So Where Did You Stand In Line For Your New iPad? [Poll]

new ipad

There is no doubt that many of you stood the very test of time itself outdoors waiting to receive your new iPad. But do you know what determines how fast you would get an iPad? The store you stood outside of. Most people would first think of the Apple store. Why not? Continue reading

Apple To Open the Doors to iPad Sales Tomorrow at 8AM. Are You Ready?

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Ready or not, get ready for the new iPad to start flying off of shelves. Starting tomorrow morning at 8AM Apple stores, along with other iPad carriers, will start selling their inventory to eager customers awaiting the next edition of the world’s most popular tablet.

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Gonna Be Following the iPad Event? Here’s What To Expect

Apple iPad Event
Image from Flickr

Unless you’ve been living under an iPad-less rock for the past couple of weeks, you have undoubtedly heard that Apple is going to announce it’s latest version of the iPad later today. Well when 1PM EST (10AM PST) rolls around, we’ll finally begin to see the light. Don’t know what to expect? Maybe we can help. Continue reading

iPad 3 or iPad HD? Which is it?

iPad HD Image
Image From the Nexus 404

For the past week or so, new information has come to light as to what the official name for the new iPad will be. We truly won’t know until tomorrow when Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, but there’s some pretty solid info that has turned up. Continue reading

The iPad to Hit Shelves this Friday and Apple’s Announcement Has a Surprise Other than the iPad “3”?

Apple Invitation

According to Leo Laporte, on This Week in Tech (TWiT), the iPad is hitting the shelves this Friday, the 9th. This means that on Friday, we will be able to get our hands on the next generation iPad, and possibly buy one. According to TWiT, the pricing of the iPad 3 will be the same as the current price for the iPad 2 today. It is also expected that Apple will still offer the iPad 2 for sale at a reduced cost. So, if you plan to buy an iPad 2, WAIT A FEW DAYS! You can potentially save a lot of money when the iPad 3 comes out.

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iPad 3: Does That Rhyme with LTE?

Reports from the Wall Street Journal suggested that Verizon and AT&T were going to be in for quite a test over the course of 2012. Their LTE networks, which for those who don’t know what LTE is, it is a fourth generation wireless technology being widely adopted by many major carriers in the US as the next step in wireless reliablity and speed on the go. The Wall Street Journal showed reports that Apple plans to release their iPad 3, 4G model sometime in early March. Whether this is true or not, many sources show much anticipation for the launch of the next iPad for the simple reason is it begins to put to test, the actual strength of the fourth Generation LTE wireless technology’s infrustructure. Verizon and AT&T as of now are the only confirmed sellers of the newest iPad as Apple, Sprint, and T-Mobile declined to comment when asked about a possible release. Continue reading

Best iPad Case for Under $75, the Primo iPad Case

 Like many of you out there, I’m still rocking the iPad 1. For a long time I was using the Explorer iPad case by Merkury Innovations, but after a little over a year I needed to get a new case. So our great friends over at Mivizu sent one of their Primo iPad cases along for review. The video below will host most of the details about the case which we ask you to take a look at. The video will primarily serve as an overview of the case. If you just want the highlights, check out the bullet points and review score box after the video.

iPad Case Highlights

  • The case has a rather professional look and feel about it. You shant be afraid to pull this out of your briefcase. It also has cushioning on the front and back cover exteriors.
  • There is a nice pocket on the inside of the front cover to store notes and business cards. I don’t suggest putting too much in there.
  • The case is UV radiation resistant.
  • The case has a magnetic clasp-like lock.
  • The case also features a stand to support the iPad in portrait mode.

        Some interesting things to point out

  • The speaker holes don’t exactly line up with the iPad speakers. Doesn’t seem to affect sound much.
  • An unexplainable bump appears to be on the inside of the front cover as seen here. It may just be this case. It has no affect on the screen.
  • There is stand support in landscape mode, but I find it a little lacking. You would have to somewhat carefully place the iPad into landscape mode. the kickstand is supported by the front cover flipped back.
  • The case costs $69. I assume the leather comes at a price.

The Bottom Line

[review pros=”Rather durable. Has a nice feel to it. All buttons are easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to leave your iPad in the sun (for long), it’s UV resistant. And who doesn’t like leather?” cons=”A tad bit on the pricey side” score=80]

If you are interested in this case, had down below to the source link to purchase your own case.

NOTE: Please let us know if you like this review format. We’re trying not to bore you with a wordy review ;)

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Game Center: Apple’s Most Undeveloped iOS Resource?

Apple’s App Store caters to many different crowds, from the businessman giving a presentation at the office to a mother teaching her child to read. No matter who you are, it seems there is something for everyone. As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.”

