Watch as I Paint a Picture on the Surface 3 Using the Pen

I decided to record myself paint this picture on my Microsoft Surface 3. The painting too hours, so, naturally, I sped up the time. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Create Your Own Adventures in Virtual Reality with Voxelus


The possibilities are endless with a blank canvas, one inside which you can walk around and create anything you can imagine. Even better, you can create with little or no knowledge of programming or graphics design skills. To top it off, you can allow yourself to immerse inside your creations using a virtual reality headset, like the Oculus Rift. This, my friends, is made possible by none other than a platform called Voxelus. Continue reading

Game Dev Tycoon – A Game worth Playing

Good day ladies and gents; I hope you had a good holiday break. We are approaching a new year, and to help you wait out the rest of 2012, might I suggest a wonderful game that you all can check out! Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game that takes you back in the 80’s to start a new video game startup.

You start in the garage and develop games in the early years of video games technology. As you progress with your career, given your game isn’t a flop and you don’t lose all your cash reserve, new technology will emerge that you can take advantage of. The game recreates some of the historical happenings in the gaming industry, including Nintendo’s NES system and the rise and fall of the Commodore 64 PC. By the way, GD Tycoon slightly renames these companies and their products to avoid copyright issues. For instance, we have “Govodor 64”, “Vony Play System”, and “MS Boss”. I think it’s funny and cute.

If your game is successful, you will get praising reviews from industry watchers and magazines. By earning a good profit from your hit games, you can move in to your own office, hire staff, train yourself and staff, and buy more advanced equipment. As you gain more experience, you become more efficient at your career. You are also given the opportunity to do contract work for other companies to earn quick cash. You can research new technologies and spend on marketing. You have the option of targeting audience, acquiring developer license for specific consoles, and choosing development platforms. As you progress through the years, you can develop into a huge game company! How big can you grow?

I recommend you all check out this neat game and enjoy playing it while staying warm in this winter (if you are in the northern part of the earth).

Download it: Game Dev Tycoon

Chuck’s Challenge: Play and Create Mind-Blowing Obstacle Courses!



Let’s talk about something fun! Today, I want to discuss a game called “Chuck’s Challenge”. It’s neat casual game with lot to offer. The big characteristic of a casual game, as noted by this “Tech Stuff” podcast from HowStuffWorks, is that they have a simple mechanic that make up a fun and addicting gameplay. Plus, they allow us to pick up the game, play for a bit, and leave off, at anytime. This is the reason causal gaming has done so well in adaption, especially in mobile devices.

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We Have Some Customized Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers for You!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with a default wallpaper of a origami beta fish on a teal background. We have made some tweaks to that background and changed the color of the background on which the beta fish swims. Take your pick and chose a new Windows 8 wallpaper!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Default Wallpaper
Windows 8 Consumer Preview Default Wallpaper

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LEGO Minecraft Brings Gaming Into “Physical Reality”


When Mega64, impersonating Mojang’s creator, Notch, unveiled a box filled with Legos and announced to a crowd of people at Minecon that he had “brought Minecraft out of the computer and into the realm of physical reality,” the world laughed at his joke. Except for the people who believed it could be done.

Today, members of the Minecraft team including Notch, Jeb, Jon, Lydia, and Carl, unveiled the first official Lego Minecraft set at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. The “Lego Minecraft Micro World” set is a 480-piece (including a special Steve and Creeper figurine) collection designed to get creators started building their own Minecraft worlds in the realm of “physical reality,” as they’ve come to acknowledge it. Continue reading