Video Tutorial: How to Find Windows Store App URL

Learn how to find web URLs for Windows Store apps in the Windows Store! Song by Mahir Zain

Windows Tip: Turning off Windows Store Notifications

Windows 8 Store
If you want to turn off the notification you get every time you install a new app, it’s easy to do so. When you install an app from the Windows Store, the Store will send a push notification on the upper right corner with the message “[name of app] has been installed.” You can click the notification to launch your new app. If you do not want to see that notification but don’t want to globally turn off notifications for all apps, you can do so from the Windows Store Settings charm. Continue reading

Windows 8 Introductory Tutorial

New to Windows 8? Check out this video tutorial I made to help you get started with Windows 8. The video is meant to help you get started, but to truly get used to the new OS, you need to have hands-on time with it. Windows 8 is all about muscle memory. Continue reading

Windows 8’s Media Player loses Media Guide/Store

It appears that Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 8 is not only loosing its DVD playback feature, but also its built in media store, including the outdated and useless Media Guide. Media Guide for Windows Media Player was an online Media Store that started to be integrated to Windows Media Player with Version 7, introduced alongside Windows ME 12 years ago! It was part of Microsoft’s then online media Strategy, branded as “Windows Media” with its newly launched website, The media store has seen some improvements during the Windows XP era but very little during the Windows Vista Era. Continue reading

How to Access the Windows 7 Games Folder in Windows 8

This tutorial will guide you in enabling the Games Folder in Windows 8.

Games Folder

The games folder was introduced with Windows Vista and improved on Windows 7. It included games that came installed with Windows, like Chess and Solitaire, and it also added any new games you might have installed. The games folder also showed detailed information about the games, including high score, age ratings, and compatibility. If the developers allowed it, the games could be updated directly from the Games folder.

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Installation Guide for Windows 8 Release Preview

This is the moment you have all been waiting for, folks! Windows 8 Release preview is here, and you can download it now.

Installation Guide

I recommend installing the release preview directly from within Windows, if possible. I recommend you do this even if you plan to do a clean install. Running the setup program directly from an existing installation of Windows will give you the most possible options and also make the process of downloading and installing much faster.

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