Google Graveyard is here for the Mourners


Someone mentioned this new App in a tweet today. A place to mourn your dead Google Apps :-). Have Google taken your cookies just because they can, this is the place to mourn and protest. See all App Google has killed during the years. Now they are coming up with new Products, who is ever going to trust them with their valuable again if they can just throw the swtich at whim without even a courtesy of explanation. Google is power-drunk with their monopoly, they can afford to do anything since they have friends in high places.

Mourn with us while you can, YouTube is another target I hear, only usable if you’re on Google+. So someone like me without a Google account is blocked for life. Way to go Google. “Do no Evil” my foot!

Download this app now and mourn with thousands/millions of Reader users.

A Great GMail App debuts in the Store


For those of you unfortunate enough to be tied to the ADs Platform called Google (Yes I’m not a Google fan) here is something to relieve your pain. Here is an awesome GMail App, fully implemented with Touch in Mind. It provides all GMail functionality within the confine of a Metro App. The Devs should be commended on this achievement. As you can see, 50 users have already gone before you since it was released two days ago, and they’ve given the App fully 5-Stars. So I guess you are in for luck. I can’t verify the app as I don’t have Google account, but I trust users reviews, and this have been positive generally.

Here is the Devs description from the Store:

Gmail  Touch is a mail client for Windows 8. View your inbox, compose messages, search your mail, and more!

View your inbox
Compose messages
Search your email






Sorry for being mean, but I am of the opinion if you’re gonna use Microsoft products, use Microsoft solution, if you are gonna use Google’s solutions, use Google’s products. A lot of frustrations we are seeing from reviewers are based on them reviewing MS solutions/products and failing to connect to their Google Solutions. I hope this wisdom will be of use to you, but then I am preaching here. Again, sorry about that.

Please download the App via the Source here below.

Source: Windows Store

TechCrunch, Scroogled: Why Not?

It’s a slow day today, so TechCrunch asked “Scroogled: Why So Negative, Microsoft?” with a post trying to bash MS for its rather un-Microsoft-like way of competition against Google. I mean everybody is used to everyone bashing Microsoft, while they happily turn their other cheeks. So where is this new aggressive Microsoft coming from?

The question that TechCrunch should have asked is “Scroogled: Why Not?”. There was a time Journalism was established as the public Third Arm of Democracy, in which Journalist were the Sentinels of Truth in the society, to tell the story the way it is after an investigative effort. They are supposed to keep the Government and businesses realms healthy by exposing what we’ve all commonly agreed to be against social norms being practiced by these entities. The World Financial Collapse is an attestation to the failure of Journalists in their role.

Today, journalism is a joke, the line between a journalist and a fanboy has merged. Journalist are now rather opinion shapers instead of harbingers of truth. Where was TechCrunch when Apple was raiding anything Microsoft with the Switcher Ads? Every soul that knows its salt in IT and Computing knows all the claims of Apple in the Ads were just one big crock. The claim of Apple that its devices don’t get viruses prompting massive run for Macs have been proven to be an illusion. Where where all the Tech journalists then that should have called Apple to its senses and exposed the fraud in the Ads. No, they where all cheering Apple on and empowering the Distortion Field further. Now Apple has removed virus-efficacy claim from its sites. MacOS is just another susceptible OS as any other.

imageAnd this brings me back to the question in focus. “Scroogled. Why Not?” The question is whether MS assertion is true or not. If the Journalist are failing to warn the masses about the dangers of using Google’s products, who is going to do it. Yes, there is inherent danger in using Google’s product. You mum has told you when you were small, nothing comes free in life; something has to give. You just don’t think Google as a commercial company is working for Santa Claus did you? Where do you think they are making those billions they declared recently as profit? Have you ever seen a Non-Profit organization declare billions in profit?

Yes, you are all paying for it by using Google’s products. Those Android Phones, Chrome Browsers and Chrome OS all phone home by using them. They are telling Google everything you’re doing. That is how they get to know you more than your mother does. To sell you things you don’t need. If you pitch your tent with an Ad company, you need to be aware of the consequences. That is what Tech Journalists are failing to do. They are failing to educate the masses about the dangers of exposure. Privacy Advocacy is not there for nothing, there are people that have been bitten by having their lives exposed online to all and sundry. You may think you are safe for now, but the incessant attack we are witnessing against big American companies these past weeks attest to the fact that security is an illusion. You can say you don’t mind Google knowing everything about you, but what happens when Google is hacked and brought to its knees by enemies, what is going to happen to you? These are the questions that Tech Journalists should have been asking, but almost all of them are fanboys in this age and time. Most of them have vested financial interests in these companies that they’ve lost their objectivity.

