Xbox Gamescom 2013 Recap – Provided by Gamespot

Microsoft heads to gamescom in Germany to unveil Call of Duty: Ghosts blitz mode, Fable Legends and Fighter Within. Indie devs will also be receiving support of Xbox One development, as well showing off more on FIFA 14 and The Division.

App Highlight: Discovery App for Windows 8



The Discovery Channel is now on the Windows Store!
Watch thousands of clips and selected full episodes from Discovery Channel shows like Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, MythBusters, and more!
Download the all-new Discovery Channel app and take Discovery everywhere you go!


  • FULL EPISODES: Watch select full Discovery Channel episodes, straight from the app!
  • SCHEDULE: Find out when your favorite show is on, and make sure you never miss an episode!
  • THOUSANDS OF CLIPS: Check out custom-curated playlists, watch the hottest clips from all of Discovery’s shows, and check out behind-the-scenes content and aftershows!






Avg. Rating:3.5/5
Total Rating: 304
Price: Free
Link: Discovery Channel

Source: Windows Store

Movie Planet App for Complete New and Old Movies on YouTube


Once in while a gem of an App drops in the Store, and then is the luck of Trackers like us to find it and make it public. We’ve just found another gem in the App Movie Planet from Polosoft that has just arrived in the Store today. Polosoft is not new in the Store, they’ve been bringing us aggregated content from YouTube for Kids channel en special interest groups. Now they’ve set their eyes on the content for people like you and me, bringing us the movies of our lives. If you’re a movie buff, and you don’t want to waste time searching for Tors online and dowloading, here you go then.

The App streams the movies directly from YouTube, so there is no waiting for download involved. The App also directly links to IMDB to provide Movie Details with info about synopsis, actors etc.

Please note this movies are uploaded to public domain sites like YouTube, this App only points to their location. Hopefully content owners will not force Microsoft to pull this app from the Store.

Following is Polosoft’s description of the App in the Store:


Watch over 5,000 Free movies Online * update Daily. Watch it on your tablet / pc computer.
We daily scan the web to find the best free and full movies on the web.
Watch Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, War, Western, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Musicals… now!
Now you can sort by year, IMDB rating, Alphabet and new releases…
Soon: we will support more languages and subtitles.
DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain. We do not upload any Movies to YouTube. This app is just an organized way to browse and view these YouTube Videos. For better performance use 3G or Wi-Fi.


  • Streaming Full movies
  • Sorting by IMDB Rating, New releases
  • Movie Information including synopsis, actors,
  • New releases Updates
  • Search bar


If you’ve been looking to time-wasters to fill you boring days, here is the perfect tool for you. What’s more, the app is free in the Store. So go ahead and download it right away via the following Source link.

Source: Windows Store

Xbox One Reveal Highlights

Watch the Xbox One reveal highlights here! The Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment system in that you don’t need to switch inputs to access different content on your TV. Of course, that’s what Microsoft is saying. I am very sure that to play PS4 games, you will definitely need to switch inputs. In all seriousness, the Xbox One plays video games, plays movies, plays Blue-Ray, and can connect to your cable box for watching live TV. Here’s the Xbox One announcement highlights for you to enjoy.

Ali3ns–An App to keep those UFO stories in focus


You love UFO’s, we love UFO’s, everybody love UFO’s. Now its time to get our UFO fix on our Windows 8 devices. For UFO’s like they say, we’ve got an app for that. Aliens App is a good recommendation if you’re entertained by a good UFO and Conspiracy Theory stories. You should take what you read with a grain of Salt though. Not every sparkle in the sand is diamond as the saying goes. You can catch the latest news and sightings via this App. Here is the full description from the Store:

Get the latest news, videos, and pictures on UFO’s! Daily updates on what’s happening around the world. News that regular TV stations don’t want you to see!

News, Photos, Videos, information, links, and much more.






Well, if UFO stories is your thing, now is the time to get this free app. Download via the link below.

Source: Windows Store

MediaMonkey Greets Windows 8 and RT Users!

Folks at IntoWindows have spotted a new, awesome, addition to the Windows Store. The popular, advanced, desktop media manager suite makes its appearance as a metro app on the Windows Store for Windows 8 and RT. MediaMonkey allows you to manage a large collection of multimedia in an efficient manner. Now with a metro version of the app, you can use it more easily on touch devices, like tablets and on PCs running Windows RT.


MediaMonkey is an advanced media player that lets you navigate and manage large music collections on Windows 8 devices. Designed for serious collectors, it supports a variety of file formats, and lets you access your library content via Windows networking, over UPnP/DLNA, and/or via synchronization with MediaMonkey desktops.

Wi-Fi Sync is available as an in-app purchase, allowing you to sync with MediaMonkey desktops wirelessly.


  • Manage Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Videos.
  • Navigate by Artist, Album, Genre, Playlist.
  • Play mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, wma etc. with volume leveling and equalizer.
  • Edit tags and playlists.
  • Access content via UPnP/DLNA.
  • Support for MediaMonkey Sync keeps tracks, metadata, play history, & bookmarks in sync with your desktop.

Download from Windows Store: MediaMonkey Continue reading

Skulls of the Shogun – Xbox Game

Today, we have a release of the newest of the Xbox Games collection. This game, Skulls of the Shotgun, is an action strategy game and it integrates fully with Xbox services. This game is rated T (for teens), as it contains blood, suggestive themes, and violence. Here’s the game description.


