Windows 10 Featured

Lately there has been debates online with accompanying polls asking whether Microsoft will be able to deliver the final version of Windows 10 before the end of Summer as promised by them. Many people does not believe Microsoft will be finished with the “Final” version of Windows 10 before then.

See, that is exactly the problem. People are still in the old mindset of Microsoft toiling away in some labs then bringing the final product to market, only to disappear to the said bunker again to start working on the next version. That notion is gone people! There is no more “Final” version of Windows. We are in the Era of Windows-as-a-Service. The era of continuous improvement of Windows, in which Microsoft works on different components of Windows and deliver them as updates as soon as they are ready.

So what you will have at the end of summer is a Windows OS that work as Microsoft wants at the end of Summer. It will be different from the Windows OS you will have at the end of the year. That temporal separation of Windows OSes is no more. If Windows works for you by the end of summer, it is what you get, if it doesn’t, wait for down the line improvements.

I have been on Fast-Ring of Windows 10, I have made it my Production OS since inception. I can see it improving with time. It will continue that way. It works for me as of today, it will even be better at end of Summer. This is the new Windows, and this is the new Microsoft people. Get used to it. The Windows you see at the end of Summer is the Windows you get. Period. Is it final? How do you define final for an OS Microsoft is calling Windows-as-a-Service?