So, is it right for Google to be reading your mail, scouring you HDD and looking at everything you type on your computer. If a Virus does this, we are all up in arms, but it is OK for Google to be doing it. Just think about that for a while. The masses need to be aware of these issues and they need to be educated to be able to make informed choices. But how can the masses be educated when the Journalists are busy making money and cheering and hating at the same time. There was a time Journalism was devoid of emotion so as to maintain factual integrity, but these days we all read our news from fallible and raging fanboys. Obviously you’re doing one right now, but I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I just ask you to stop drinking that Cool-aid for a while and think; for Pete’s sake!

Google Joins the Windows 8 Bandwagon


[Update 2012-10-24: OK, I have just been informed my oversight, that this app will not work on Windows 8 RT, i.e. will not work on ARM devices, this is an Intel x86 platform only app; for now.]

They say, when do you know you are on the winning streak? When your enemy comes to your camp bearing gifts. Yes Google acknowledges Windows 8 feasibility by bring their Search App to Windows 8. Ok maybe I am a bit overly here, you can equally say what’s the point, Google has apps on iOS, on Windows Phone etc, so why not Windows 8? Ok, you may be right, but Windows 8 is a different story entirely. Google has reached a point of independence that it doesn’t need Microsoft anymore to succeed, they even have their own ChromeOS right.

Google Search brings the Search war to the Bing App in the Store. Search results are not displayed for example in an external browser, but displayed in an iFrame built into the app. Here is Google Inc.’s description of the App from the Store:

The world’s information at your fingertips. A familiar, fast, and precise way to find answers on your Windows 8 device.

Google Searchbox – Type your search right from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly.
Voice Search –  Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly.
Image Search – Watch images load into a beautiful full-screen grid. Select images you like or swipe through to see more results.
Search Charm – By installing the Google Search app, you can easily access Google from the Search Charm.
Instant Previews mode – Browse search results without having to visit each page.
View Your Searches – Swipe from the top to see the sites you visited most recently, categorized by keyword.
Google Apps page – Access all your favorite Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.
Google Instant – No need to press Enter – see results instantly as you type.


So, Google may not have Chrome ready to compete with IE10 fully on Windows, but what this app does is try to isolate Google’s users from getting too used to Microsoft solutions. I wouldn’t call it a panic attack, but its close. Have you got a lot invested in Google’s universe, then you’ll need this app. So go ahead and download it via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store

G-Maps – Quality Google Maps App in the Store


OK, here is another useful app from the Store if you don’t use Microsoft’s Bing Maps App. G Maps is indeed Google Maps App in the Windows 8 Store, and I am impressed with the app. Even if you use Bing Maps, you want to have such an App as this for backup. This app includes Turn-by-turn navigation feature of Google Maps. I am yet to test its Turn-by-turn, but I am sure you’ll be impressed too. Here is quoting the app from the Store:

G Maps – Ultimate Google Maps for Windows 8

Search for a Particular Address
Get Directions between Addresses
Get Turn by Turn Navigation


Download this app now for you Toolbox via the Source Link:

Source: Windows Store

GoogleTube? Has Google Googlified YouTube?

It seems that Google has completely ruined…ahm, redesigned, YouTube. The black Google bar is now throughout YouTube. YouTube video search looks like Google search, and there is an overall redesign of YouTube as a whole. In fact, Google may even be taking cues from Microsoft, as the new UI of YouTube sports flat and clean design, you know kind of like the thing called Metro? Continue reading

Google’s Project Glass: One Day…

When I saw this video, I knew it had to be shared.

Amazed? Too bad we’ll never live long enough to see them pull into the market… Right? Wrong. PCWorld says:

“In February, the New York Times reported that Google was planning to release the glasses later this year, in a price range of $250 to $500.”

