The Post TouchPad Lesson

How the mighty have fallen! HP kills its Touchpad and its darling WebOS. It is inevitable if you are playing reactive to the market. I personally don’t shed a single tear for HP. Yes, they deserve to fail in the tablet venture.

Why? You asked. Because without HP there will not be iPad. Yes, believe it or not, there is a device that Apple copied, and it is made by HP. It is the reference slate device called HP TC1100.


When HP decided to abandon the slate format in 2005, all of tablet users thought HP was crazy. The tablet was beautiful, a sign of things to come. We started a campaign to have HP rescind on its decision and develop the slate line further, but they refused. They told us the Slate format is dead, they were turning out the convertible format in droves. Go read the history in if you are interested.

So Apple stole HP’s thunder and released the iPad and broke the tablet market. All HP can do was dust-off the a TC1100 follower they had shelved years ago called HP 500 tablet. A lack luster device that failed miserably. Then they bought Palm and the venture into the WebOS world. The rest of the story is known all too well to you all.

But something wonderful happened at the demise of the Touchpad, there was a clamor for it! Are you kidding me?! Why are people clamoring for a dead device, whose marketplace and development is dead in the waters? Price, yes just the price!

The death of Touchpad showed that people will buy a functional tablet if the price is right! Microsoft and its OEM can learn a lot from this. The touchpad at $99 is just a web-browsing device and people are willing to pay for it. Can you then imagine what will happen if we have tablet that has a good ecosystem behind it, vis-à-vis Windows8, and cheap price. People will buy it in droves!

If MS is willing to take a hit on Windows8 tablets by subsidizing them like they did with xBox, they can stall the onslaught of Apple and take the wind off their sail. This will get people comfortable with tablets on Windows platform. Coupled with the availability of Pen-computing on Windows platform, MS will have a winner on its hand. Lets just hope that the death of Touchpad will bring something beautiful: affordable tablets on the Windows8 ecosystem.

Touching Windows 7: The Facts

For all of you complaining that Windows 7 is not fit for Touch, you need to be informed before coming to this conclusion. Most of you have not used Windows 7 with a Touch-enabled device, I think the misconception arise from this lack of reference. The windows you see when you are using your desktop with mouse and keyboard is not the same windows you will see when Windows 7 is installed on a Touch-enabled device. Windows 7 literarily lets the beast loose when installed on appropriate device, and since not many people have these devices, it is justifiably misunderstood.

To help you lot I have compiled here a list of items I have come across online to help in your education, of course the best education will be if you can get Touch-enabled device for yourselves. Enjoy!

1. Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows: Windows 7 Feature Focus Tablet PC and Windows Touch

2. See Touch in action at Long Zen’s site: Touch panning (a.k.a. kinetic scrolling) in Windows 7

3. Now get the full lowdown from the Windows Engineering group: Touching Windows 7
You’ll be surprised how much thought went into the design of Windows 7 for Touch.

It is incredible how ignorance can spread in human nature, and since we’ve got the Net, ignorance has exploded considerably, you don’t have to verify the news anymore, all you need do is hear it from a hear-say, and you spread it further. We are all unfortunately a bunch of talking-heads now. We are being fed with propaganda and malice, intelligent analysis of an issue is no more the bane of the day.

Given the numbers of haters there on the Net, spreading FUD about anything Microsoft have never been so easy. The gospel of hatred and misinformation is being perpetrated from the Temple of Apple and Linux Churches, and the disciples are busy as ever spreading the rumors without ever checking the fact.

Windows 7 is Touch-aware, if you want to verify it, get a Touch-enabled device or shut up if you don’t have the fact. You don’t love it because you don’t see it, you don’t see it, because you don’t have it, you don’t have it because you don’t know it. Now you know, go have it, then you’ll love it.

HP Slate Review Request to x313xkillax

Hi x313xkillax,
Please find my request as below for the HP Slate:
0. Please show the Windows Experience Index.
1. Please run the Passmark benchmark ( to show us overall device performance. Post the result online. Plz, plz.
2. Please install IE9 which uses the GPU acceleration and test Pinch/Zoom and overall responsiveness.
3. Please show the power connector pins, can you charge the tablet without the dock?
4. Check the documentation to tell if the pen is active or passive digitizer?
5. How hot does it get? Passmark should tell you the temperature of all units inside the device.
6. Take the screen cover off when doing the Touch demos please.
7. Use the tablet extensively after full charge, let us know how long it takes for the battery to die.
8. If you have time, please download HDTune (, and show us the Min and Max transfer rate of the SSD unit.
9. What is the sound quality coming from the speakers? Can you hear it clearly in busy environment (Cafe’s etc.)
10. Mic quality, record some sound with Win7 Sound Recorder, how is the quality?
11. Install Office 2010, test standard office programs, how do they respond.
12. Test OneNote extensively, how smooth is the pen. While using the pen, open Task Manager performance tab to show how much CPU usage.
13. Finally, what is the Length, breadth and depth of the device, what is the weight. Maybe you can get this info from the manual. Check the CD, maybe there is a pdf of the documentation, please post it.
Jeez, I could go on and on. If you’re really not into Tablets please find a Windows Tablet addict to test for you. This is not a device for hobbyst, some of us at have been waiting for an upgrade to our TC1100 for years, now you have it in your hand and you don’t know what to do with it. You have it more than 4 days now, and you could only post 2 videos? This is the most anticipated device from Windows Tablet fans, please don’t just sit on it. Feed us with a lot of videos. Thanks already, on behalf of all Windows Tablet fans in the world.
This is ridiculous giving this most anticipated device to someone that hardly know what to do with it. Is it difficult to contact your fans sites like to introduce such a device? This guy have it for almost a week now, there is no review, just 2 videos! Is this the best you can do? Please get an expert to test and review the unit, I will gladly volunteer on behalf of all Windows Tablet users.
A disappointed HP Tablet fan.