Perhaps one of the biggest industries on the App Store is the infamous game section. The mobile game industry is a growing one, and app producers are continuing to set their sights on them for many reasons: they can be fun to design and produce, they frequently climb high in the Top 100 list, and they make up some of the most enjoyable apps on the market. Apple took notice of this, and in September of 2010 released Game Center, a built-in app focused on creating a social network of sorts with the focus on making gaming on iOS a multiplayer and social experience.

Even with a significant update in October of last year, I am still unimpressed with the service as a whole. Among my friends with iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, hardly any of them have ever touched the service, much less made use of its (lacking) features.

As what many would consider a hardcore gamer, I’ve had plenty of experience with gaming networks, whether it is Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or even Nintendo’s often-criticized friend code system. As such, I approach Apple’s Game Center network with an expectant attitude, seeing all the potential that lies within, much of which is inspired by its fellow systems. This wonderful network could be achieved, I believe, with a few simple regulations and changes.

Regulation of achievements. Apple’s approach to achievements is comparable to Microsoft’s with their Gamerscore system. Each game comes with a collection of achievements which, when “unlocked,” yield a certain number of points. The points across all games are added up and reflect the player’s overall score. However, in Microsoft’s system, there are requirements for the achievements within a game: each retail game must have at least 1000 points in achievements, and each arcade game 200 points. Within Game Center’s system, no such requirement exists. Any game, regardless of cost or length, could have anywhere between zero and a hundred achievements, possibly more if the system allows. The guideline for points is just as crazy, with some games awarding extreme amounts, while some give hardly any. Perhaps a player’s overall score would be more impressive and easily comparable to another’s if the games they played existed on an equal field. I know from personal experience that achievements can be an excellent motivation for gamers interested in completing games 100% and improve replay value.

More involved presence. While Game Center links every game, its presence within these games is often kept to a bare minimum, if anything at all. Once again, I’d like to make connections to Xbox Live and PlayStation network, which alert the player with a simple notification that they have unlocked an achievement or trophy. With games on iOS, there is no such thing unless otherwise created by the designer, which may or may not align with Game Center’s achievements to begin with. What I would like to see is a more dominant role within games. Currently, the only sign of it is when you open an app and receive a simple little message welcoming you back to Game Center. This same little appearing bar could easily appear at other times to say something as simple as “Achievement Unlocked – Achievement Name – 15 Points” before disappearing once more. This not only alerts the player of their achievement, but also encourages them to take another peek at Game Center and see what else has happened.


Player-to-Player Interaction. Game Center has been described as a social network for iOS gamers. However, the system is lacking in many ways. Friends can be added using their Apple ID or nickname, which then sends a request that must be approved. Once approved, one another’s profiles will become visible, showing what games you’ve played and/or have in common, which achievements you’ve unlocked, your high scores, and who your friends are. A profile picture and short “status” are visible as well. Aside from this, contact is kept to a bare minimum. Some possible suggestions to improve this interaction include community chatrooms for discussions and socializing, chat integration and game invites through iMessage, and possibly some kind of voice chat overlay. Some games have integrated such things, but the vast majority of them have not at all. Player activity would be interesting as well, such as a separate status within Game Center saying which game you’re playing or which games you’ve played recently. This extra spark of human life could bring players back to Game Center time and time again.

Game Center is quite possibly one of Apple’s most underdeveloped presences on the iOS collection. Very few companies such as Apple with devices such as the iPad and iPhone can claim to have established such a unifying system across different platforms. The least they could do with it is develop it more fully. While many of these suggested changes and additions would reasonably be dictated by the player and the developer, they could easily draw much more attention to Apple’s gaming apps and network, increasing both revenue and pleasure for all.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Colin Halbmaier.

Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

Have you ever thought about jailbreaking your iOS device? If you have or you have already jailbroken your device, have you thought about what cool tweaks you’d install or how you would even install them? Well Austin Allen has shown us a little of what jailbreaking is like and how it can change the the user experience of your device. He also shares with us his reasons for jailbreaking.

Be fore warned though! The app Installous is mentioned in this video. And if you know what that is then you know what I’m hinting at. Piracy is not endorsed by Techtronica as a whole, but the individual writers have their own point of view they go by. So please keep things civil if you decide to comment on how piracy is wrong, it’s breaking the law, yada yada yada yada.