Later this year? I don’t know if Google will be able to get them out by then, but at least we know that they can’t be too far off – and $250 – $500 is definitely a price I can afford. I would take these over an iPad any day.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Windows 8 Metro Style Versions of Firefox and Chrome are in Development


Chrome LogoFirefox Logo
Both Mozilla and Google are working to get a metro version of their browsers out the door for Windows 8. Like Internet Explorer in Windows 8, both Chrome and Firefox will be offered in both desktop and metro versions simultaneously. You can brief through an overview on Firefox’s development in this blog post, and Mozilla’s development plans and status can be found here. This means that when the browser is installed and is the default browser, users will be able to launch it in both the desktop and metro environment. In addition, Google confirmed to Mashable that along with the metro style Chrome, the desktop version itself will get enhanced touch support.

Continue reading

Google Bar Update Released Throughout Google Products! Did You Notice?

Google Bar Update

Google today released an update to its black bar across its web products. Google announced this redesign on November of last year. However, according to Google, they received feedback suggesting to review this redesign. And they did! Enter the Google bar update. Continue reading

Google+ Reaches a New Milestone of 90 Million Users

Boy I sure do remember when Google+ first was brought to light. Almost like it was yesterday. Well in the world of tech, it virtually was yesterday. Google+ is only an infant in our eyes, but it is already showing signs of greatness.

For a while only a select few were able to take a glimpse at its glory until a way was made for outsiders to beta test the once closed-beta site. I first truly came across the now popular alternative to Twitter and Facebook as shown in So What’s Google+ Anyway? [Vid of the Day]. The very next day I was able to get an invite and the world of Google+ was revealed to me. Ever since then the new social media service has grown exponentially and just recently hit the 90 million user mark.

As of January 19, CEO Larry Page announced the 90 million milestone at Google’s earnings presentation. What’s even more impressive is that it took Facebook around 4 years to even see a number like that. Google+ launched June 28, 2011 to a closed select few. Then invites started to trickle out and opened up the doors to those 18 or older without the need for an invitation on September 20. Well things have obviously since changed now that 2011 has come to a close.

According to analysts, Google+ was engineered to go head to head with the social network giant, Facebook, and offer an alternate solution for those who are tired of the drama (or dare we say boredom) of Big Blue.

So if you’re looking into a new service to try or an alternative to look to, we recommend Google+.

Not sure how to start out? We’ve got the goods for Google+ newbies

Is Social Media Good or Bad for Society? We Look at the Details

No benefit comes without drawback; no decision comes without its own opportunity costs, and no good came arrive without its evil counterpart. Nothing in this world can be claimed to be perfectly good or perfectly evil, unless, of course, such thing is of divine matter. So it follows that it is better to ask a question that compares the net benefit and drawback rather than asking if something is good or evil. With this in mind, we can now discuss the net benefit and negative impact of the advent of social media to help us conclude whether or not it beneficial overall.

Social Media and Its Impact

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has, in many ways, changed the world. Social media is a service that allows groups of people to interact remotely through text, photo, audio, and video communications. Most social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ are large publishing services that are on the internet (though private, intranet based, social media can also exist). This technology, a technology only a few years old, has proven to cause one of the greatest changes in the world in a short period of time. It made remote, long distance, communication as easy as face-to-face communication. It allowed people to easily share things of interests, like photos, with selected friends or the entire world instantly, regardless of place and time. Furthermore, it helped shape awareness, spread ideas, instantly broadcasted news, and cause revolutions. Essentially, social media drastically changed the way we communicate. And now, we begin to question the positive and negative impacts on our personal and professional life, self-development, and on the world as a whole that revolve around such change.

Eliminating Distance and Time in Communication

Any revolution can be traced back to an individual. The individual feel the need or want for a change. Social media brings upon this need or want to the individual. It all starts with the advantages that social media brings by helping us overcome the limitations we have with how we communicate. It solves both the issue of time and distance. With social media, we no longer need to wait for another person to be free before communicating. We can leave a quick message or note and the other person can get back to it in his/her own time. This is not the case with telephones and definitely not for face-to-face talk. Of course, letters solve the problem of matching free time to converse, but it brings upon the problem of distance. Long distance means letters are infrequent, costly, and are slow. Social media solves the issue of both time and distance. It brings the ability for one to instantly share an idea, media, or an object of interest to another person or a mass group of people.

