EarTrumpet Volume Controller app

Let’s take a look at a simple app that lets you change the individual volumes of all running Windows 10 apps! In Windows 7, we were introduced a new volume mixer that let us change volumes of individual running apps. That mixer hasn’t been updated since, and while it still works for desktop apps in Windows 10, it doesn’t work with modern UWP apps (including those that come from the Windows Store).

But now, we have a new app to the rescue, Called EarTrumpet, available to download, right from the Windows Store! With this app, you now have an icon on the system tray that, when clicked, shows you a list of all apps running currently that is playing audio. The list includes both desktop and modern UWP apps. You can change the master volume as well as individual app volumes.

The neat thing about this app is that it fits right in with the Windows 10 user interface. It follows your accent color and transparency of Windows 10’s Start Menu. The slider of the volume controls also matches that of the official volume control.

So if you are interested, get the EarTrumpet from the Windows Store!


(Note: You need to have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed in order to install this app)