Multimedia8 – the Best Media Player for Windows 8 to Date

Happy new year, everyone! I want to start off the year with a very useful Windows 8 app. VideoLAN has recently been successful in their Kickstarter campaign to bring VLC to Windows 8. VLC for Windows 8 is still a few months away, and, so, I want to present you with an excellent alternative media player, called Multimedia8. It is an all in one multimedia app that lets you play audio and video.

What I like about Multimedia8 is that it fills some gaps the new Music and Video apps in Windows 8 failed to fill. The new Xbox Music and Video apps has many features missing from the Windows Media Player desktop app, like opening media from a web URL. Multimedia8 does this job very well, and a few others. It supports a variety of formats and it’s significantly faster and snappier than the Xbox Music and Video apps. As always, you can follow @Mcakins and me, @NazmusLabs, to stay updated!


Unleash the power of Windows 8 with Multimedia 8, a free media application that allows you to access network media, load subtitles, convert media files, play 3D video, capture from external devices and much more!

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  • Play media from your libraries and Media Servers
  • SRT and WebVTT subtitles
  • 3D video
  • Multilanguage media
  • Create, manage and shuffle playlists
  • Convert and trim media to MP4 and WMV
  • PlayTo your DLNA TV
  • PlayTo from other devices, such as Windows Phone, to Multimedia 8
  • Search your libraries and Media Servers
  • Video Stabilization
  • Capture audio and video

Download now: Multimedia 8

Place Sticky Notes on your Start Screen

Windows 8 features the Sticky Notes app from Windows 7, but it’s outdated and doesn’t integrate with Metro and the Live Tiles. No fear, as we have a solution for you in the Windows Store. Sticky Tiles lets you place quick stick notes of various colors on your start screen for a quick reminder. You can add as many colorful notes you want to your Start screen, with each tiles either large or small.


Post Notes, To Do Lists, Reminders etc. as Tiles on your Start Screen. Then, you can just glance at the tiles to get the information you care about in one place.Choose a size, Select a type, Pick a color, Jot down the data, Pin!
Rearrange, Resize, Group, Unpin the Sticky Tiles just like the other App Tiles on Start Screen.

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  • 2 Tile sizes
  • 2 Tile types
  • 6 Tile colors

Download from Windows Store