Being able to interact, communicate, and share in mass is another great advantages brought forth by social media. Until recently, the number of people we could communicate with was very limited. The innovation in telecommunication was a huge step forward, but it, too was limited. Telephones were used for person-to-person communication and televisions, while designed with mass communication in mind, allowed only for one way communication with little interaction. Social media finally bridges this gap, covering great limitations humanity suffered in communication. However, this mass communication isn’t only fulfilling personal interactions, but professional ones as well.

Social Media fro Business and Marketting

Business love social media like twitter, and with good reason. Social media has become a way to business to announce press releases, share things, and easily interact directly with their customers. The ability for customers to easily comment their feedback, criticisms, loyalty has become a great asset for business. Many business are now using Twitter for customer support, which allows for quick assistance for customers with small wait times. In the professional world, social media has become a lifesaving tool in project collaboration and teamwork. Social media has greatly increased our communication capability and the number of ways to communicate. This, however, leads to the problem that is one of the greatest criticisms of social media.

How Many Fruits to Compare?

When we have only mangos and apples to choose from, in a perfect world, half of the people will choose mangoes. However, if we now have apples, oranges, mangos, and cake, in a perfect world only one quarter of the people will choose mangoes. The number gets smaller the more options we include. As such, when humanity had only bodily gestures and voice for communication, almost 100 percent of the people used face-to-face communication. With the invention of writing, the options increased, and no longer did 100 percent of the popular used one method of communication all the time. Today, the options for communication are many, from television, to video chat, to text messages, to photo sharing, to podcasts, and the list goes on. With more ways to communicate, people are spending less and less time to communicate with one particular method.

This causes for some problems to arise. I believe one of the biggest criticisms to social media is the significantly reduced amount of dedicated face-to-face communication. This can be a problem, as this form of communication is important for our life and career. It also plays an important part of developing relationships and bonding with people that matter. A common complaint of social media I hear is “I can’t believe he had to check his twitter app every two minutes while we were at our date last night!” The fact that people seem to put less priority in face-to-face communication brings about some concerns of how this might affect humanity in the long run.

Other concerns include privacy and identity theft. However, this is, I believe, a less of a concern.  I say this because many very useful and essential tools can be dangerous. Cars are death machines! Accidents can and have killed people. Knife, while handy, is not a child’s toy. Social media is also a tool, and as with other tools, it comes with a risk. But like any risk, it can be minimized by being careful. One should take the responsibility to find out what privacy they have, if any. Also, a general rule of thumb when sharing online is “nothing is private”. If we keep this, simple, thought in mind, we don’t have to worry much about our posts being public.

I like to say that the one and only cause of death is birth; that is, those of who aren’t born will never die. That is not to say that life is not sweet, quite the contrary actually. The presence of a negative impact or effect doesn’t make a tool negative or evil if the good it brings far outweighs the bad. Social media is a great example of this. On the contrary, alcohol, although has some health benefits, is bad for heath. Social media is not alcohol; it is as sweet as cake, and that, my friend, is definitely not a lie!

How to Easily +1 Any Webpage Without a +1 Button

Google +1 Extension
Google +1 Extension in Action

Back in summer of 2010, Google released something branded as Google+. It is a social, sharing, and blogging platform. Like Facebook’s “Like” button feature that allows us to “like” a webpage, Google+ offers the exact same function with its “+1” button. Like that of Facebook’s, some websites contain +1 buttons that allow users to “+1” the page. The “+1” then is publically shared in the user’s Google+ profile page. The +1 button in the site shows how many people have “+1’d” the site.

Since Google+ is still relatively new, most website do not include a +1 button yet; so, “+1’ing” those websites are difficult. However, Google has provided a very easy way to +1 any webpage you choose! Doing so is as easy as pressing one button.

There is a Google Chrome extension called “+1”. It allows users to +1 any page they are currently in by pushing the “+1” button on the Google Chrome +1 extension button.  The button then shares that +1 to the user’s Google+ page. The button also shows how many users have “+1’d” that page. Once you “+1” a page, the extension will give you the option to share a comment about the page, which is also share to your Google+ profile page. Essentially, the extension does everything that “+1” buttons do on the site.

You can get the extension here:

Well there you have it! You can now +1 any page! So go ahead and give this a try by “+1’ing” this page! If you got a tip for us, feel free to leave a comment or let us know on twitter at @techtronica, our Facebook page, at, or our Google+ page.

Tech Predictions for 2012

We are at another new year. 2012 is here and we are all still alive! To celebrate the new year, we are going to have a little fun here. Some of the authors at Techtronica have come up with some of their predictions of what will happen by the end of the year (other than the end of the world). The predictions range from Apple’s iPad, to Google+, to Windows 8 to 3DTVs. We have listed the names of the authors followed by their predictions. If you have your own predictions, agree or disagree with the authors, or have any other comments or questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitter, facebook, or Google+

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker

Windows Store ScreenshotThe tablet market will explode with mindshare and products

With the iPad and the Kindle Fire’s notable success, there is no doubt that many other manufacturers will join the race for similar success. Yes, android tablets have been around 2011, but it is not until the Kindle Fire that android tablets have seen its true potentials. I would expect more customized and branded android tablets this year.

Let’s not forget Windows 8. Microsoft is in full throttle to push its next Windows OS into tablets. Windows 8 features a touch-first user experience, with fluid animations and response. With the new Windows 8 App Store and revolutionary Windows Applications, Windows 8 tablets will be a huge influence in this market.

By the end of 2011, consumers are now fully aware of and interested in this new way of computing, and, thus, it is only expected that in the year 2012 will see a boom in tablet purchases.

Windows 8 will be a huge hit and a great threat to the iPad

I know this is a bold statement, but bear with me. I am confident that Windows 8 will be a very successful both in the desktop and the tablet market.

The success of Windows 8 revolves around that Windows 8’s excellent ability to be backward compatible the ability to outperform Windows 7 even in the basic level. The desktop mode in Windows 8 allows almost full compatibility with Windows 7 programs and usability. With the addition of new desktop features, like a built in Anti-Virus, Window color that change to suit the wallpaper, ribbon in explorer, built in Virtual Machine, and a bunch of other stuff allows one to look at Windows 8 desktop as Windows 7 Plus! It is essentially Windows 7 with a bunch of new features. Let us not forget that Windows 8 also uses less ram to run and yields a better performance.

In the tablet market, Windows 8 will offer something Android fails to do. Like the iPad, Windows 8 will offer a unified experience that lacks the fragmentation of Android, UI overlays, and update hassle. But unlike the iPad, Windows 8 will also offer a choice of hardware and the ability to go deep in customization.

This will be the year of streaming

I am predicting that streaming will take a big step towards the war against cable television. I expect to see other direct competitors to Netflix. Not only that, I am also expecting companies to continue innovating. Like Google did with Google Music in 2011, I am betting that companies like Google will present more video and streaming related services. YouTube is a great candidate for playing a big role here.

Apple TV rumors have been stronger than ever in the year 2011. Apple is expected to do something revolutionary with TV, and I hope, perhaps, Apple can advance streaming while putting a huge blow towards the cable companies.

Joe Landor

Photo of the iPadThe Introduction of the iPhone 5 and a some form of a new iPad

The rumor mills have been grinding, as you all already know. Timing next year will be just about right for an iPad release (can’t say it’ll be called the iPad 3.) the timing would also be right for the iPhone 5, as Apple did the same thing with the 3GS and the 4. So Apple is following a pattern they always do. Look for a mid to late summer release for the iPhone 5 and a Q1 release for the iPad.


I predict that Google will hit 400-500 million users before 2012 ends.


Brett Young

Web Browsing

I predict that Web Browsing will go to another level. Bigger and Better with the ability to automatically convert different code language to like HTML 5.

Google Products

I predict that Google will change to another design including all of its products and that Google AdSense will be allowed to be registered with Regular Google Accounts


iPredict that Apple will come out with a fully designed internet TV for use in homes. iAlso Predict that Apple will vanish the Mac Pro and Make a better model then it is now..

Austin Allen

The year of 2011 has come and gone, and now we are looking forward to 2012. With a new year come advances, especially in technology. This upcoming year has many tech savvy individuals gritting their teeth to get their hands on the latest technology. This year is expected to contain the release of a new iPad, iPhone, improvements in 3D television, and many more gadgets.

Game Consoles

In 2012, I expect an announcement of a new Xbox, or PlayStation. This is likely to be just an announcement. The actual gaming system will probably not come out until 2014. The reason for this is because Microsoft is still trying to get the most out of the Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 has finally gotten into its prime.

