Microsoft has reportedly released a bombshell this week containing a ton of new information about what to expect in the next big feature update for Windows 10 Mobile. Neowin reports that Microsoft, in a session in day two of its Ignite 2016 conference has released information on what business can expect in the next release of Windows 10 Mobile.

It should not be surprising to note that the features are mostly business and productivity focused. Microsoft’s ignite conference is for IT Professionals and businesses. So, while I do expect to see some significant new consumer related features in Windows 10 Mobile’s next release, I understand why Microsoft didn’t focus on those in this week’s conference. So, do not disperse if you were looking forward to more “fun” features coming your way. We still have a lot of time before more features get revealed. But for now, let’s take a look at what’s coming down the pike.

The biggest changes coming to mobile relate to Continuum, a feature that allow your Windows 10 Mobile phone to connect to an external display—either wirelessly or via a wired connection—and offer you’re a Windows desktop-like experience on the external display. However, Continuum had some limitations. But they seem to be getting resolved with the next update.

The first big feature is the ability to work on the external display even when the phone is locked. Currently, locking your phone also turns off your external display. Keeping your phone’s screen off to conserve battery while you work on the external display is important to many users.

Another big update is the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously on the external display, both through overlapping windows as well as by snapping apps side-by-side. Currently, you can only run one app on the external display at a time (with another running on your phone screen), and this has been a major limiting factor for most using Continuum.

Other improvements to continuum include the ability to pin apps on the Windows taskbar and the ability for the phone to connect to a wireless display when the phone gets close to it.

There were a few other non-continuum related features that were also announced. This includes the ability to bulk updated devices through USB connection and the ability to reset PIN remotely. Microsoft also noted that they are aware that the current lack of a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile is a valid limitation but did say if or when Microsoft will address this by releasing a 64-bit version of its ARM-based Windows OS.

What do you guys think of this new revelation? Are you excited of what is to come?

Source: Neowin