Yes, Microsoft was right to Deprecate the traditional Desktop


Yes, Microsoft was right to overhaul the traditional desktop in preparation for the future. Recently ASUS announced their 21:9 monitor, the PB298Q Ultrawide 21:9 Panoramic Monitor your are seeing here above. Other manufacturers have been announcing Ultra-wide and 4K monitors. The first thing that comes to mind seeing all these influx of ultra-wide monitors is that the traditional Desktop will be hideous on these monitors. This is just but the beginning folks, it will not end with 21:9 real-estate, but you will eventually end up with Wall2Wall monitors. I am talking of your complete living room wall as one gigantic monitor. You can have a taste of it with projectors at the moment, but projectors will not provide the kind of experience we are going to be having in about a few years.

Can you then imagine your traditional Windows 7 Desktop on such a UI, it will be ridiculous. The thought of interacting with mouse and all on such displays becomes ridiculous. You will quickly conclude that yes, Microsoft was right in preparing us for the future in which your monitors will now be you Windows to the world; pun intended. The partitioning that Windows 8 brings to the UI makes more sense with these kinds of displays than the traditional desktop. You can divide such a wide estate into sections and have apps running there. Take my word for it, now you only have vertical partitioning in Windows 8 displays, very soon, as monitor heights increases like we are seeing now for display widths, horizontal partitioning with be introduced in which you can stack your applications also vertically. Imagine a stock-ticker kind of app running at the bottom or top of your screen, or a weather app stacked vertically with a photo app. Yes, we’re going to be blown away by our future vista, believe me. The Metro UI will then make perfect sense.

My Next Tablet: ASUS got my money, again!–Sorry SurfacePRO


Yes, I did it! I chose mobility above Power and Style! Those of you that follow me might know about my predicament in a post I wrote some time ago complaining to Microsoft about SurfacePRO on battery life. I was conflicted whether to get the SurfacePro or not. Believe you me, there is nothing I wouldn’t give to get SurfacePro, its got the muscle, its got the style, but the only thing it hasn’t got is the stamina; which I desperately need. In the post I complained I already have a Core i5 tablet giving me an average of 3 hours, I was not ready to get another Core i5 tablet giving me an average of 4 to 5 hours. I need the stamina, to be able to leave the power adapter for once at home!

You could have said why not get the SurfaceRT that was pushing 9hrs of use, well, just one reason, I’m not just an Internet buff trolling the net all day, I’ve got some real work to do in my daily life. I need to be able to access my office and do real work on my Tablet, and I mean real work. VPN, Office, Citrix and Proprietary apps; you know, the real deal. SurfaceRT will not cut it for me. And if SurfaceRT will not cut it, iPad and Android devices could never. I am of the opinion, you stick to the platform that most serve your need. There’s no way to get me to actively use Google’s products. I only use YouTube passively, period. Apple’s walled-garden is too limiting for me, so thank you, I’ll stay on MS campus if you don’t mind.

So, the decision is quickly made, Atom tablet it is! Current x86 Clovertrail tablets are pushing average of 9hrs of use, the only thing is the bad press they are getting. Nearly all of the reviewers were complaining about near uselessness of these tabs. Could they be right? As of this moment, I can tell you for fact, the majority CAN be wrong, and they ARE wrong!

I went to the local Mall to check out the Atom tablets available for myself. There are many of them, but the one that got me is the ASUS Vivotab Smart.


Dang! That device is small, thin and light! The ultimate mobility candidate! And it could give me 9+ hours? Well, I loved the size and its feature, but I was put off by its screen quality. It has just an IPS screen, a cheaper screen compared to others with Super-IPS screens. And what’s more it’s a bit greenish and washed out. It was the worst screen you could have!

Another thing is I could not for the life of me bring up the Charm on this thing, can’t open app bars, it seems this only Show unit was broken. Asked an attendant why the Charm is not working, he said he didn’t know why, and from his demeanor, I could see he didn’t care neither. This is exactly the reason why Microsoft needs to open motar&brick shops himself, there are just too much MS-hating shop attendants out there! Well, the geek in me did what’s right at that point in time; I reloaded Windows 8 there and then! Have you ever did a complete restore of an OS in a shopping mall?! Thanks to that single action, my opinion of the device changed. The device came back restored to its default state. Some idiots obviously were messing around with the tab, probably disabled the Windows 8 gestures in the registry, sabotaging the product. There are too many haters out there I tell you.

Well, the device is looking good now, and very responsive. WEI (windows experience index) is 3.2, that’s not bad for a device that all reviewers were dumping upon. And from what I can see, there is nothing wrong with the response. The only thing still is the white balance, still tends to the green. Tried to set the color correction to reduce green or bring up blue and red, to my dismay, you can’t do Windows color correction on this device. I was furious with Microsoft. Why in everything holy would they disable color correction in the Display Wizard?! Tweeted about this, bought the device and left the shop.

Guys, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Don’t listen to idiots when it comes to your devices. Go out there and try it, or order it online and give it a spin yourself, you can always return it if it doesn’t meet your requirement. I tell you, this atom device is perfect. It withstood everything I threw at it up till now. Got the Task Manager permanently fixed on the taskbar watching CPU usage, I’ve never seen such a cool device, and literarily cool too, no heat, no fan. It’s a dream. What’s more, this thing is powered via a standard micro-usb! I don’t have to lug a bulky power adaptor around, I could just charge with the same charger as my Lumia 920! Are you kidding me?! I mean, we all have this notion in our heads, when you mention an Intel device, you automatically see a bulky power adaptor next to it. I am looking at your HP and Dell!

