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Windows 10 Build 98790 introduces some changes to the File Picker experience that modern apps have. In Windows 8.x, modern (WinRT) apps allowed users to open and save files and/or browse the file system through a modern (WinRT based) file browser, called the File Picker. This is going away in Windows 10, at least for traditional PCs.


File Picker changes in Windows 10 (1)

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In Windows 10, as can be seen on Build 9879, attempting to open or save files using modern apps brings up the traditional Win32 File Manager’s Open/Save dialogue box. This is the same experience desktop apps have. There is one difference, however.

File Picker changes in Windows 10 (3)

In Windows 8.x, the modern file picker allowed users to not only add files from the file system and OneDrive but also from apps installed from the Windows Store. For instance, I could browse my Dropbox files right from the file picker if I install the Dropbox app from the Windows Store. Windows 10 brings this feature to the Win32 based open/save dialogue box. However, in this build, it is very buggy, and I have been unable to access my Dropbox files from the file manager. But I can strangely get sound recorder working!