Dr. Who Companion App in the Store – Welcome to the Tardis Universe


This past day, Microsoft dumped a lot of Apps in the Store, and one of them is the beloved Doctor’s Companion App. Take a ride with “The Doctor” in the Tardis and visit his universe. Learn of all the individuals and beings possessing this universe. Who is Amy Pond, what has she to do with Rory and the lovely River?  Who are the Dalek, why do they need to exterminate everything in their path? Get this App and know why Smile. Here follows a few excerpts from the Store:


Dr Who Companion is a must have for any Doctor Who fan. Get the latest images and character biographies for all your favorite characters.

Character biographies

Hopefully the author will work further on the App to broaden its database, there is surely more to The Doctor’s universe than this app currently purports. But this is a nice begin.

Get the App from the Source:

Source: Windows Store

BBC News Mobile App is in the Windows Store


We know it was a question of time before someone takes the bull by the horn and show us something of BBC, now we have it. The first BBC App in the Store. Please note that BBC News Mobile was not  written by BBC itself, it is neither clear that they commissioned the Software writer to produce this App. But still the vendor needs to be commended for a beautiful app altogether. The App is a reflection of BBC New site, with different New Categories and Sections, completed with the famous BBC’s Picture of the Day. At less than 1Mb, it is a compact app full of features. Below is a summary of the app GUI:

Filtered news view



Quickly and easily browse, read and share the latest BBC News.
Preview release, new features and tweaks coming soon.


Live tile for latest news

Breaking news

With that promise of good things to come, we can only cheer this App on to greater heights. Download the app from News & Weather Category, sub-category News from the Store or via the following link: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/3b719b31-af7e-4d0d-9f3f-cdd378673adc

Personal data could become commodity

By Maggie Shiels Technology reporter, BBC News, Silicon Valley

hands on a laptop The CEA said users need to more aware of what they reveal online

Companies that want to make use of the personal information people put online should pay for it, the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has said.

It made the statement as it released a list of five technology trends to watch for the year ahead.

Privacy was top of the list, which also included mobile and green technology.

“The mining of personal data is here to stay; there is just too much money at stake to imagine otherwise,” said Sean Murphy, of the organisation.

“Privacy is only going to continue to get increased attention in the years and months to come,” said Mr Murphy who authored the report Selling The Stories Or Our Lives: Technology and Privacy.

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