Today MS released the much anticipated update to Windows 10 Technical Preview bringing the public version to 9860 with plethora of changes, they mentioned even up to 7000 changes on the Windows Blog.

Either by commission or by omission they however forgot an important bug that broke after Windows 10 TP went live, the SSL bug that is affecting industry wide. The only solution to avoid the bug is to disable SSL 3.0 in IE. But as you can see above, if you’ve disabled SSL 3.0 before upgrading to v9860, you will need to re-disable it again after the upgrade. One would expect MS knowing this is security risk would disable this option by default with the new version of IE.

Talking of IE, there is still no news about IE MX, the modern version of IE. You still can’t share with the current desktop version in v9860. I was secretly hoping with the arrival of the Share button in File Explorer on the desktop that they will make this available to desktop IE too. Our hope is dashed, still no sharing. Worst thing now is they’ve even broken the side-loading of IE MX we had in original Win10TP. The script is now failing:

They’ve removed the components that allowed us to sideload Modern IE. 😢

If any of you found a way, please let us know. In the meantime, please disable SSL v3.0 in your browser!