Apple iPad and iPhone

I also expect a new iPad in early 2012, assumedly being called the iPad 3. This iPad is expected to have a retina display screen, and 2 dual core processors with an A5 chip. I also expect a new iPhone. I believe this iPhone should be called the iPhone 5. There are no speculations on what software the new iPhone will have, but what is expected is a change in hardware. Many Apple lovers were disappointed with no change in the hardware for the iPhone 4s, but Apple will make up for this with the iPhone 5.

Apple MacBook

I expect a new MacBook Air in a few months. This MacBook air will have software improvements, and will also be even thinner than the previous model. Shortly after the release of the MacBook Air, I expect a newer MacBook Pro. This MacBook will contain a retina display.

3D TVs Will Finally Succeed

Last, but not least, will be 3D television. The release of the current 3D televisions was a major failure. This is because of the bulky, expensive glasses, and the hassle it takes to just watch your favorite shows. There also aren’t a lot of movies, or T.V. shows that are in 3D. Soon, more movies, shows, and video games will come out in 3D and will make 3D television a huge success.

More Gadgets: Fad or Revolution?

There will be many more gadgets, software updates, and even something that no one has heard of come out in 2012. Will these things be successful, or will they miserably fail? That is the question.


Well, this has been our predictions of what may happen in this amazing year. Stick with us during this year and we will continue to give you tech news and discussions. At the end of this year, we are going to revisit this article and see which of our predictions actually came true! We would love to here from you, so  Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitterfacebook, or Google+

Apple Claims Victory [ HTC Battle ]

In a recent court battle between Apple and HTC Apple came away with what could be considered a major blow to one of it’s top competitors. So, what’s such the big win here?” Well, within the operating system of the HTC Android it’s operating system is “too” similar to Apple’s iOS in this way:

When an iPhone receives a message that contains a phone number or an address — e-mail, Web or street — those bits of data are automatically highlighted, underlined and turned into clickable links.

Click on the phone number, and the iPhone asks if you want to dial it. Click on the Web address, and it opens in Safari. Click on the street address, and Maps will display it.

Not only has Apple gone after the HTC Android but they could potentialy go after other Androids with a similar operating system. So is this Apple’s warning to other Android devices with a similar software? Well, here’s the downside for HTC Android users: If all goes as planned the HTC Android will be officially banned from the US in April 2012. For those of you worried that your device is on the ban list here’s a run-down of what’s banned: Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, T-Mobile G2, Nexus One and a bunch of older Android devices. Check back in the near future for a full list of banned devices for the above date.

HTC’s Peter Chou had this to say about the lawsuit and the decisions being made right now about the patents:

This industry should not allow one company use its powerful weapon to stop other innovation and take it all…this is not fair.

Rumors are already going around that HTC has started a plan to “go around” Apple’s patent violation by modifying their current operating system.

Want A Sub-$100, Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet Now? Look No Further

     Tech blogs around the web are blowing up about this new found device being debut by none other than MIPS. The Novo7 by Ingenic is portrayed to be the game maker in a world full of sub par, overpriced Android tablets.

     For a long time now Android users have been looking for some saving grace in the tablet market. With overpriced tablets like the Xoom and the Galaxy Tab series and the cheapo, unresponsive, and insulting tablets of the pricing nether-region, the time is well nigh that a cheap, but good, Android tablet appear. And the Novo7 appears to be just that. You should note that we haven’t been able to play with this tablet yet, but we’re told it’s a doozey.

     Even Andy Rubin, Android founder, had a little something to say about what MIPS has done with the ICS laced Novo7:

I’m thrilled to see the entrance of MIPS-Based Android 4.0 tablets into the market. Low cost, high performance tablets are a big win for mobile consumers and a strong illustration of how Android’s openness drives innovation and competition for the benefit of consumers around the world

     So as it stands right now,  Google has authorized the installation of the stock apps (ie Gmail, Market, etc.) This means there is no need to root the device (although this will most likely happen anyway) and side load all of the essential apps that make Android devices genuine Android devices.

