdome 3 Cover

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Enjoy the ultimate Fishdom experience – it’s better than ever!Now all your fish are in 3D and have their own personalities. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other.

Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with new unique twists.

– Earn dozens of awards and achievements.
– Choose from over 150 underwater decor items and accessories.
– 8 unique themes.
– Design as many tanks as you like.

Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you – dive in!


  • • • Endless play with 150 unique levels + 50 bonus levels (exclusive to the Windows 8 version)
  • • • 12 fun 3D fish, each with their own personality
  • • • Over 150 underwater decor items in 8 unique themes
  • • • Unlimited number of aquariums to design
  • • • Dozens of awards and achievements
  • • • Use touch or mouse/keyboard controls
  • • • 200 Xbox Gamerscore
  • • • Watch as your fish interact with each other and with you!


Published: Monday, August 21, 2013

Languages: English (United States), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Russian (Russia), Italian (Italy), Portuguese (Brazil)

Architecture: x86, x64, ARM

KinectHealth App hit the Store for your Health


Microsoft has published 4 Cool Apps in the Store from the @Demo Conference that just took place in San Francisco. One of this app is KinectHealth. An app that is dedicated to your health by making use of Camera and accelerometer technology in your mobile devices. A quick correction for what most of you might be thinking. This app has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Kinect. It’s a funny thing MS allowed the use of this name as it is a trademark. But that’s another story entirely. I can envision somewhere in the future when this app will be able to make use of the real Kinect for Windows device. I guess it’s a forward looking app in this case. Anyways, here is the full description from the Store:


Virtual fitness studio with dozens of workouts.  Find the right workout, track your progress with the webcam and workout with friends.  You will find warm up, beginner, advanced and cool down exercises in this unique app which uses your webcam to keep track of your workout intensity.


Webcam tracking to track calories

Track number of sessions, calories burned and more

Workout with friends

Good for all levels of fitness

You definitely need to give this app a try if you are needing encouragement to start a fitness program. It comes loaded with Workout videos and if you have buddy you guys can train together as you can read. What’s more, this app is free of charge for now.

Download the app now in the Store via the following link.

Source: Windows Store

Mars Rover Landing for Kinect

Microsoft and NASA joined effort to celebrate the landing of my favorite Mars rover Curiosity on Mars in a few weeks time by release just today an Xbox 360 App for Kinect. Mars Rover Landing for Kinect takes you through the difficult motion of landing a Rover safely in an unfriendly atmosphere of Mars. This is an opportunity for you budding JPL Lab rats to try your hands on this awesome experience of controlling remote operated vehicles millions of miles away.

One can only commend NASA and Microsoft on this joint effort in showcasing yet again the ubiquitous Kinect ability, and inspiring young kids in Science. I haven’t tried this myself as I am on holiday right now, but you can be sure my kids and I are gonna have a blast with this once we get home.

You can find this app in the Kinect Apps section of Xbox. Hopefully some of you will comment to let me know your experience with this.

Microsoft opening doors to Xbox’s Kinect ideas

Microsoft has now captured the spotlight again planning to release its development kit of the Xbox Kinect to software developers to enhance the features of their newest addition to the gaming family. Kinect has been what some would call “a hit” allowing the user to become the controller throughout their gaming experience. Kinect has already begun capturing the attention of hackers that have been putting the technology through some tests, including 3D Photography. The announcement came during an open day at Microsoft’s research center near Seattle. Microsoft is hoping that this will greater improve their content and make their presence even more within homes.

We are step closer to the Holodeck timeframe

Yesterday Microsoft demostrated the Avatar Kinect at CES 2011, a Kinect feature that lets your avatar mimmics your expression in the virtual world. It fully renders your personals, and emotional expressions in real time. Its an awesome demonstration, and you need to see it to believe it. Just search for Steve Ballmers keynote on CES 2011 on YouTube.

So, what does this tell me, Kinect can do more than we even have at this moment! The definition to track the movement of eyebrows is there, which means it can track your ten fingers, not just your arms. This opens up a lot of possibilities, and I am sure we are seeing just the begining of awesome things to come.

So the Holodeck is just a step away. Just place four Kinects in all four corners of the room, link them up and, if you can afford it, place beamers or monitors on all four walls. Then you need the power and magic of software which Microsoft is promising us in the future.
I have seen the future, and the future is Kinect!