Microsoft had released Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview on October 1. The build number was 9841, which was compiled sometime in mid September. If you are running the Windows 10, prepare to het a newer build any day, now.

The information comes from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, from the Windows group. On a blog post titled “Checking in on the Windows Insider Program“, he notes:

A new build should be coming soon too! If you want the early jump on news about future builds, I recommend you follow Gabe here on Twitter.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview has a new item in PC Settings, called Preview Builds. You can get to it by opening PC Settings from the Start menu, choosing “Update and Recovery”, and clicking “Preview Builds”. When the new build becomes available, you will be able to download it from there.

So, there you have it, folks! We will be expecting a new build soon. What are you looking for in a future build of Windows 10?

Thanks to Neowin commenter Studio384 for the tip!

Source: Microsoft