     Still not convinced about how well this tablet is built? Curious for the specs? Take a look at the goods in the press release

          Press Announcement from MIPS

MIPS Technologies and Ingenic Semiconductor Announce

Availability of World’s First Android™ ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Tablet

1GHz, Low-Power Tablet Sets New Market Standard at Sub-$100 Price Point

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – December 5, 2011MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MIPS), a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital home, networking and mobile applications, and Ingenic Semiconductor, a leading China-based CPU provider for mobile multimedia applications, today announced worldwide availability of the world’s first tablet based on Android ™ 4.0, known as ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, that is retailing for less than $100 (U.S). The tablet is powered by Ingenic’s JZ4770 mobile applications processor, which leverages a MIPS-Based™ XBurst™ CPU running at 1GHz.

According to Andy Rubin, senior vice president of mobile at Google, “I’m thrilled to see the entrance of MIPS-Based Android 4.0 tablets into the market. Low cost, high performance tablets are a big win for mobile consumers and a strong illustration of how Android’s openness drives innovation and competition for the benefit of consumers around the world.”

The new Android 4.0 tablet is available in China and online through Ainol Electronics Co., Ltd. It will be available in the United States and other geographies within the next several months under brands from companies including Leader International Inc. and OMG Electronics Ltd.

The new tablet is available with a 7” capacitive multi-touch screen. 8” and 9” form factors will be available soon. All versions include support for WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3 and microSD, as well as 3D graphics with the Vivante GC860 GPU, 1080p video decoding and dual front/rear cameras. The XBurst processor’s power-efficient architecture provides extended battery life—the 7” tablet draws less than 400mA during active web browsing.

“We are pleased to join with MIPS to announce these breakthrough high-performance, low-power, low-cost Android 4.0 tablets. Combining the elegance of the MIPS architecture and Ingenic’s innovation in processor design, we are bringing a new level of processor technology to mobile devices. As we continue to collaborate with MIPS to broaden the mobile ecosystem around the legendary MIPS architecture, we anticipate even broader proliferation of our devices worldwide. We believe the mobile world will be more versatile and colorful with another processor joining in,” said Qiang Liu, chairman and CEO, Ingenic Semiconductor.

“The openness of Android is enabling a new level of connectedness and interaction between devices and between people across the globe. We are excited to be a part of the Android ecosystem delivering on that vision. We applaud Ingenic’s accomplishment in developing this new high-performance, feature-rich Android 4.0 tablet, and offering it at a price point that makes it widely accessible. We look forward to teaming with Ingenic as it continues to develop MIPS-Based mobile innovations,” said Sandeep Vij, president and CEO, MIPS Technologies.

Ingenic JZ4770 SoC

The Ingenic JZ4770 SoC inside of the new tablet is one of the first MIPS-Based systems-on-chips (SoCs) targeted for mobile devices that delivers 1GHz+ frequency, increasingly a requirement for tablets and other devices that incorporate rich multimedia and high-performance applications/functionality. The JZ4770 SoC is powered by a MIPS32 compatible XBurst CPU designed by Ingenic. The XBurst CPU core adopts an innovative ultra-low-power pipelining architecture which consumes less than 90mW in 1GHz (with L1 cache), and the entire SOC consumes ~250mW with the CPU and video engine operating under full load. In addition to the XBurst CPU, the JZ4770 SoC integrates an optimized 1080p video processing engine, OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics processing unit from Vivante Corp. and numerous on-chip analog and application blocks such as audio codecs and GPS.

Pricing and Availability

Ingenic’s JZ4770 SoC for Android 4.0 tablets is available now. The new Android 4.0 tablet is available in China and online through Ainol Electronics Co., Ltd. at The 7” tablet retails for less than $100 (U.S.) non-subsidized. The tablet will be available in other geographies within the next several months. For more information, visit

Further details not shown in the release above include a battery lasting 30 hours on standby, 6 hours gaming, 25 hours playing music, 8 hours showing video and 7 hours with web browsing.

Now, now, after all of that being said, I know many of you are still currently thumbing your noses at the very thought of there being a decent Android tablet that could even remotely run the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor of Android smoothly or even at all. But yet it has been done, and it’s currently on sale…in China. Yes we said China, but fret not! A U.S. release (as well as other regions) is expected to occur within the next few months. Until then you always could slap down another $50 on top of the $100 to have one imported here from China.

Before you go, take a look at a promotional video from MIPS that’s currently sitting on YouTube and leave a comment below!