Goodbye Fake Facebook Apps — Microsoft Will Finally Police Fake Misleading Apps

I want to throw my arms up and cheer! Finally, the days of searching for Facebook and finding dozens of fake Facebook apps are hopefully behind us. Microsoft is finally making it against the Windows Store policy to make apps that are titled and have tiles to mislead customers into thinking it is an official popular app or game. Continue reading

Bing Wikipedia Browser — An Elegent App for your Windows Device

Hi, this is Nazmus, and I recently decided to download and try out a new app by Microsoft called “Bing Wikipedia”. At first, I was hesitant to download it because I wondered “why would I need a Wikipedia app when the website works well enough?” Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I did download the app. Continue reading

Upgrade to the New (Metro Style) YouTube Channel!

YouTube channels are hubs in which an user can upload and present their own YouTube videos. Each user gets their own YouTube channel. YouTube is about to go through a massive update to channels, bringing a more flat, tiled based, layout. Google is calling it One Channel, and  it looks a lot like Metro, in my opinion. If you want to get it, you can enable it for your YouTube channel by following this link:

YouTube One Channel

Get the Cosmic Panda Look On YouTube

YouTube has launch a friendly new interface. All the clutter has vanished, the flashy buttons thrown out the window and instead their new (opt-out-of-able!) interface is clean and pared-down.

You can try head over to Youtube and try it now, but do let us know via the comments below what you think of it. I for one won’t be running back to the old design any time soon.