Tech Predictions for 2012

We are at another new year. 2012 is here and we are all still alive! To celebrate the new year, we are going to have a little fun here. Some of the authors at Techtronica have come up with some of their predictions of what will happen by the end of the year (other than the end of the world). The predictions range from Apple’s iPad, to Google+, to Windows 8 to 3DTVs. We have listed the names of the authors followed by their predictions. If you have your own predictions, agree or disagree with the authors, or have any other comments or questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitter, facebook, or Google+

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker

Windows Store ScreenshotThe tablet market will explode with mindshare and products

With the iPad and the Kindle Fire’s notable success, there is no doubt that many other manufacturers will join the race for similar success. Yes, android tablets have been around 2011, but it is not until the Kindle Fire that android tablets have seen its true potentials. I would expect more customized and branded android tablets this year.

Let’s not forget Windows 8. Microsoft is in full throttle to push its next Windows OS into tablets. Windows 8 features a touch-first user experience, with fluid animations and response. With the new Windows 8 App Store and revolutionary Windows Applications, Windows 8 tablets will be a huge influence in this market.

By the end of 2011, consumers are now fully aware of and interested in this new way of computing, and, thus, it is only expected that in the year 2012 will see a boom in tablet purchases.

Windows 8 will be a huge hit and a great threat to the iPad

I know this is a bold statement, but bear with me. I am confident that Windows 8 will be a very successful both in the desktop and the tablet market.

The success of Windows 8 revolves around that Windows 8’s excellent ability to be backward compatible the ability to outperform Windows 7 even in the basic level. The desktop mode in Windows 8 allows almost full compatibility with Windows 7 programs and usability. With the addition of new desktop features, like a built in Anti-Virus, Window color that change to suit the wallpaper, ribbon in explorer, built in Virtual Machine, and a bunch of other stuff allows one to look at Windows 8 desktop as Windows 7 Plus! It is essentially Windows 7 with a bunch of new features. Let us not forget that Windows 8 also uses less ram to run and yields a better performance.

In the tablet market, Windows 8 will offer something Android fails to do. Like the iPad, Windows 8 will offer a unified experience that lacks the fragmentation of Android, UI overlays, and update hassle. But unlike the iPad, Windows 8 will also offer a choice of hardware and the ability to go deep in customization.

This will be the year of streaming

I am predicting that streaming will take a big step towards the war against cable television. I expect to see other direct competitors to Netflix. Not only that, I am also expecting companies to continue innovating. Like Google did with Google Music in 2011, I am betting that companies like Google will present more video and streaming related services. YouTube is a great candidate for playing a big role here.

Apple TV rumors have been stronger than ever in the year 2011. Apple is expected to do something revolutionary with TV, and I hope, perhaps, Apple can advance streaming while putting a huge blow towards the cable companies.

Joe Landor

Photo of the iPadThe Introduction of the iPhone 5 and a some form of a new iPad

The rumor mills have been grinding, as you all already know. Timing next year will be just about right for an iPad release (can’t say it’ll be called the iPad 3.) the timing would also be right for the iPhone 5, as Apple did the same thing with the 3GS and the 4. So Apple is following a pattern they always do. Look for a mid to late summer release for the iPhone 5 and a Q1 release for the iPad.


I predict that Google will hit 400-500 million users before 2012 ends.


Brett Young

Web Browsing

I predict that Web Browsing will go to another level. Bigger and Better with the ability to automatically convert different code language to like HTML 5.

Google Products

I predict that Google will change to another design including all of its products and that Google AdSense will be allowed to be registered with Regular Google Accounts


iPredict that Apple will come out with a fully designed internet TV for use in homes. iAlso Predict that Apple will vanish the Mac Pro and Make a better model then it is now..

Austin Allen

The year of 2011 has come and gone, and now we are looking forward to 2012. With a new year come advances, especially in technology. This upcoming year has many tech savvy individuals gritting their teeth to get their hands on the latest technology. This year is expected to contain the release of a new iPad, iPhone, improvements in 3D television, and many more gadgets.

Game Consoles

In 2012, I expect an announcement of a new Xbox, or PlayStation. This is likely to be just an announcement. The actual gaming system will probably not come out until 2014. The reason for this is because Microsoft is still trying to get the most out of the Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 has finally gotten into its prime.

Apple iPad and iPhone

I also expect a new iPad in early 2012, assumedly being called the iPad 3. This iPad is expected to have a retina display screen, and 2 dual core processors with an A5 chip. I also expect a new iPhone. I believe this iPhone should be called the iPhone 5. There are no speculations on what software the new iPhone will have, but what is expected is a change in hardware. Many Apple lovers were disappointed with no change in the hardware for the iPhone 4s, but Apple will make up for this with the iPhone 5.

Apple MacBook

I expect a new MacBook Air in a few months. This MacBook air will have software improvements, and will also be even thinner than the previous model. Shortly after the release of the MacBook Air, I expect a newer MacBook Pro. This MacBook will contain a retina display.

