Windows 10 preview build 9860 was released to the public for testing on October 21, 2014, and it includes a lot of hidden gems. Today, I’ll talk about a couple of neat features that people might have not yet discovered. There are new touch features in Windows 10 that makes the desktop much easier to use with touch.

Windows 10 TP Start Screen 9860

First, the biggest change is with the behavior of textboxes in desktop apps. In Windows 8.x, tapping textboxes in modern apps brought the touch keyboard automatically, but doing so in the desktop did not. One had to manually bring up the touch keyboard by tapping the keyboard icon on the taskbar when working on the desktop. With Windows 10 build 9860, this is no longer the case! Tapping textboxes in the desktop automatically brings up the touch keyboard. Tapping outside the textbox makes the keyboard disappear.

Another small tweak in Windows 10 build 9860 is the ability to swipe from the top edge of modern apps when they are in fullscreen to bring up the app’s title bar. Previously, the title bar of a fullscreen modern app could only be accessed using the mouse.

Thirdly, when a modern app is in fullscreen in build 9860, one can swipe from the bottom edge to bring up the taskbar.

Here is a video demonstrating the new features!