Bible Pronto ver1.1 Update is in the Store


IT2Max has just informed of an update to our favorite Bible Study app Bible Pronto. The update brings a lot of goodies with it, setting this app apart from other Bible study resource in the Store. The changes are summed up as follows:


Bible Pronto updated to ver 1.1 includes new features, UI improvement and bug fixes.

  • In Version 1.1 we have added features, bug fixes and included performance fixes.
  • We have completely reworked the bible reading experience to support full panoramic reading taking full advantage of your device resolution and form factor. This fix is also applied to the parallel reading mode.
  • App now works in both Landscape and in Portrait modes automatically scaling to the device resolution.
  • Added SkyDrive Backup and Restore feature. Now you can backup your Notes, Bookmarks and highlighted verses to the cloud to get complete roaming experience on any device.
  • Added New English Translation to the Bible Version. Please use the settings charm to manage your local Bible versions. Sync the bible version first and download.
  • Pinned verses now directly open the scriptures in reading mode. – More versions coming soon….

We commend IT2Max with this whopping feature update. I am sure Scripture lovers around the world will appreciate the added features. Fetch the update from the store and let us know what you think of these new added features.

Bible Pronto App now available in Windows 8 Store

So there I was thinking I was completed by the availability of OliveTree Bible App in the store. Combined with the YouVersion Bible App you would have thought it couldn’t get better than this, in drops the Bible Pronto app to add another dimension to the Bible experience on the Windows 8 Metro platform. Bible Pronto allows annotation and highlighting of the bible verses, a feature that is currently missing on both aforementioned apps. You can find Bible Pronto in the Reference section. Letup: The app is ONLY available on the Intel devices! Sorry for those of you on ARM devices, hopefully they’ll still port to ARM before Windows 8 goes gold.

Try the app, and let me know what you think. You can find in the store by search, or because most of the apps I mention in this blog are so hot new, they are not yet visible by just browsing the Store. So you can just use the following link: