Up till now we’ve seen Microsoft Windows Store provide and update the so-called Modern Apps. Although the Windows 8.1 Store provide ability to download and install Win32 or as Microsoft will have you call them these days, Desktop Apps, neither of the two Operation Systems provided means to update Desktop Apps until now.

Yesterday Microsoft released an update to the Windows 10 Store App, with this update came the ability to update Desktop Apps in-place. We are used to Metro or Modern Apps receiving updates via the Store, but now we are in the era of any App receiving updates via the Windows Store.

Microsoft has warned Windows is no more your grandfather OS. They are introducing Windows OS as a Service in which constant improvements to the OS are delivered as soon as ready. An aspect of it is what we are seeing here as shown in the picture above. The Visual C++ Runtime is a typical component that is updated below the surface by Microsoft via Windows Update, now we are seeing it front and center being updated via the Store. No more Patch Tuesday where such components are being updated once a month.

This is the new Microsoft folks, this is the new Windows OS. Better get used to it.