Enable the New Engine in IE in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879

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Windows 10 comes with an updated version of Internet Explorer that includes a new rendering engine, and in Build 9879, we can switch between the old and new rendering engines. Brad Sams from Neowin notes that, according to his sources, Internet Explorer in Windows 10 will ship with two different engines. One will be the engine from IE11 and will have legacy components to allow older websites to work and the other will be an updated engine that is more lightweight and modern. Sams explains that website in compatibility mode will use the older engine while everything else will use the newer engine. Continue reading

Internet Explorer Dev Channel and more for the week of June 16, 2014

Internet Explorer Dev Channel and more for the week of June 16, 2014

A lot happened this week. Microsoft releases Internet Explorer Developer Channel. Facebook Beta for Windows Phone gets a big update. Surface Pro 3 is now on sale. Amazon announces a phone about which I couldn’t care less. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

In EU, your first Update after Windows 8.1 install is the Browser Choice


Guess which update you have to download once you’ve installed Windows 8.1GA in EU? Yes, the stupid browser choice screen. Despite the fact that MS is no more a monopoly in the Browser market, the EU is still forcing them, or shall we say, forcing us to choose our browser. God forbid that Opera with 0.5 market share should be forgotten. Common people this is the 21st Century the last time I checked.

Anyway, MS has learnt his lesson to avoid huge sum of levy from the EU just like they did with Windows 8.0 when some at Microsoft forgot to put this stupid Option. Now, who is going save us from our saviors at the EU parliament. I have already made my browser choice long time ago. Yes, I choose IE11. Stop bothering me.

Breaking: Microsoft Rolls Out Browser Choice Screen out to Windows 8 Users


Microsoft is rolling out as of today a Browser Choice Screen update to all Users in the European region. The update is in the Important/Critical update section so if you’ve chosen to have updates install automatically (default), this Choice Screen update will be installed automatically. I guess MS doesn’t want to face another fine for “forgetting” to activated Browser Choice on Win8 when it was in Beta.

Still I find this ridiculous in today’s browsers world. IE is no more the dominant force, there is enough competition, there was even rumors some weeks ago that Google’s Chrome has overtaken IE. So I guess its time for Mozilla and Opera to focus their whining on Google and leave IE alone. Its only in EU that you are forced to advertise the Wares of your Competitors. So when is this going to apply to Apple, they are dominant on the Mobile field, when can we expect browser choice screen on iPhone and iPad?

Microsoft Admits You Hated Hated IE, But Asks You To Give it a Second Chance

It is not like a company such as Microsoft to admit that one of their product was actually bad and hated by customers. Microsoft PR never mentioned that Windows ME or Windows Vista had its problems and that people were not a fan of these products. When Windows 7 released, Microsoft PR did speak of how everyone loved Windows 7 remained silent about Vista’s reactions. It came to me as huge surprise to see Microsoft actually admitting that Internet Explorer was a hated browser and was not on par with the latest technology standard. They even made made a video about it!

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