I loaded it with all my Play and Work software. My VPN clients and Lync MX clients worked flawlessly, no lag nothing! Loaded Office 2013 and a few work related clients, everything works! I mean everything! This is a complete opposite experience than what I was reading in reviews. How can there be so much difference in what Reviewers say and what the real life experience is? Something is wrong with this picture! I was prepared for a very slow experience, after all, this is a netbook class CPU. Nothing, no lag at all. The only lag I’ve seen on this thing is my Bluetooth mouse being jerky at times when device is heavily in use. And the most awesome of all, I am getting about 10hrs on this thing! See what Windows PowerCfg says for yourselves:


That “Since OS install” is just a fair estimation. I am definitely getting more than 10 hours on this thing. Its an eye-opener for someone that is used to meager battery life on my laptops and tablets.

So there you go. The last argument against Intel platform for mobility thrown out of the window. At the moment Intel Atom Clovertrail CPU leave ARM in the dust in terms of performance. And now that Intel can match and exceed ARM battery life, the contest is over as far as I am concerned. I don’t care what the fanboys sing. On lesson is very clear from this experience, don’t listen to Apple or Android-invested sites to tell you about a competing platform. Go out there an test for yourself. Go to GDGT and see the ridicule of it all. Where real users are giving products 9 or 10 and reviewers are giving 6 or 7. I tell you most of these fanboys have lost their credibility. I am mad that they are still being called journalists. There’s nothing journalistic about what they do. They don’t report facts, they only try to shape opinions.

When I was getting this device, my mindset was to get a less-than-average device to get me to the Intel Haswell timeframe when I hope MS will release a Haswell Surface product that combine beauty and brawn, with stamina to boot. But I can tell you I am more than satisfied with this ASUS Vivotab Smart tablet. Its my companion device now. No, I don’t play Crysis on the device, I don’t have ridiculous expectation of an Atom device like the most reviewers do. They should stop comparing apples with oranges. Atom Clovertrail was never meant to compete with Ultrabook class devices, it was meant to compete with ARM devices, and that is where it is leaving the types of iPads and Galaxy Notes and Nexus is the dust. If you’ve been holding back on getting Atom x86 tablets because of what you’ve been reading, don’t wait any longer, they are perfect Work and Play devices!

P.S: The Color correction no more available in the Display Wizard (Read-only now), adjustments is now ONLY available in Intel’s Graphic Media Accelerator Display client:



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ASUS WebStorage App Also In The Store

Just 10 hours ago, I mentioned the very first OEM App in the Windows 8 Store from ASUS. That is, the ASUS World Clock App. Now they’ve just released the next app, the ASUS WebStorage App. For those that doesn’t know, WebStorage is an Add-on service of ASUS comparable to SkyDrive that the company is making available to its customers. With this app, ASUS is setting the trend to prepare themselves for the release of the their Windows 8 devices I beleive. These apps will be ASUS specific, and of course they need to know the apps will work as advertised. Normally you will not be able to see the app by just browsing the store, but no app escapes the attention of yours truly. So I present your this ASUS treatise. Go knock yourselves out if you are an ASUS user :-). Let me know how good the app works in your comments below. You can find the app in the Business section, but you can also spare yourselves the pain and use the following link:

ASUS World Clock App hit the Windows 8 Store

[Update 2012-10-28: For those of you coming here for information about this App. ASUS has released an update to the App in the Store, at least I have received the update. I saw it in my “Your Apps” list in the store and I installed it successfully. Strange is that if you search for the App in the Store you wont find it, but I could installed it from my App history.

So I am assuming I could receive this update only because I am running on an ASUS tablet albeit an old one (ASUS EP121) made for Windows 7, but installed Win8 on it. So if you have an ASUS device, I think this will be pushed to you one way or the other, and if you buy any modern ASUS device with Windows 8, you will definitely get this. Let me know if you noticed this too or any other anomalies regarding this app. So many people are looking for it I can see.
End Update]————————————————————————————————————

What do we have here?! The very first App from an OEM to hit the Store. Well done ASUS, hopefully you’ll continue to lead the trend this way.

World Clock is an app whose title says it all. If you travel a lot, you’ll appreciate this app that shows you the clock in each timezone defined. Give the app a try and lets hear how you like it. The app works both on ARM and Intel platforms, and can be found in the Tools Category, or just click this link:

[Update: 2012-07-14]
Just found out that the App has been pulled from the Store. This could be as a result of a bug being that the app was recently updated. But I will like to believe the app was pulled by ASUS and Microsoft in preparation for the RTM of Windows 8. I mentioned somewhere on this blog that Samsung’s OEM apps were all recently pulled too. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Stay tuned for more news on this as it becomes available.

[Update: 2012-09-08]
It is almost two months further and post-RTM and ASUS refuses to release this app for the General Public. If you’ve downloaded the before RTM, you should be able to re-download the app post-rtm via your “MyApps” section. For those of you missing this App, there is a similar app in the Store: World Clock Wave. So go get it if you really can’t wait for ASUS.