Technology Specialist and Senior Net Citizen.

Started this whole thing in the eighties, watched the birth of Microsoft and Apple as garage hobbyists to the present age of megalomanic money-driven Tech giants! Seen everything from Gallium Arsenide Junctions to FETs, from MOSFETs to ICs, from ICs to CPUs, from CPUs to APUs and what’s beyond.

We are the generation that saw Earth transform from barbarians to Space-dwellers, we saw communication transform from smoke signals in Africa to the jumping jeosophats at the Speed of Light.

Welcome to my world, my passion and my dreams. Its been an incredible journey, and all the time worth the while!
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Windows 8 Apps:
As you may have seen, I am passionate about Windows 8 and its Metro Technologies. There is so much dis-information out there that some of us purists have taken it upon ourselves to educate the masses on Metro’s strength and weaknesses. I break a lot Metro Apps and Store News because I am close to the source. I have created a new Category on the Menu on the header here above to make access to Metro Apps news easy. However, it is humanly impossible to blog about every Metro Apps, and I don’t want them to clutter by blog, so I only blog about exceptionally good Metro Apps in this blog. For daily breaking Apps news, please follow my tweets that I use to inform of breaking MS Store news. Thanks.


Was into Electronics early. Bought my first Soldering Iron at the age of 10, took apart my first transistor radio and put it back together again. That got me interested in circuit boards en Transmitters.

Built this at the age of 13, all with the hand! Circuit-board, chassis and all, all with the hand.

(Sorry for poor quality pictures, these were taken in Africa about 40 years ago.)