Via the watchful eyes of our good friend @WinObs came a simple tweet about the new Alarms App in Windows 10 JTP with the screenshot as above. Of course I became curious as I haven’t had the time to checkout the app. I was instantly blown away. It is the most complete Alarms App we’ve been asking for and top it all, it has World Time Zone built-in!

Via the World Clock menu you’re dropped in the World Time Zone section where you have the possibility to add you favorite world clocks:

Now what really blew my mind is the Compare feature. A feature we’ve been begging to add to their Windows App, and up till now you have to drop out of the Windows App to their website to compare world times. Now you have it built-in in Windows 10. Absolutely awesome! Here below you see the Compare feature:

From the Places dropdown, you can select one of your defined places and select the date and time to compare and you see on the right side the equivalent times in other places. This is what we’ve been looking for to be able to follow online broadcasts and events. I am one of the people complaining about half-baked built-in Apps, with this Microsoft has once again showed that they are truly listening to their customers.

Thanks Richard for the heads-up.

Source: @WinObs