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We have a quick public service announcement to let you all know that a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build is due in a few weeks. The information comes from Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, who works in the Windows Division to help make Windows 10 a reality. He notified one user via reply that a new build is arriving soon.

An user on twitter wondered if a particular bug will be fixed. Gabe responded, “we’ll have a new build out for you in a few weeks with this fixed.”

This goes along with the fact that Microsoft will hold a Windows 10 announcement on January 21, which, most believe, will be full of consumer related announcements in regards to Windows 10. Whether we will get a new Consumer Preview build on that exact day remains to be seen. But I think we can safely say that the next build we do get will be full of goodies. Expect to see lots of consumer related features included in the build.

From what we have seen from the Build 9901 leak, the next build will likely include Cortana, Xbox Live app, updated apps, system apps and setting replaced by their modern counterparts, updated user interface, and more. I am excited and I hope you are too. Let the countdown begin!

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