We have a new game for you to play on your Windows devices that we think you might like! Check out Mini Golf Buddies. See below for game description and screenshots! This is our first of many developer submissions recommendation. For more information, see “About Developer Submissions Recommendations” below.

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Game Screenshots

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Game Descriptions

Mini Golf Buddies is a 3D mini golf simulator for all ages. Swing your way through a huge collection of challenging levels. In this physics-based sport game your goal is to putt the ball in the hole within the time limit while solving tricky puzzles, collecting coins and having fun. Prepare to test your golfing skills!

Game Features

  • Unique game modes
  • Dozens of holes
  • Fun physics-based gameplay
  • Colorful isometric graphics
  • Customizable characters

Technical Information

  • Game name: Mini Golf Buddies
  • Publisher name: Obumo Games
  • Category: Games / Sports (free)
  • Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
  • Release date: Nov 9, 2016
  • Technical details: Touch, keyboard/mouse and Xbox controller support
  • Size: ~40MB

About the Developer

Obumo Games is an independent game developer studio from Budapest, Hungary. We developed a cool new game called Mini Golf Buddies. Mini Golf Buddies is a challenging 3D mini golf simulator with colorful isometric graphics. I would like to ask you for your opinion. If you feel it meets your criteria, I’d be delighted to see you review it or mention it in your future articles. Below you will find my release letter and game info. For more info on the game, you can check my online press kit or contact me directly and I’ll be happy to provide you with anything extra you may need to know.

Developer Website: http://www.obumogames.com/
Developer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/obumogames
Developer Twitter: https://twitter.com/ObumoGames

About Developer Submissions Recommendations

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