3D TVs Will Finally Succeed

Last, but not least, will be 3D television. The release of the current 3D televisions was a major failure. This is because of the bulky, expensive glasses, and the hassle it takes to just watch your favorite shows. There also aren’t a lot of movies, or T.V. shows that are in 3D. Soon, more movies, shows, and video games will come out in 3D and will make 3D television a huge success.

More Gadgets: Fad or Revolution?

There will be many more gadgets, software updates, and even something that no one has heard of come out in 2012. Will these things be successful, or will they miserably fail? That is the question.


Well, this has been our predictions of what may happen in this amazing year. Stick with us during this year and we will continue to give you tech news and discussions. At the end of this year, we are going to revisit this article and see which of our predictions actually came true! We would love to here from you, so  Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitterfacebook, or Google+

We Review The 180S TecTouch Gloves Hands On…Literally!

Do your hands ever get cold while texting outside in the dead of winter without gloves? Stupid question right? Of course! you’d be freezing your opposable digits off! Well then consider this video here a gift. Austin Allen brings an honest review of the 180S TecTouch Gloves which will hopefully keep your hands warm and your lols and omgs zipping across cyber space.

The New Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 (iPhone 4, 3Gs, iPod Touch 4,3 and iPad 1)

Are you bored with your iDevice and want to customize it a little? Well here is your opportunity. The untethered jailbreak for iDevices on the software 5.0.1 is finally here. This jailbreak will not work on the iPhone 4s, the GSM version of the iPhone 4, or the iPad 2. There are previous tethered jailbreaks, which will disappear once you have to restart your iDevice, or if it dies on you. But the untethered jailbreak will stay on your iDevice even if you do happen to let the battery run down, or you turn it off. Here are the steps to jailbreak your 5.0.1 iDevice:

1. Download Redsn0w from the download section below.

>> If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 then right click Redsn0w and set compatibility to windows XP (service pack 2) and then run it as the administrator.

2. Hit “Jailbreak” and enter DFU mode by following the steps on the screen. The steps are:

I. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds

II. Continue holding the power button and start holding the home button and continue holding both buttons for 10 seconds.

III. Let go of the power button and continue holding the home button until RedSn0w starts to exploit your device.

3. Select install Cydia

4. Wait for the jailbreak to finish and for your iDevice to reboot (This should take about 10 minutes)


Download Redsnow:



Also watch the video tutorial at…


For the “semitethered” jailbreak, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Jailbreak with your iDevice with Redsn0w’s tethered Jailbreak

2. Open Cydia and follow Step 2a if you’re on either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, or Step 2b if you’re on an iPad

>>Go to Manage > Sources >Edit (top right corner) > Add (top left corner)

>>Go to Sources > Edit (top right corner) > Add (top left corner)

3. Add the following source:

You now have your semi untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5!

Here’s more information on the “semitetherd” Jailbreak (that’s the official name) from BigBoss:

1) Can use phone, sms (text messages)
2) Can use every other stock app on iphone.
3) Cannot use mobile safari
4) Can use other appstore web browsers such as atomic web browser
5) Cannot use mail app. You could install a gmail app from appstore or such instead.
6) You cannot use any jailbreak tweak, app, cydia until you boot tethered.
7) While in the semitether booted state, you should not add a jailbreak ios5 notification such as sbsettings to notifications during this state or your device will be stuck in a respring loop until you get home to “boot tethered”

WebOS is now Open Source!

Courtesy of ZDNet

HP has made news, once again, but this time, this is good news! HP’s WebOS is now open source. WebOS was originally developed by Palm, Inc, and it is really became the first known “smartphone OS”. (WebOS is basically a successor to Palm OS, initially developed in 1996 for PDAs. WebOS is the latest living history of the legacy of Palm OS.) Sure we had “Windows Mobile/Pocket PC”, but that was a major fail at best. Over the years, WebOS has proved to be a very solid and simple operating system, creating fans from all over the tech industry.

Of course, HP buys Palm, Inc, along with WebOS. Unfortunately for HP, it couldn’t use WebOS to tackle the iPad nor the buggy Android tablets. To make matters worse, with the coming launch of Windows 8, HP is dedicated to make Windows 8 tablets. So, where did WebOS stand; the tech industry was quite worried about the fate of the beloved operating system. Thankfully, though, HP has made the right decision, in our opinion. WebOS is now open, and this could be big!

Now Android is no longer the only open-source choice for developers and manufacturers. We may now see more WebOS based tablets and phones, and given many think this OS is more stable than Android, it can be a win for consumers. Furthermore, because the OS is now open-source, we may see other developers and/or companies actively developing the OS in the years to come.