“Washing up on the shores of the afterlife, players meet and join forces with vibrant ghost-samurai warriors, magical animal-monks, and mustachioed samurai generals on the way to capture Skulls of the Shogun. With its roots in classic turn-based strategy gaming, Skulls of the Shogun retains that depth while adding a smooth, streamlined interface, realtime physics, and over the top samurai action.

Players immerse themselves in battle with fun and unique game play features amidst lush, eerie environments. Also featuring up to 4-player local and networked multi-player and an original score inspired by old samurai films and dub, Skulls of the Shogun offers simple-yet-deep, refined and offbeat game-play.”


    • Fast-paced      arcade-inspired blend of arcade action and turn-based strategy!
    • Meet &      recruit magical animal monks, power up your army to imposing war demons,      and conquer the samurai afterlife!
    • Play 20 levels      of hand-painted, story-driven single player campaign mode.
    • Play anywhere!      Eat your friends’ skulls in online asynchronous multiplayer across Xbox      360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7
    • Battle up to 4      players at once on custom multiplayer maps, both locally and online      (asynchronously)
    • Play, save and      resume your game across resume across all three platforms.

Download Now: Skulls of the Shogun

Take Over Twitter with TweepGods


We have seen many entertainment apps on Windows 8 so far. But I think today’s app has creatively taken entertainment to a new level. Enter TweepGods, the featured app for today. With this app, you can virtually “purchase” and “own” twitter accounts and hashtags. You start off with 25,000 free points, and you can use it to “capture” (i.e. own) a twitter user or a hashtag. If the twitter user is popular, it costs 2,500 points; otherwise, it costs 1,500 points. Popular users are worth more in value, and as you capture more users, your “power” point increases to be the sum of the values of all twitter users and hashtags. If you run out of the 25,000 free points, you can purchase more virtual points. I used the free points to capture some popular twitter users because I was lucky enough to get in early. If you are reading this and want to join in on the fun, install the app now and “own” your favorite twitter accounts before someone else beats you to it.


Become a Master of the Twitterverse by taking captive Tweeps and Tags in the wildly addictive Social phenomenon tweepgods! Where your Tweeps become a “captive audience”!
Capture users and make them your “Underlings”, take ownership of Twitter Hashtags, and then increase your godly Omniscience by claiming their use and activity on Twitter!
Start your path to full on Twitterverse domination now, you won’t be sorry…gods never are!


  • Claim Twitter users as you Underlings!
  • Claim Twitter hashtags as your own!
  • Prasie or chastise Underlings based on your godly whims!

Download this app: tweepgods

Audiobooks 8 – Listen to Thousands of Free Audio Books on Windows 8

Audiobooks 8 is an application for Windows 8 that allows you to download and listen to thousands of free audio books that are in the public domain. There are books in a variety of categories and languages. The readers have done a fantastic job in reading them well. Best of all, any and all books are for you to listen to for free. You can even distribute and share them with anyone.


Listen to audiobooks on a fast, easy-to-use Windows 8 application. You’ll have access to an expanding multilingual collection that contains over 6000 free audiobooks categorized by genre and language.

Audiobooks 8 allows the user to download and play audiobooks or to stream them without download.


    • Search audiobooks
    • Download and play audiobooks
    • Stream audiobooks without download
    • Share audiobooks with other applications
    • Pin audiobooks to the start screen
    • Listen to audiobooks while the application is in the background
    • Use system media controls to control the audio playback
    • Get information about the currently played audiobook via Live tile

Download it here: Audiobooks 8

Windows 8 Audible App Released Plus a Free Life of Pi Audio Book!

Audible is a fantastic, Amazon, service that lets you purchase and listen to audio books, with their vast audio book library. They have apps for Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, and, now, for Windows 8! As an added perk, Amazon is giving away a free Audio Book, Life of Pi, if you use the Windows 8 app and sign up for the free trial through the Windows 8 app. We thank for the information. The free trial also gives you a credit that you can use to get any book from their vast library for free. So, in essence, by using the Windows 8 app, you get two free books! Continue reading

XBMC Remote+ App is in the Store


For those of you fans of XBMC Media Player you’ve got something juicy in the Store. The XBMC Remote+ App hit the Store yesterday, but due to the whirlwind generated by my Surface Ads post, I wasn’t able to give the store much attention. Anyway, this is something for your HTPC device, you can control XBMC Library from this App, I guess you can compare it to Microsoft SmartGlass controlling XBox devices remotely. Ashterisk Apps gave the following description from the Store:


Movie Details

Schemantic Zoom


Browse and control your entire XBMC media collection from your windows 8 tablet.
From the developer of most popular XBMC Remote for windows phone 7, here comes XBMC Remote + for windows 8. XBMC Remote+ is an application built from ground up let you experience your XBMC media library remotely and then play it on your main display. You can browse your entire catalog while a movie or music might be playing on the TV. It’s especially useful when you TV is turned off and you want to select Audio Albums and queue them to play on the audio receiver.
Features –
1. Ability to browse your video, music and TV show library from your phone.
2. Able to select and view details of movies and music albums before selecting.
3. Sort by album, artist, or a song and play or queue.
4. Currently playing media information is easily accessible from top appbar.
5. Music library lets you pivot on Albums, Artists, and Songs
6. Ability to add and manager multiple XBMC server from single application.
7. View movies by genre, released year
8. Recently added movies/episodes

Remote access to entire catalog
semantic zoom

Too bad I am a Mediacenter junkie, else this would have been in my collection, who knows, maybe in future since MS killed MCE. But you the phans don’t let me put a dumper on your party. You go ahead now and have one on me via this link: Maybe you want to come back and let me know how the app performs.

Credits: Microsoft Windows Store.

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