While I don’t see this as a sign of death for Android or iOS, I do believe this is a positive thing for consumers. Hopefully, we will have another real competition in the market soon.

My Thoughts on Steve Jobs

Since Steve Jobs died Wednesday, October 5, I had gotten to do some thinking about how Steve has affected all of our lives in one way or another. Everyday, no matter where we go, we carry a little piece of him with us. Whether it be an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even Mac laptops, some part of the mind of Steve Jobs lies within. As of the writing of this article, I’m sitting on the floor of the communications building on campus with my iPad waiting for my next class to begin while looking at the words I have just written. What exactly do they mean to me?

Steve Jobs was a man of passion. He wouldn’t settle for second rate. He took what was best and made it even better. If only during his early pioneering years he had settled for mediocre quality, we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today in terms of modern day computing.

Steve’s eye for quality and detail was second to none. I would almost even dare say he was anal about it. I had heard stories over the years about him reducing Apple engineers to tears because the products they were working on didn’t meet his standard of excellence. He wanted to take good and make it better. And essentially, this is what has broken Apple out of the pack and has placed it as the most successful and profitable company in the world to date. But Apple didn’t just come out of the box working like it is now.

The now gigantic company we know today as Apple started out as Apple Computer in the form of a circuit board called the Apple I by three broke college dropouts in a garage in Cupertino, California in 1976. In 1977, the company received outside funding and began work on the successor to the Apple I, the Apple II. And as they say, the rest is history. But in that history are a lot of bumps in the road. Bumps that included Jobs resigning from his own company due to power struggles before being brought back after the acquisition of another company, NeXT, in which he founded. Fast forward through time, new and revolutionary devices (including some released years before their time) have been released unto the world changing how we do things forever all because of the vision of one man.

Through Steve’s vision, iDevices are now in the hands of people on the go, MacBooks are on the laps of eager college students, and iMacs on the desks of those turning the music and designing industry on its ear. We are now connected no matter where we go.

Sure you can call the man mean, tyrannical,or a perfectionist because of his methodology, but that is your opinion. I stated my opinion based on what Steve has accomplished, not on what pundits and fanboys are saying while some sling post-mortem mud. But even while he was alive, Jobs rose above the noise. Although he is no longer is here with us, his legacy will continue where he left off.

All in all, Steve Jobs had wanted to put a ding in the universe. I say he certainly has.

HeyTell [App Review]

Monday, I was helping my Youth Pastor with some work around our church when his iPhone 4 made this alert noise and was soon after followed by a message. I asked him why there were random voices coming from his iPhone and he said it came from the HeyTell App. I had been looking for an app similar to this one but could only find ones with less capability. After examining the speed and capability of the App on my YP’s iPhone to my friend’s iPad I was set on purchasing one from the App Store. So, I bought the App and I’ve carried on many conversations with people from 5 ft away, and all the way from Georgia to Texas.


Now let’s get onto the review:

HeyTell is built with many concepts for user enjoyment based communication so the Pros-Cons rating is about 50-1. The app is pretty much your mobile device “walkie talkie” so there is no more of a need to go out and by 2 way radios anymore. One of the greatest things I have encountered while using the app is its speed. My friend and I were connected to the same Wifi modem and within 2 seconds of him sending the message it was already being played on my iPhone. Another note about the time in between sending and receiving the message depends on whether or not you are using your carrier’s internet or a wifi connection. One of the thing’s I’ve personally noticed is that the speed is much greater when you are connected to wifi instead of your carrier’s internet (even when you aren’t both connected to the same wifi connection).

Quality is another excellent feature in this innovative product. Earlier, I compared the app with “walkie talkies” (2 way radios) and here is another great feature to once compare this with. Quality in your 2 way radios usually ranges from Okay-Awful. I have only experienced one type of quality with this app and that is excellent. Security wise you have 3 options which is along the lines of open, secure and closed. With open anyone can talk directly to you without a friend request. Secure (what I mostly recommend) prompts users to add you as a friend before any contact can be made.

As with most voice apps there are also “add-ons” which can do anything from say what you type to another person or change your voice. These apps price range on average are about from Free-$3.00. One of these add-ons allows you to “HeyTell” with up to 25 people in one group. This is great for small event staff that have quick internet access and can get messages to each other quickly.

Overall this is a great app for any quick message you would like to get to your friends, family, colleagues or whatever the case may be. I believe that HeyTell has went beyond and above with this communication app and I rate them a 9.5 of 10 for an overall rating.

[review pros=”Great app for any quick messages.” cons=”None” score=95]